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Submitted by BrianPShea 769d ago | opinion piece

2013 Final Grades for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo

VGW continues its semi-annual tradition of handing out grades to the "big three" in gaming. In the past, the results have been somewhat predictable, but with 2013 being such a wild ride for all three, the question of "which platform is *the* platform to own" was much more complicated. (3DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

MONKEYDLUFFY  +   769d ago
Looks about right
dolkrak  +   769d ago
No way Nintendo is a B with the WiiU atrocious failure. No 3rd party, no sales, only the 3DS is successful : D+

Microsoft : DRM fiasco, no used game, worst PR since Iraqi War minister, then 180 and Xbox One half flop in sales being outsold everywhere in the world. A clusterfuck trainwreck : F

Sony : great policies, gret games (including GotY The Last of Us), PS4 breaking every sales record and PS3 now on top worldwide in installed base vs 360 : A
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NihonjinChick  +   769d ago
I noticed you didn't mention the Vita, which is extremely lacking in sales right now. That's convenient.
DVAcme  +   769d ago
Even if it's a failure(so far) in sales, the Wii-U has had some very appealing games, with the Year Of Luigi offerings, Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World(which is getting hailed as the best 3D Mario game since Mario 64). And the 3DS is still kicking major ass with some flagship releases, like Fire Emblem, Link Between Worlds, Shin Megami Tensei 4 and Pokemon. Although I DO think that it's ridiculous that Nintendo has a higher score than Sony. Even with the lackluster performance of the Vita, the PS4 is this year's success story.

Microsoft is perfectly fine where it is, though, and I agree with you that, if anything, the score's too high.
MWong  +   768d ago
Not even being a fanboy, I would've rated it:

Micro$oft: just as previous console cycle (XBox) lack of support for the XB360 after a new console announced, indicated no blockbuster titles for the still selling XB360, XBO fiasco (DRM, hurtful PR, GREEDY, changing management, oversold cloud experience, overpriced, underpowered, NSA alligations, spy camera always watching me, 180 policy changes, loss of consumer trust), good XBO console sells, lack luster launch lineup - Final Grade; C ... as an owner of both the XBox & XB360, M$ really shocked me this year. I am still waiting to buy a XBO for myself I want to see what M$ does.

Nintendo: while having virtually no 3rd party and disappointing Wii-U sales, still no damn online, the 3DS and 1st party titles kept them a float (no real passion to get that 3rd party support for the Wii-U to bring in new consumers, they are happy with 1st party software) - Final Grade; B- ... Nintendo fanboy so I really need Nintendo to step up and try better next console, or I won't be buying just like I skipped the Wii-U.

Sony: blockbuster titles for the PS3 (TLoU, GT6, B2S), release of a critically well recieved new PS4, lackluster launch titles (but still highest selling 1st party title of next-gen KZ:SF), disappointing Vita sales (slight bump with PS4 remote play launch), amazing PS4 sells, PS3 finally outpacing the XB360, Sony still supporting the PS3 - Final Grade; A- ... Sony did great overall this year with only 2 real dark spots the PS Vita and the PS4 launch lineup. 2014 will see many more games so I can't wait.

I don't think any of the 3 were great this year, but Sony was overall to me better. I still personally think Nintendo should leave consoles and go strictly into handhelds and software. I also think Sony should leave the handhelds and remain with consoles.
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Movieworld  +   768d ago
So you're judging Sony purely on the Playstations and not the Vita, but judging the Wii U and the 3DS when it comes to Nintendo?

jacksons98  +   768d ago
The vita has had a nice uptick in sales since PS4 released and has had a lot of great games this year.
nategrigs  +   768d ago
I think that the ratings are pretty good overall (Nintendo is a bit high)


I don't think that you can say you're not being a fanboy, then immediately spell Microsoft with a $, and then praise sony while ripping on MS.
lawgone  +   768d ago
@MWong...funny you call out the XB1 for not being backwards compatible but not the PS4. And as the other person mentioned, the M$ spelling.
starfox079  +   768d ago
I don't agree with the online lacking compared to live/psn ?? i sold my 360 because the online was so slck on WiiU and never goes down whilst playing and on BO2 the community is Mature not screaming teenagers pecking your head,as far as the actual online gaming WiiU is equal just because the account is tied to the hardware that doesn't make WiiU's online inferior ?? psn/live have policies that prevent 3rd partys doing lots of stuff and they are closed,WiiU's online is open devs can do what they want and in the end you will see better online features on wiiu due to letting devs do almost anything they want,Shinen said with Fast racing neo we are using 4k/8k textures and they said they were able to do special things online in the game ?????

