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CelticGamer:Tearaway - Beautiful Craft

The VITA has not been greatly embraced by the world, which is a shame. The shear design and graphic capabilities of the device are really impressive. Also the fact that a lot of Indie developers offering you cross-buy with their games does make it a device that seems to offer more value for your money.

The Vita design is impressive but there are some people who don’t feel the need to use some of its added features. Back touchpad, front and rear camera are underused in many titles or are just shoehorned in. So when developers Media Molecule said they where working on a title that will use all the VITA’s functions many heads were raised. The result is a fully realised and functioning game that raises the bar.

There is a lot to do in Tearaway. Some said the game felt very short. I don’t believe this to be the case. I enjoyed the time I spent with the game and felt it had the right amount of length and offers great replay value with many collectables to locate. So with all that sa... (PS Vita, Tearaway) 9.5/10

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