The Xbox One is the better system currently… why is it losing?

By Pete Dodd: "I have never been a fan of Microsoft as an entity. I don’t like the way they operate. I feel like their hierarchy is antithetical to getting good work done. I think they are brazen, they are often playing catch up (Zune? Surface? Windows Phone?). This doesn't mean that I hate every product they’ve ever made and to be fair there are very few huge corporations that I like, including Sony"

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xHeavYx1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Yeah... No, the more powerful yet cheaper console is winning rightfully, maybe people are not ready for an all-in-one console, especially when most people already own something that does the same as the One (from Smart TVs to phones, to other artifacts that come with voice commands)
I also see again the "Sony has no games" excuse, how did that work out last time?

"While I enjoyed Killzone and loved Knack, Forza alone beats both"
As far as I know, personal opinions like that are not facts

BALLBAGS1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

a flame bait title to get hits from the Sony faithful, then the actual article really sticks the boot into the Xbox One stating all the 180s turned the Xbox One into a weaker ps4, and how little power the Xbox One has in comparison to the ps4 . how kinect sucks etc

he just wants hits

InTheZoneAC1627d ago


people that defend the lesser of the two, that's their problem...

GarrusVakarian1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

"The Xbox One is the better system currently… why is it losing?"

It's simple really. The PS4 is cheaper, more powerful, has better 1st party developers, has more 1st party developers, the company who make the PS4 have a 2 decade long reputation amongst gamers of delivering great games, their customer relationship is great. All of those things compared to a company that come across as being run by sleazy, greedy used-car salesmen, terrible customer relations, with a less powerful console which is also $100 more expensive AND comes with a forced camera tells us why it's not doing as well as the PS4.

Oh, and there's the whole DRM thing from earlier this year.


Included it, how could i forget? Lol.

amiga-man1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

The PS4 is simply the more powerful better designed option while also being cheaper, Sony's record of producing top as well as varied game support seals the deal, even without the stupid decisions M$ have made with the xbox the PS4 would still deserve it's place at the top this gen.

nategrigs1627d ago


You forgot the forced Kinect inclusion

mcstorm1627d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus I love comments like yours. A console having more power dose not = greatness or sales. Lets look back at the psx, ps2, wii, Gameboy and ds and you will see they all had less power than the other consoles around them. For me Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are not winning the ones who are winning are the gamers as we now have choice as all 3 have great 1st party games, All 3 have great reasons to buy each console. I do think the xbox one and PS4 are lacking a must own game like halo or GT but we know they will come.

Sales don't make a difference to gamers games are what make the difference and at the moment All 3 are looking like they will have am amazing line up in 2014 but the one that is the best is not what is said by fan boys or reviewers ect its all down to each individual person as we all have different things we like and want in technology.

Eonjay1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Maybe because people know what they want and they themselves decide which is better.

Ju1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

The Xo isn't the better system to begin with. Really, nothing in the Xo beats the PS4.

GameSpawn1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

People are probably thinking the Xbox One is the better system "now" due to having a few more appealing games currently available. (subjective)

Here is the thing though, people who buy launch day consoles know that the launch lineup choices are going to be limited for a few months until more games release.

So, why is the PS4 selling better? Well there is a multitude of reasons:
1) Cheaper << I personally believe this is the biggest contributor
2) More consumer trust (we all know Microsoft screwed the pooch on this one)
3) More praise from devs of all kinds (big and small)
4) More powerful console
5) Better track record of games and support beyond launch (many people care about what will come not in the first year, but the life of the console)

These are the biggest reasons for the PS4 I can think of that would contribute any major amount to a person choosing one over the other. I do know that Microsoft burned themselves and rubbed a lot of Xbox supporters the wrong way with their anti-consumerism at E3 and that it may take a VERY long time before Microsoft earns any of their trust back.

Irishguy951627d ago

It has better games right now.

If you were to look objectively, and pretend the past never happened, and pretend MS and Sony have said nothing of the future games release...THEN yes, the X1 is better atm.