Plus saying WiiU is less powerful is fair enough but these authors need to also say the wiiu is just as capable though due to unique hardware design.
Mister_Dawg   769d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
TheGOODKyle  +   769d ago
Perfectly reasonable statement that will get disagrees by trolls.
Killzoner99  +   769d ago
How can Sony end with a B when the PS4 is dominating right now lol? If anything Sony ended on an A+. The other consoles grades are spot on if not a little generous.
Badnik  +   769d ago
They're grading companies as a whole. Sony did let the Vita ball drop this year, and that's coming from a Vita owner. Other than that, they did knock it out of the park with the PS4 and the PS3's continued support. The Vita is what knocked points off.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   769d ago
It's a shame that they couldn't find a cost-effective way of making the PS3's support carry over into their PS4, though...
Chevalier  +   768d ago
Wii only had Just Dance 2014 and didn't even get Lego Marvel when this system usually gets all of the Lego games and at my work only has one listing into 2014 so how come Vita knocks off so much points? If that's the case then why does the Wii get a freepass? Or are you saying 3ds is enough to left up 2 systems (wii and wii U). No point deductions for the absolute terrible year for Wii and barely present Wii U and 3ds lifts Nintendo to B+ yet PS3 had the most diverse lineup and 3rd party exclusives, PS4 broke launch records and Vita had Tearaway, indies, remote play only deserves a B?! Please explain.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   769d ago
Because of the launch lineup underperforming, obviously. Fans expected more of the gameplay when they saw the increase in graphics, but it didn't pan out that way.
It sold as well as it did due to Sonys marketing, their e3 hijinks, and the promise of better graphics, which all equaled up to launch hype hysteria.
But this sort of grading takes more than sales from launch hype into account.
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Sincere0121  +   769d ago
Sony is only dominating in sales and hype.
When it comes to actual gaming, Nintendo are always the best and second is Microsoft.
starfox079  +   768d ago
WiiU is KING please.......ps4 has nothing except hype and that usually lasts 3 months then drops off it's how long it takes people to see the ps4 doesn't have the best games.....

Like on EMINEM'S new song i think its track 13 what does he say TO HELL WITH PLAYSTATION I'M STILL ON MY **** ZELDA ECT ECT GO LISTEN....I'm a Nintendo fan just like SLIM.
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ssj4wolf  +   769d ago
microsoft:C- sony:B nintendo:B+ so......who else thinks those grades are a bit off?
I_am_Batman  +   769d ago
Can you explain why you think they're off?
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ssj4wolf  +   769d ago
It's just that Nintendo and Sony did phenomenal this year the brought the best exclusives of the year and they get B's Microsoft lied left and right and turned their backs on their loyal fans to cater to casuals and tried to destroy gaming and deserted the 360 and they get a c- :/
InTheLab  +   769d ago
playstation plus destroys the other two. It is the best value out there right now and it's on the Vita as well. Add that to the highest rated exclusive as well as 4 triple A releases for the PS3 and the most successful launch in console history.

And then there's E3 and the fact that Sony basically saved the Xbox brand by leading and not following.

Anything less than an A is absurd but to rank Nintendo higher is laughable. The WiiU had 10 straight months of terrible sales and mediocre games. The Wii fell off the face of the Earth 2 years ago and the 3ds is the only positive N has at this point.
Gemmol  +   768d ago
@inthelab you must really love sony
Loadedklip  +   769d ago
I agree they might be off a bit ... Sony could be a little higher ... and Microsoft could be a little Lower. Nintendo is about right.
AceBlazer13  +   769d ago
Microsoft at the bottom is good enough for me.
itBourne  +   769d ago
I think Nintendo gets a bit of a free pass with everything they do. They can continue to do the same thing for the next 40 years, and people dont seem to care. Not saying they make bad games, just I think everything they do is seen as slightly better then it really is. Zelda would be slammed for being out dated and behind the times, if Zelda was not on the box. Just my opinion though.

