My Turn: GTA IV: The Game Industry's Turning Point

Gamedaily writes: "GTA IV and Rockstar have truly elevated the medium of video games, says Qube Software's Jonathan Kent, to the point where games are battling for a larger piece of the entire entertainment pie.

Do you know what that sound is ladies and gentlemen? No? Could it be the sound of capitulation, the sound of victory? Might this be gaming's Marston Moor or Gettysburg or Midway, its Gaugamela or D Day? This is certainly not the end of the war, but might it be, perhaps, a turning point, the beginning of the end rather than total surrender?

Take this from the Toronto Star; "It is one of the most anticipated entertainment events of 2008. No, we're not talking about the upcoming Indiana Jones flick or the long-awaited Guns N' Roses CD Chinese Democracy....." How about BBC radio's Today Programme - the most listened to and influential current affairs show in Britain – which called it; "The entertainment event of the year."

That phrase again from the Reuters news agency; '[The] launch of Grand Theft Auto IV is expected to be the biggest entertainment event of the year.'"

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bumnut3877d ago

i think it was overhyped and over rated.

its not a bad game but no way is it a 10/10.

it is seriously lacking in content, i would much rather have a smaller city with more places to visit.

i hope future games don't cut content just to spend more time making a game better looking.


i kind of agree with what you say about the content.

i do think it is a 10/10 game. I am with ign on their view of what a 10/10 game is. it does not mean its perfect, but its a step up.

i don't know if i would say it is better then the other gta's so far.

i am only about 45% through, so can't pass full judgement, but so far i would say it is equally as good as the others.

I think if vice city and san andreas had the benefit of the next gen power and visuals they would be the better games. I think the overall progress of the stories and the size of the missions felt a better.

my only real faults with this game are the controls. i think the set up could have been a bit better. There are some things i wish had stayed more traditional like having weapons at your safe house when you get the hidden packages. I have found about 4 of the packages so far and unlocked nothing.

i also wish they had the garage from saints row. thats the only thing i miss. being able to add a car to your garage and knowing that even if you mash it up, you can go back it get the same car, you will just need to fix it up.

still like i said, to me 10/10 is not about being perfect. This is a 10/10 in my book. it is the most fun i have had so far with all these next gen games and it dose do a lot more then anything else i can think of.

hell, i would give it a 10/10 just for little jacob and brucie...those guys are awesome !

also for having an afro beat station ( i am half nigerian ) Femi kuti is a legend !

just remember this is only the first one. they have got the engine running it perfect, from the physics to the lighting and animation. so the next gta games will be more about the content.