However, MS have their ****ing terrible track record. More expensive. And it's very likely they will have less game by the end of the year.

combatcash1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )


As far as multimedia capabilities the xbox one is in a league of its own. IMO the ps4 is the better gaming option if you care about eye candy which most of us do.


The ps4 doesn't even support DLNA which is something I enjoyed on the ps3 and 360 and while you may not want or need the more robust media feature set the xbox one offers, I would definitely welcome it on the ps4 if it didn't take away from any processing power for gaming.

Ju1627d ago

Oh please. Multi media function. Unnecessary gimmick which doesn't even work for most of us. PS4 has all the media functionality I need. Snap is useless, TV in as well - who needs the TV signal through your console. All those features are overkill nobody asked for which forced MS to cut gaming (!) features to begin with. Why would I buy something like that as a "game console"???

foryourpetedodd1627d ago

Hits don't really do anything for me. If an ad is on my site it's put there by wordpress. I make no money.

It wasn't a flame bait title, though in retrospect I wish it had a different title considering how many people have freaked out on me after reading the title and nothing else.

And yes, this is an opinion piece mixed with some history I've learned from people in the know about the build up to both reveals. I'm not going to say "in my opinion" before every opinion I write. You can safely assume when I say "the xbox one is the best system in this moment in time" that it's just my opinion. And that could change tomorrow. It will almost definitely change the day that Octodad comes out in a few weeks.

People tend to react to articles like this emotionally rather than rationally... which is never a good thing. I should probably just stop writing them. I also didn't submit it here, for the record.

Anyway, the XB1 currently has more exclusives and more UI features. But long term I think it's fucked. That was the basic point of the article. Some people get that, most don't... which I take as a sign that I'm a shitty writer.

BALLBAGS1627d ago

@combatcash all this talk of multimedia functions are a load of bullocks, Live in the UK and tell me that.. I can say for a fact that their are many issues I've experienced it myself.

Xbox One multi media functions were for America, stupid stupid mistake by Microsoft

combatcash1627d ago


I live in the U.S and don't own an xbox one so I couldn't tell you how well they work. The only thing I was stating is that the xbox one has more multi media features. I know people say that these media features don't matter, but it matters to most of us. the only thing I want is to be able to link my pc to the ps4 and I'll be 100% satisfied with the console or at least let me connect a usb drive to watch my movies.

SilentNegotiator1627d ago

Even making the argument that it has more/better games NOW, people don't buy consoles for JUST the games out in the first two months.

kayoss1627d ago

You might not understanding Ballbags. When you say, "...the most of us..". The most of us refer mostly to Americans. The xbox one is an american made product by an american company. SO the multi media included are catered to americans. Ballbags is pretty much pointing this out. Xbox One is sold all over the world but most of their multi media functions works only in america. Do you see the problem now?

Saigon1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

This was actually a well written article. I love how he explains the shock of the gaming industry that occurred in Feb-2013. My only issue was that there was a lot of bait and switch in this article. For example he praised F5 over Killzone and Knack but then latter trashed F5 over its Micro Transactions. Though I do hope MTs are not the new 'Add-on' to the console gaming world. Either way my point is that throughout the article there was a lot of praise to the Xbone but than later he complains about the same feature. Because of that I am not certain if this is satire or someone that loves MS gaming products and is trying to defend his purchase. If the latter is the case, there are a lot of individuals out there that think the same as he does for either of the consoles out there, but all I have to say is continue to game, have fun with your system of choice.

One other thing, the UIs for each console is also subjective. Though I like the PS4 interface better, MS did a great job with the Xbone. Both interfaces need more umph before considered complete, but I like the smoothness of the PS4 a little better right now.

mikeslemonade1627d ago

Better games you say..? Here's to all the PC and X1 fans. You forget that on PS4 you get to play better versions of the multiplats on a cheaper console.

"Sony's number crunchers will likely be delighted to hear that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 beat their counterparts the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in the average Metascore, with PS3 releases notching up an average Metascore of 70.1 and PS4 bringing in 73.4.