Like I said, I think they make good games, but I think if they make such great games, why not oh I dont know, give us something new for once. When was the last time they had a new ip? Disney didnt just stick with only making Mickey Mouse for 20 years, they did give us new experiences.
Beastforlifenoob  +   769d ago
I agree Nintendo should have gotten a B- and MSOFT should have gotten a D+(ish) and Sony should have gotten an A-.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   769d ago
I find it strange that you'd call Zelda "outdated and behind the times" when so many action-adventure games these days STILL use elements that are best exemplified in the Zelda series.

It's stayed alive as long as it has because it's a great series, even if the changes aren't huge in every entry.
Ol_G  +   769d ago
if you know the amount of detail polish and creativity they use for their games then you know why people keep praising them
nintendo games are first and foremost about fun how many times do you hear people saying they left a nintendo game with a smile on their face and how many times you hear those claims about other developers games
also if you did your homework you'd know they created a lot of new ip's over the years but it's probably not everyone's cup of tea
people seem to forgetting that games as disaster day of crisis and xenoblade are new ip's
GordonKnight  +   768d ago
Nintendo gets a free pass???

Really? Nintendo gets thrown under the bus daily with all these d & G articles.
Mr_Writer85  +   768d ago
Yes only Nintendo games are fun....

What an utterly stupid thing to say.
Gemmol  +   768d ago
I am glad you think they dont make new games, its good to know you play Wii Sports on the snes, you played Wii Fit on snes too, NintendoDogs and cats all these games sold over 20 million some 30 million, while out of ps1, ps2 and ps3 sony have only one game that sold over 10 million.......Mario Kart on Gamecube sold 14 million when there was only 22 gamecube owners and that game alone outsell every sony 1st party.....I only name a few games u played on the snes, I forgot you also played brain training games on the snes, and the many other games
starfox079  +   768d ago
Next year the grades will be as followed...

Nintendo A+
Sony B
Microsoft C

I'm sorry but with the wiiu games line-up in 2014 i just couldn't imagine Nintendo getting anything less than A+ i mean with-

Hyrule Warriors
Mariokart 8
Smash bros 4
Fast Racing Neo
Miyamoto new title
That huge secret 3rd party exclusive

Watchdogs although it will get gimped along with the xbox1 version because Sony are paying Ubisoft to make ps4 version utimate basically to make all you teenagers think ps4 has best graphics ????? I'll still get it because i think WiiU version will be best and all 3 will look more a less the same,plus WiiU will have games around the same time with better graphics try X in japan first half of next year.....

I think all 3 consoles have around the same graphics when maxed out by the way its all knit picking when comparing Multiplats ect its exclusives running at max resolution and 60fps with true nextgen graphics that prove true power ??? wiiu has edram and the devs that tap into this like Shinin to get 8k textures and 1080p native/60fps using dx11 comparable graphics,Project CARS using the edram on the main cpu which in turn allows them to run the game so far on 1 core,Shadow of eternals footage was WiiU using dx11 at max ???? you simply can't say 1 console is better graphically and especially when they are so young....

Not to mention Black ops 3 and lots more.....Metroid Prime 4 and Wave Race need to happen....
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Takwin  +   769d ago
Nintendo had a ridiculously good year with 3DS and the Wii U made a remarkable turnaround due to, surprise games!, and the future is bright for both. But dat 8 GB GDDR5 edges them out. Microsoft, lol. Steam, Apple, and Android should all be above MS.
Underworld  +   769d ago
The Wii U made a remarkable turnaround? What? Where? It sold terribly for the majority of the year and just got a boost for the holidays. Yeah it got a few more titles like Super Mario 3D, but still not many. Where is the "remarkable turnaround"? The 3DS did excellent though.
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InTheLab  +   769d ago
The remarkable turnaround is the few measly sales and finally breaking 5m sold. As for the games, 3 Marios in a single year, Pikmin, the wonderful 101. It's no wonder N took an entire year to do what the previous gen did in 6 or 8 months.