Xbox One titles, on the other hand, sit with an average of 67.7, and the year’s Xbox 360 titles come in with an average of 66.9."

Ju1627d ago

"ps4 is the better gaming option if you care about eye candy which most of us do"

Of course I do. I didn't shelve out cash to get me an (expensive) setup box. If I'd really need DLNA so bad, I'd keep it on the PS3...which, btw, doesn't go nowhere (just yet): Too big of a backlog there, no doubt. I'm playing both, lately. Netflix works just fine on the PS4.

What get's me going is people "pretending" the PS4 bores them, yet the XO is so much better? Really? Which is totally BS because we just play more than exclusives - and those are conveniently ignored by people like you.

KI can compete with PS4's F2P games, really, nothing else. That game is a joke for the fighting genre. Don't why you guys feel the need to boast about that so much. If'd really needed a racer that bad, I'd get me GT6 until DC or GT7 releases (and I just got Grid 2 for free the other month) - F5 doesn't set any benchmarks for next gen racing at all. DR...yeah...w/e, 720p and sub a PS3 for that. But OTOH people like you are ignoring or talking down KZ:SF - the second best selling game on the PS4 and the best launch tile on either console. I guess it is played by some. While Ryse didn't make a dent - looks like the forgotten launch title. I'm not even mentioning Knack...might get it when it's $20 - or free on PS+.

None of the "media capabilities" are must haves on the X1...they aren't even better than dedicated solutions - what's wrong with a TV remote? And sure doesn't make this the "better" box.

dantesparda1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

"The Xbox One is the better system currently… why is it losing?"

Because it isnt!

The PS4 is the better system, period! better specs, better price, better version of the games

zeee1627d ago

Flamebait at best!

"Here we are at the start of 2014 and I honestly feel like the Xbox One is the stronger console right now. Yes, it has less power. Yes, it costs too much. But it has more games, both retail and smaller digital offerings, it has more OS functions, it even has a far better video editor. If money is no object, the Xbox One will give you more entertainment...."

And then he writes...

" While I enjoyed Killzone and loved Knack, Forza alone beats both, Dead Rising 3 isn’t perfect but it’s very, very fun."

Hahahaha! Seriously, some people will write anything just to get hits. Hookers have more self-esteem than such "journalists"!

deecee331627d ago

Microsoft has had it's foot permanently stuck in its mouth since launch. They're making people hate them as a company and selling a less capable machine at a higher price. Those two reasons alone are most of their problem. If they hadn't made so many PR gaffes articles like this wouldn't be written.

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CYCLEGAMER1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

For me the xb1 just simply FEELS more "next gen", I sold my ps4 out of pure boredom for the system (will get another sometime this year). My xb1 has an everyday use, and while they where both in my home, I found myself going back to the xb1 WAY more often.

Not to get all "Doctor Phil" on N4G but I think their is a little psychology involved with this, not to take away from the facts of the ps4 being cheaper, and having better specs.

The ps4 is being touted as the console for real gamers, and it's "for the gamer" campaign has got into the mind of gamers, even though it doesn't have many games for the gamers, so it is hard for "gamers" to accept that the "media device" (xb1) is offering a better overall experience at the moment.

IMO it is all about perception! I myself am not a person who buys into hype and marketing slogans (its my field of work), I do my research and make purchases based on what will make me happy, and as a long time, true gamer, I can honestly say that the xb1 is offering a more fun, gaming experience at the moment and very likely for the for the first 12 months (that is taking away all gimmicks for both systems).

xHeavYx1628d ago

I understand your point of view, but can you please tell me how the One feels more next gen and what it does in comparison to the PS4 in order to not bore you?

GarrusVakarian1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

"even though it doesn't have many games for the gamers,"

Yeah, the 2 exclusives it has so far, with all the superior multiplats and the indies on top of that.....hardly any games! /s

And im seriously not trolling here but apart from the kinect (navigating UI with voice etc) i can't see how paying $100 extra for something that doesn't even run games at the same res/framerate as its $100 less competitor can make you feel like you are playing a next gen machine.

And another thing, since when did people forget that Sony is known for delivering great games THROUGHOUT the gen? I mean, they have a weaker launch than the X1 in terms of exclusives and now suddenly "PS4 HAS NO GAMES, IT'S NOT A GAMERS MACHINE"'s like, HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE PS3? Exclusives have always been Sony's strong point/main focus, the PS4 is no different. But i guess all the noise from Xbox fans makes sense seeing as they have't had anything decent since 2010 when MS dropped support to focus on the kinect.

CYCLEGAMER1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Well...first off, I am not JUST a gamer, I love technology, and being able to do cool things with it and the devices I chose to purchase.

With that said (and I hope I don't bore you with this) when I first turned my ps4 on, I was ok with it, it was everything I expected the ps4 to be, faster, prettier, with better graphics and I LOVE the feel of the controller (more than the xb1). After beating Killzone, and playing resogun and a few other pc ports, I felt a little bit of buyers remorse because I felt like I had maxed the console out, I've seen all it has to offer (till March) and the games available at the moment don't have much staying power.

Then I receive the xb1, right off the bat in comes a fresh new futuristic experience (talking to your media center and it recognizing me). Without getting into all of the features or "gimmicks", the xb1 instantly it felt like something completely new. I literally spent almost two hours messing with the features b4 I had a full gaming session.

After finishing with the features the I got into the games, and I am the type of gamer that enjoys all genre's. I still play every one of the games I bought for the xb1 except Ryse (which I really enjoyed) simply because of their replayability. Being able to INSTANTLY switch between the game I want to play is amazing in my opinion.

So the combination of me being a "cool tech nerd" and a gamer, there being more NEXT GEN GAMES available, along with the all of the features, make the xb1 the better gaming console for me right now.

The best way that I can explain these systems (not that this is a good or bad thing for either) is when I turned my ps4 on, I felt like it was asking me "what game do you want to play?" (but there isn't much to play in a next gen sense) but turning on my xb1 feels like it is saying "hi Michael what do you want to do?"

Thats not my real name by the!

thorstein1627d ago

Xbox troll alert! Just reading through your comments. Too bad you feel that way about the PS4.

But claiming that one is more "next gen" than the other is ludicrous. We have seen time and again where PS4 games are running at higher resolution and higher framerates. Does it matter? Not to me. It isn't like you will be sitting at home with two identical TVs and each console running on each TV and looking at the graphics.

Play what you want. But don't claim that one is better than the other when clearly they are not. The PS4 launched with 2 F2P games and (if you have plus) two free games: Contrast and Resogun. Resogun is a blast.

DeadlyFire1627d ago

Lukas_Japonicus You do know that PSCamera also allows navigating the menus with voice on PS4 right?

@MelMan26. Basically you are telling me you prefer the color Green over blue. Sony has Gran Tourismo 6 to compare with Froza. All platforms offer a competitive exclusive to each other really in most cases. I really don't see any strength in your argument that XB1 feels more next gen. It has less all around spec wise, resolution wise, game wise usually in the long run. I play on PS4 not because of a marketing slogan. Uncharted, Killzone, and other new IPs Sony is bringing out on the platform are very clear to me. I have yet to find anything on PS4 bore me.

Ju1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

@MELMAN26 oh, you are just a stealth troll, it's not even funny. So you only bought exclusives, huh? Yeah, right. And even if, which one are you actually playing on the Xo now? KZ:SF has at least a MP mode which you can play over and over again.

And, about the higher resolution...Yes. It matters. If you have both and switch back an forth it already becomes apparent there. No need to run them side by side.

darthv721627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

@melman, you responded to heavy's question honestly and objectively and i can respect that. it seems the disagrees, on the other hand, feel differently.

CYCLEGAMER1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

First off, like I said...I am a gamer, there is no way that I will miss out on the games that Sony OR Nintendo has to offer, its just not in my dna.