Credit where it's due. The 3ds killed. Hell, I bought my kids 2 of them. They are cheap and there's a load of great games for kids.
JackieCruise69  +   769d ago
Seems right to me. I'm sure Sony would have been higher if it weren't for the Vita.

And I'm sure Nintendo would have been lower if it weren't for the 3DS wrecking the competitors practically all year long.

I don't really know what to say about Microsoft, honestly. They were so-so.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   769d ago
For me:
Nintendo - A - great games and fun on 3DS 75% and Wii U 25%
Sony - N/A - Nothing new I played on PS3 but did get a Vita on Xmas Eve.
Microsoft - A -Got a X360 with a lot great games over 25.
Top 3 each platform I played.
Wii U:
Super Mario 3D World - Pikmin 3 - The Wonderful 101
Fire Emblem Awakening - Senran Kagura Burst - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Tomb Raider - Tales of Vesperia - Bayonetta
PS Vita:
Killzone Mercenary - Unit 13 - (Uncharted GA sucks and it boring)
tagan8tr  +   769d ago
" Sony N/A nothing new " you are from planet earth right?
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   769d ago
Can you read "Nothing new I played on PS3"
itBourne  +   769d ago
You missed a lot then lol
TheRacingX  +   769d ago
Bayonetta is longer playable on PS3?? and it came out in 2013? did you play Soul Sacrifice?? chuck full of fail
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   769d ago
Yall reading comprehension.
"did get a Vita on Xmas Eve"
Vita games
Killzone Mercenary - Unit 13 - Uncharted GA
played SS demo

-Got a X360 with a lot great games over 25
"Got a X360" meaning I got this last year. January.
tagan8tr  +   769d ago
Our reading is fine your poor delivery may be the problem..

And just throwing this out there "The Last of Us" may be something good on ps3 in 2013 lol..
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RPG_Lover  +   769d ago
Nintendo deserves an A
LOL_WUT  +   769d ago
For the 3DS but the Wii U on the other hand deserves a low score... ;)
RPG_Lover  +   769d ago
Wii U for its first year deserves an A. Its one of the best first years a system has ever had. Sales have no bearing on quality
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   769d ago
it all comes down to individuals experiences not sales performance
Reeze  +   769d ago
This isn't based on sales. IMO, the Wii U was pretty good this year. It didn't get nearly as many amazing games as the 3DS, but my collection has grown exponentially.

Also, this is grading companies as a whole. That means it takes both 3DS AND Wii U into account and averages them. I think both had great years, despite sales on either end.
GordonKnight  +   768d ago
Just because the sales are low doesn't mean it's bad system. The reason the Wii U sales are bad is because most gamers hate Nintendo for some reason. IMO It's because most gamers can only afford one console and most of the adult games are on PS or XB. So, when that must have Nintendo game comes out and they can't play it, they start crying Nintendo should stop making consoles.

The Wii U has been a small snow ball at the top of a mountain and now it's rolling down the mountain. This is because a lot of Casual gamers just got the Wii U and the word of this amazing console is starting to spread. Also, Nintendo waited to Market the system until Mario 3D world was released.

Nintendo games are always about fun. I remember this everytime I go from playing PS or XB game to a nintendo game. Don't get me wrong I love realistic games, but some times they feel like a job at times.

Don't sell yourself short and pick-up a Wii U Today. You won't regret it.
#9.1.4 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
ginsunuva  +   769d ago
More like
Sony A-
Ninty C+
sAVAge_bEaST  +   769d ago
Sony A-
Ninty B+
imXify  +   769d ago
I would say

Sony : B
Ninty : B
MS : D

MS needs the D
s45gr32  +   768d ago
Nintendo 3DS is successful due to its great games but the Wii U is garbage no innovative new ips to speak of. So how does ninty get a B+ specially when CNET mentioned the Wii U as a not to buy product.
Ol_G  +   769d ago
And that's why fanboys don't get the chance to give final grades
Mr_Writer85  +   768d ago
Fanboys calling other people fanboys?