Question: Do you own both consoles with all exclusives for both? It would be very hard for someone who doesn't or hasn't to debate with me about this. I have no loyalty to either one of these companies, when the 360 bored me, I played my ps3 and vice versa and I have owned every console except the Jaguar and 3DO. To be honest with you guys the difference in visuals is not noticeable in "real time", now...if you pause both systems and compare them side by side, you will notice a slight difference. I know this because being sucked into the n4g fanboy talks I tried it out, out of curiosity.

What I am saying is RIGHT NOW, the xb1 is offering me more in terms of next gen exclusives and next gen features, I honestly do not think that this is debatable at the moment.

When you own both, then you tell me what you think is worth the extra $ or not. After owning the ps4 (unless you are a diehard sony fan) I wouldn't recommend anyone getting it until more next gen games are available, after all this is what we are buying next gen consoles for anyway RIGHT?

This is how I...MELMAN, feels about the systems, I see the positives and negatives of both consoles and weigh them accordingly, I sold my ps4 to someone who wanted it, not because I didn't like it but because I was a lil bored with it and I would rather someone who have joy in owning one right now. I can get another one later!

Specs and resolution isn't everything, the resolution that I am playing the xb1 game in is fine. They don't hurt or strain my eyes, the games look beautiful, Ryse and Killzone being the best looking games I have ever seen.

There is no satisfaction in "trolling" for me what is the point? Half of the people on n4g already have their minds made up anyway, this is just my opinion. To answer your question I play killer instinct everyday competitively, when my thumbs get tired I play Forza for a change of pace, I am on my second playthrough of dead rising (for side missions and the megaman blaster) and trying to get into assassins creed. Check my achievements/trophies if you think I am bs'ing.

FunkMacNasty1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Melman I completely agree with your sentiment about Sony's advertising and PR campaign doing a far superior job of attracting gamers to the ps4 than Microsoft's team has done to get folks interested in the XB1. Unfortunately nobody will listen to you, since this is N4SONY and most users that frequent this site live in a bubble of brand loyalty and corporate worship of all things playstation related.

Yes Ps4 is the more powerful system, but advertising and PR has more to do with it than power. It seems almost as if MS recruited their PR team from a junior high gym class:

*There were times around the reveal of the XB1 and at E3 where MS spokespeople all were giving the media different answers about the DRM policies, the used game policies, the discless games, the Kinect cmera, etc... It almost seemed like nobody really knew.

*MS alienated several their own consumer base when they said "if you don't have internet, don't buy an XB1"..

*MS further alientated their consumer base when they because frustrated with the criticisms and one of their spokespeople (cant remember who) actuall came out and said "gamers don't like the new DRM policies because they just don't understand them"..

Meanwhile, in all of this Sony smartly played the card of the benevolent gamer-friendly company and literally mopped the floor with MS by touting the fact that you could play used games on ps4, that it rendered in full 1080p, and that it was cheaper and powerful.

I think a lot of what you say has truth to it. While i do think that many informed and knowledgeable gamers chose the ps4 at launch because of its better specs, i think that a lot of sheeple probably didn't want to face the ridicule that came with buying and XB1. So part of me wants to actually say that Sony is winning because they have been able to grab a piece of that casual crowd--the people who simply wnat ot play Madden, FIFA, and Call of Duty--and saw the playstation was cheaper and probably heard all the negative and overblown hype about the XB1.

Granted I am still gaming on last gen systems so I couldn't objectively do a side by side comparison..

frostypants1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I always raise an eyebrow when people describe voice commands as "futuristic". They aren't. Many cars have had that for years. Hell, Kinect for the 360 had some...but most people rightfully determined that they aren't particularly convenient when they aren't 100% reliable. They are nice to have when driving, but there's a reason why they aren't used in more home devices. It's more of a so-so gimmick than a revolutionary feature.

monkeyDzoro1627d ago

It always make me smile when I read this kind of argument... You say XO "feels more nextgen" than PS4... in what way ? Making you pay to access Skype? Voice commands? a messy Metro UI? Specs? Broken social features (party chat,friends)? Switching from gaming to TV like with a remote?

I remember when there were no "AAA" games, "inie" games or "F2P" but just games. XO has two "AAA" games more than PS4 at launch. But overall, PS4 has more games than the XO if you really want to count ALL games. And enjoying them (both on PS4/XO) depends on your tastes.

I don't like racing sim (GT/Forza), IMO games like DeadRising, Left4Dead, DeadIsland needs to die 'cause I think they kill imagination. I find them useless and boring. The only game on XO which I was interested in was Ryse.

You sold your PS4 and what tells us you even own one in the beginning. I can tell you I own an XO also BUT I don't... you what I mean.

nerdman671627d ago

I actually agree.
I own both systems, but I use the X1 way more. It just makes everything smoother and more conveinient. The PS4 is great, but the UI is not that good, and after I beat my games for it (especially since BF4 keeps going down) there isn't much use. With my X1, I am using it most of the day to watch movies, use netflix, play games, all sorts of crap. As more PS4 games come, I will use the other console more, but currently there isn't much to keep me going back. I have even gone back to playing old games from PS3 and Xbox 360 as I wait.

mediate-this1627d ago

@melmann i see you play killer instinct competively, lets get matches in.

GT: uchendu
PSN: uchendu

Add me ps4 n xb1.

gman_moose1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )


There's nothing worth owning for either system, if we are all being honest with ourselves. Bunch of rush jobs and half assed efforts from both sides. Ironically, it was the third parties that shined brighter, but that's still not saying much.

Omegasyde1627d ago

Look at PS3 vs Xbox 2011- 2013 and tell me which system has better exclusives. You are one of "dolts" who judge a system by it's launch games.

r2oB1627d ago

@ Melman

First you try and knock the PS4 being pitched as a gamers console despite not having many games... then you overlook the XB1 being advertised as an all-in-one device despite needing a cable box plugged in to utilize TV integration (all-in-one devices are meant to be standalone).

Then you go on to say how you spent so much time configuring your Xbox One and it feels futuristic because you can talk to it and it can recognize you. It took me all but 10 minutes to configure my PS4 with my PS camera and guess what it can do? You guess it. It has facial recognition features and also voice commands. Funny you mention being able to instantly switch between games on the XB1, yet you never even tried the feature on the PS4. Yes it can switch between games with just voice commands.

Way to be "objective".

tagan8tr1627d ago

@MELMAN26 Maybe you would have better response for your comments on N4T (News For Techies) but this is N4G so being able to deliver Comcast and ESPN come second to how well it plays games. Next gen cable box and next gen game console are two diff. things.

DEEBO1627d ago

I have to disagree with you about ps4 being boring.i got the best deal from a guy looking for cash for his x1 at gamestop(300 dollars)and i played around with it for about two days now.i only have dead rising 3 and the guy COD ghost inside the x1 but i already have it for the ps4.KI is fun dead rising 3 is too but graphically the x1 games are behind the ps4(MP Ghost looks better on the ps4 then the x1's campaign mode)
and the voice commands are not really response,i have to repeat the commands too many times.and the t.v in feature has this washout look now for my t.v and i have a pani i had to get an play&charge kit milking me for more of my money.
if it wasn't for the deal i can not see myself buying the x1 for 500+.gamertag killacliff for the x1.
my kid likes it but i feel the ps4 is the better deal
1 price
2 graphics
3 remote play
4 live with playstation(love seeing girls twerk for the camera)
5 playstation plus(were are my free games MS!)
6 better 1st party
i can go on but you get the picture,now that i have all three systems i can see for myself who did a better job and to me that's sony
gamertag killacliff
psn killacliff77

Saigon1627d ago

Simply put, this person never had a PS4. Too many conflictions with his statements regarding the PS4. [email protected] I can admit I do not have an Xbone but I have used the system. Its cool and ok but long term, I would get sick of all the integrated stuff especially Kinect. I will get one in the future, lets hope then Kinect is not included.