Now that is funny!
Onixg5mer  +   769d ago
it's time for microsoft to put out an handheld.
LiinoMajire  +   769d ago
I couldn't see this happening, I don't know why. lol.
KillrateOmega  +   769d ago
Microsoft's new handheld gaming device: Windows Phone.
#11.1.1 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
LiinoMajire  +   769d ago

By that ( would be funny if it was theirs ) logic, My Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung's new Handheld gaming console! Woo! :D Haha.
tagan8tr  +   769d ago
Yeah and they can call it the "ZuneBoy".. And it can run windows metro. :)
modesign  +   768d ago
get with the times, little kids play with handhelds, adults play on tablets/smartphones.
Platinum_k  +   769d ago
This is clearly just an effort from the Nintendo fans to try and get some Nintendo sales happening while ps4 and xbone get the spotlight.

I'de say Nintendo and Xbone are equal in rate, but PS4 is just a bit higher in rating
Dakidog  +   769d ago
What I don't understand is how, the Lack of Wii U sales doesn't hurt Nintendos overall grade because of the argument(and opinion)that the games released for it in 2013 make it a "must own system". A company with a struggling console, with threats of 3rd party support disappearing for it's system should not be considered the best of the BIG 3.
DoctorJones  +   769d ago
Because funnily enough for most gamers it's the games that matter, not the sales. Unfortunately a lot of people on this site are more like analysts than gamers and spend most of their time playing sales instead of playing games.
Dakidog  +   769d ago
If I'm not mistaken the article is basing it's grades off of everything(games,sales,apps,on line etc...). My comment is based on the article which I read, I'm not scared to talk about what's wrong with any of these gaming companies. I still don't see the games pumping out for the Wii U yet either, I'll pick one up after that happens.
That-Guy  +   768d ago
But the N4G analysts here are like wizards. They can pull numbers out of thin air and call those facts. That's some real talent.
s45gr32  +   768d ago
Sales based on retail alone not including the digital, catalog, and now export/import sales. Basically pretending to be financial analysts masters and failing miserably.
worldwidegaming  +   768d ago
That is fine! Just like Microsoft they have a big pool of IPs to make. People do not need 3rd party as much because they rarely go exclusive these days. You can find it with Microsoft or Sony. With 3DS sales alone they can be profitable. Look at Sony? been bleeding out for the past decade. After being slayed by Samsung and Apple on the TV and smartphone market I would not worry too much about the big N. Popular with the fans "maybe not" going out of to Sony about that one...
s45gr32  +   768d ago
What amazing games did the Wii U released apart from a remake of a game cube Zelda game priced at $60.00, a Mario game which basically was Mario 3D land with cat suits. Come on Nintendo has been failing miserably since 2012 with the 3DS keeping them afloat thanks to its excellent video game software like pokemon x/y.
Rock_On_PS4  +   769d ago
More like:
Sony: A
Nintendo: C
Microsoft: D

Sony for its sales and its great games including The Last of Us, best multi-platform titles including GTA V and Bioshock Infinite and a great launch line up of games for PS4.
MS fails for its poor sales and weak game line up.
Nintendo scrapes a C for 3DS sales that make up for its Wii U sales and Nintendo released a few great games in 2013.
#14 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
kx11  +   769d ago
for me

Sony C
Nintendo D

sony had Last of us so they deserve something
R00bot  +   769d ago
Nintendo had Mario 3D World, so they deserve something.
kx11  +   769d ago
how much did M3DW sell ?!!
R00bot  +   769d ago
It's sold pretty well, actually. It's past a million now. Considering the low install base, that's not too bad.
That-Guy  +   768d ago
Ah yes, where sales determine the quality of a game. Amazing logic here, truly.
R00bot  +   769d ago
Guys, the article isn't saying the Wii U is better than the PS4.
The article is pointing to the 3DS's incredible releases over the year, and its sales absolutely destroying any system out right now, as well as the Wii U's turnaround (it's actually selling respectably right now).
Sure, the PS4 is doing madly well, but not as well as the 3DS has been doing all year.
And yeah, the Wii U still isn't doing great, but it's doing better (game-wise, and sales-wise (at least in the most recent reports)) than the VITA has been doing.
Also, the PS4 has worse exclusives than the Wii U, anyway.
s45gr32  +   768d ago
The wii u doing better how with a Zelda game cube remake, a Mario game that's pretty much the 3DS version of Mario 3D land with cat suits. The only game exclusive worth owning is the wonderful 101 and no third party support to speak off. In contrast I agree as far as the 3DS is concerned.
Gemmol  +   768d ago
lol you must have a lot of problems, wow just look at the way you attack Nintendo you got me in amaze
PiperMCFierceson   768d ago | Spam
worldwidegaming  +   768d ago
So many biased views.
I can clearly see people do not own every console.
(unbiased views get bubbles.)
No games on the PS4 nor Xbox one. No flagship titles means a expensive paperweight until Spring.
The article made some clear points and people tend to just ignore the bad and only see the good.