DigitalRaptor1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Everything that has already been said on here already, has been said.

This article from Dodd is a logical and non-biased assessment of the situation that has been brewing for months and years from a person who has information to apply from business insiders. It blows away your lack of logic or overall scope or future-analysis.

"feels more next gen"

The features your Xbox One has have all been done before and without charge. Your phone and your computer have voice commands and has done for years, and you want to know why no-one revels in the fact that they can navigate their phone with their voice or call it "futuristic"?

I'll tell you:

1) It's easier and quicker and more fluid and consistent to use the input that works and works best for 95% of people.

2) Shouting commands at things, when it doesn't work 100% of the time not only makes you look and sound stupid, but is dumb in principle.

We've been putting across this information for a LONG, LONG time to you. Pete knows people, his sources are legit. Microsoft didn't built a gaming system for gamers. If they did, they wouldn't have attempted a global DRM intrusion and always-online future that most of the world is not capable of supporting. They also wouldn't have built a console that is focused on multimedia, where the multimedia doesn't work as they claimed, and especially in regions outside of the U.S.

All of this is already evident from this post a couple month ago:

As a gaming console, the long-term is Sony's for the taking, and w've already known about this from their tracks record. Unless Microsoft starts over, they have a pretty screwed up mess on their hands.

BABYLEG1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Mel, notice how everyone calls you a troll but never comes with a well thought out counter argument.

They revert to everything you're denouncing as non issues.

great post Mel, I would build on what you said... But this site has given me one bub for gaming in xbox.

To the guy above me, lots of devices have done voice before. Kinect is one of the most accurate when it comes to that, even with the hiccups it has due to user error

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DeadlyFire1627d ago

Froza is meant to compete with GT not Killzone and Knack.

Pogmathoin1627d ago

So why post the story Xheavy? Then be the first to comment, you must have a really sore rectum after reading the article, hope you managed to soothe it.

xHeavYx1627d ago

Sorry, I forgot I'm only allowed to post stories I agree with. You don't happen to be an Xbox fanboy, do you? *checks comment history* Yep, you are

JasonKCK1627d ago

LOL the new consoles are only two months old and people are already declaring a winner. People also forget the the Wii U is currently ahead. Still about 7 years left in these new consoles. Meanwhile, PC is over 2 billion.

kayoss1627d ago

I dont know about you but the Wii U is ahead because it had a year head start? i dont know what do you think? I might be wrong though but common sense tells me that I am right.

JasonKCK1627d ago

The PS4 came out a week before the X1, in more countries, but I don't see you taking that into account. Also you guys totally dismiss PC in your arguments. Basically just cherry picking whatever is convenient.

Omegasyde1627d ago


And there are 100 million smartphones.

What is your point?

xHeavYx1627d ago

Uh, the PS4 released in the US and Canada only on Nov 15th, the One released on Nov 22 in 13 countries, later the PS4 released in more countries.
Get your facts straight kid

Ratty1627d ago


Well the Wii U has a year head start and is barely ahead of PS4 and X1 but still ahead. It's still way too early to declare a "winner."

Let's all do that in a few couple of years, right?

R3ddBuddah1627d ago

Do you fact checks on the PS4 release. Before you talk, People would actually take you serious if you were correct.

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mediate-this1627d ago

The more powerlful system we all can agree, but by how much? And the x1 atm in my opinion is the better system to play, better launch games. When sony starts rolling the games in, then ps4 will be fun to play, but if we are going by exclusives and multiplats did not exist, xb1 has the better launch, forza to killer instinct, compared to sf to knack, i got all the first party games for both, and x1 keeps me coming back. I like both but i play the system with games i enjoy.

kopicha1627d ago

Games are really subjective and definitely the worst example given. Forza 5? I enjoyed Forza 4, but I still prefer Gran Turismo as a whole. But considering the content they ship with 5, no thanks. And it is the same thing, that I would say too. Despite Knack not having much good review. I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I do feel that it has that retro game sense from Spyro and Crash Bandicoot but with a new character new world and next generation system. For that I think this game have achieve it's design intention as far as what Mark wanted to deliver. Killzone is also pretty good as well. But then again all these are just how they appeal to me. It does not mean it is a valid reason to make PS4 the best console either. So no I do not agree that XO is a "better" system overall.

lawman11081627d ago


xHeavYx1627d ago

I have no idea what the hell you are trying to say

Buff10441627d ago

This competition is a marathon, not a sprint. So tired of seeing these "this console is winning/losing" articles. We have no idea what will happen over the next several years.