January is going to be a boring month for next gen.
Tomb Raider and rayman is coming out!
(polished next gen! woohoo!!)
McScroggz  +   768d ago
What they failed to take into account is the numerous crossbuy games for PS3/PS Vita. Granted, its not easy, but while the Vita may not have had a ton of console exclusives it did have a lot of great games. But, that's the problem with the Vita, so many of the great games for it you can play on another platform.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   768d ago
I would go with Sony C+,Microsoft D.
Nintendo I can't honestly grade as I have no idea what they did in 2013 outside of common knowledge,ie; 3DS sells alot.Game-wise I have no clue.
s45gr32  +   768d ago
Microsoft F
Sony C
Nintendo D

Yes Nintendo a D due to its amazing effort as far as 3DS is concerned, fair pricing for both the hardware and software. Third party support, good online gaming, lots and lots of great games like pokemon x and y. It's the Wii U that brings Nintendo grade down, no third party support, no marketing, a remake of a game cube Zelda priced at $60.00 outrageous. Mario 3D world is the same Mario game as its 3DS version now with cat suits........

Microsoft an F no backwards compatibility, pay to play online, every single feature behind a pay wall. Also if it wasn't for gamers, the media and the U. S. Navy pleading, boycotting, and pretty much force Microsoft to change its xbox one policies. Ignored the xbox 360 for the entire year, and day one patch for its system.

Sony got a C for lack of backwards compatibility, pay to play online, microtransanctions in GT 6, luck warm PS4 launch games and the vita is still struggling.

Maybe in 2014 it may get better but PC gaming is still the better platform for gaming overall. Assassins Creed 4 black flag was for $35.00 on Amazon for PC download during the holiday sale. Disappointingly Steam was at $44.,00 dollars :'(. Still bargain prices for games, free online gaming, and backwards compatibility. That will be very hard for the consoles to overcome specially with the release of Steam machines. Overall PC gaming as a whole gets a solid B mainly due to the overabundance of early access games........
paulcek  +   768d ago
Wind Waker HD was not priced at 60.00.

And if you think 3dworld was the same as 3d land with cat suits...there's a lot more. 3D World is leagues better than 3d land.
iliimaster  +   768d ago
everyone who is talking smack on the wii U i dont get it, i finally picked one up for christmas and its simply fun no ways around it... my kids love it... i love it the wife is actually playing, you can take the controller in the next room and still play it while i watch TV uninterrupted next gen systems should have neat NEw features introduced not just add all out power and graphics dont get me wrong here i got my ps4 day one but the wiiU is a great system. and if these 3rd party developers were on board with what this system is designed to do everyone would be able to see not just the people who buy one.
Gemmol  +   768d ago
I think the Wii U deserve an A I had fun with games that I got bored with my ps3 last gen, which was call of duty, playing on the gamepad bring new life to games, and another thing Nintendo did well was with their online.......I bought 2 same games for Wii U and ps3/ps4 and the Wii U internet handle it better, people who say Nintendo online are bad are the same people who living in the past, plus if they couldnt use the online complaint any more they would run out of complaints for Nintendo....
R00bot  +   768d ago
And their online is free :)
_FantasmA_  +   768d ago
If the final grade for Sony is a B+, then the Nintendo grade is too high. Theres no way that Nintendo gets a higher grade than Sony who is dominating with a home console. Sony deserves an A or A-. Nintendo gets a B, and Microsoft gets a C or C-.
#24 (Edited 768d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
R00bot  +   768d ago
But the VITA is failing more than the Wii U is.
And the 3DS is winning more than the PS4 is (and has been for longer).
That's why Nintendo is a higher grade.

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