Edsword1627d ago

Wow, and here I thought the PS4 was the better system. I guess I was deceived.

IcicleTrepan1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

ok so you are a PS fanatic, we all know this.

Why did you submit this article into the Xbox One section and then immediately comment on it refuting it? You are acting just like MariaHelFutura. Is this how you are later going to say 'I'm not biased, look at my submission history'

How's it feel to troll your own submission?

xHeavYx1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Where in the rules does it say that I'm only supposed to submit articles I agree with?
Sorry that you feel hurt by my comment, but it's just my opinion

You seem pretty hurt to me, but again, I just added MY opinion to the article, you could try to argue why my opinion is wrong instead of acting like a 13 year old and calling people names.

I see you updating your comment, but I don't see you trying to have a reasonable argument regarding my comment, that normally happens when you have nothing to say

IcicleTrepan1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

@heavy - you submitted a pro-xbox article in the xbox section, and then you immediately started the fanboy wars up with your comment.

Don't tell me you had no idea what you were doing - fanning the flames.

I'm not hurt by your comment, I just think you're a tool and a representative model of what is broken about this site.

lol dude, nothing you could ever say could ever hurt my feelings. I know you want it to but it doesn't. Your cheap tricks to try and get under my skin don't work. Troll elsewhere, you need more work.

LogicStomper1627d ago


I also noticed that too. I'm guessing you're looking at this from a psychological standpoint rather than a 'against the rules' standpoint.

There's no rule-breaking by submitting this but, i'm seeing something that doesn't add up psychologically with xHeavYx.


Okay, don't try denying it but I already know you have a 'bias'. So you go around looking for articles, find one that is in conflict with your opinion, and then submit it for everyone to read? Now why would you do that? If someone didn't like something, they'd stay away from mentioning it. So why did you want to post it? Is it because this man's opinion hurt your feelings, so you had to take it here where you know everyone would support you?

In all honesty, I think that is what's going on. This article has hurt you so you turn to N4G to make you feel better. You're feeling insecure of your own opinion and this is the way you 'vent' your anger towards an article.

"I see you updating your comment, but I don't see you trying to have a reasonable argument regarding my comment, that normally happens when you have nothing to say"

Funny that, I swear I just read a quote like this...

IcicleTrepan: "Why did you submit this article into the Xbox One section and then immediately comment on it refuting it? "

And you completely ignore this question, only to go onto rule-talk. He wants to know WHY you submitted it, not whether or not it was within the rules. Why is associated with your psychological reasoning, logic behind your actions. So I guess you really don't have any reasonable argument against him.

To sum up, your argument is void because your reply does not answer, but rather changes the topic which in your words, means "you have nothing to say". You also feel insecure of your own opinion and fall back on N4G too remedy it.

Back-to-Back1627d ago

Oh Look its famousmortimer(the guy on NeoGaf who was anti-xbone prior to launch). Just another American who is quick to forget what BS MS tried pulling at their console reveal and e3 press conference. Why do people trust MS. They are a scumbag company and thrive off consumer ignorance.

"While I enjoyed Killzone and loved Knack, Forza alone beats both"

Forza's lack of Anti-Aliasing and cardboard cutout crowds dont beat anything.

For the record the ps4 is the better console. Its cheaper and more powerful. Sony stuck to their words and didnt want to screw over the gaming industry, unlike MS. If anyone questions whether or not it will have system sellers they must have forgot about all the exclusives ps3 had.

PS: PS Plus alone is a reason to own a ps4.