Our New Consoles are Now Playing the Waiting Game

If you’re the proud new owner of a Wii U, then this article isn’t really talking about you. But if you got a PS4 or Xbox One at launch, or unwrapped one during the holiday season, you’re probably already aware that there’s one game you’ll be playing more than any other with your new machine; the waiting game.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1361d ago

Well if games are being traded in it must be

cleft51361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

I have gotten plenty of use out of my PS4. I beat Killzone, Knack, AC4, and I am working through BF4 right now.

On top of that, I love Warframe and I find myself playing countless hours of that. So happy to have that game on my PS4 because the game didn't run terribly well on my laptop, but it was fun enough for me to deal with those issues.

I am not a big mp person, but if I was there is no end to how many hours I could get out of some of the fps games. And Blacklight is a great online fps game that is f2p, don't even need PS+ to play it online. I am looking forward to more games, of course, but right now I am more than satisfied with my PS4. Also, we have Don't Starve coming up. I am loving next-gen.

ABizzel11361d ago


Pretty much playing the same things. KZ, AC4, BF4, but I have Lego Marvel as the final game (VERY TIME CONSUMING trying to collect everything).

I'm actually selling my PS4 (I enjoy it so much), but at this point it's more important for me to finish upgrading my PC, and I'll buy a new PS4 around the holiday when there are more games to play (not a fan of the waiting, but I just can't help, buying Day 1).

lolCHILLbro1361d ago

Titanfall is just around the corner, cant wait to see it on Xbox One!!!

BABYLEG1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Games I've played so far on Xbox one.

Ryse - better than the reviews. That last mission made me feel like a fuckin boss.

NBA2K14 - Its NBA2K14

COD: ghost - eh

Dead rising - First game. Loved it. Got the meg man costume beast mode. Me and my bud went zombie slaying on dozens of occasions. Beat the game together as well. Kinect controls are great, yell "over here" to call zombies.. Ummm show me that on any other system. Not starting a war, just saying.

Halo Spartan assault - I had it on my phone and got a discount. It is what it is. Fun to play in bursts like any other mobile game.

peggle 2 - tryna to beat each level by completing all objectives is hard as fuck. And addicting. Still playing.

and now for my favorite Xbox one game so far.

Max: The curse of brotherhood.

I would explain why but I don't care to elaborate. I cant even rebut because n4g wanna give me one bubble because I enjoy Xbox and is a fan of MS. Fuck an explanation, go buy an Xbox and play it instead of paying 400$ for a boring ass 8gig box. Every ps4 owner knows that's the truth. I have friends who bought the ps4 like everyone else and they all keep saying.. The games are coming.

wanna know how I got to play all those games. My buddy and I traded games with each other. I'm in FL and he's in GA. We had to mail each other the games.

I said that to say this.. We both wish MS kept its original polices.

Babyleg out

otherZinc1361d ago

This author is an idiot.

He shouldn't lump the XBOX ONE in with the PS4.

The XBOX ONE has the best co-op game released this year in Dead Rising 3, the longest lasting game in Forza 5, they have Ryse, Killer Instinct, &Spartan Assault. Also, great console functionality.

Also, coming soon is a system seller in Titanfall. Then Quantum Break will arrive. So you can't say the XBOX ONE has no games.

pennywhyz1360d ago

Way better launch then PS4.The only game I got for ps4 is KZ.Besides knack every thing else is multi-platform. Lame

Stringerbell1361d ago

The waiting game for XB1 ends with Titanfall. It ends for the PS4 with Second Son.

BoriboyShoGUN1361d ago

yeah DriveClub being delayed hurt big time!!! and Watchdogs didnt help either! I play BF4, KZ, Warframe, Resogun, hell all of the games I guess and I'm still definately feel like something is missing :(

mikeslemonade1361d ago

Don't Starve for free next week

cleft51361d ago

I am already satisfied with the PS4, so there is no waiting game for me. Definitely hyped for Second Son.

SlapHappyJesus1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )


I am more excited for Quantum Break, truthfully.

danny8181361d ago

theres actually a lot of games. Resogun which is free, abunch of free to playgames, and multiplats and exclusives. but then again I don't game a lot. but either way you shouldn't be running out of games so soon. They just came out a month and a half ago

1361d ago
Utalkin2me1361d ago

No pay wall for resogun...Part of the 59 a year for PS+....

DarkZane1361d ago


It's not 59.99$, it's 49.99$ a year.

SonyNGP1361d ago

The $49.99 a year IS the paywall for Resogun, unless you buy the game.

ifistbrowni1361d ago

lets see... pay $15 for resogun, or pay $15 for 3 months of PS+???


JBSleek1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

All of you above have to have issues...

If you pay for PS+ that doesn't make the game free you already paid for it. I'm so confused with this stance. If you pay a subscription fee that doesn't make the games free.

This idea that PS+ games are free isn't true because if you don't have PS+ you don't have the games. That isn't free. It's a SUBSCRIPTION!

MetaReapre1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Considering that PS+ is required for most games to play online (like Xbox live) that if you have a ps4 you will have PS+ for just that therefore you get resogun as a FREE bonus along with the rest of the freebies you get and discounts that you get on ps3/4. So seriously those that say PS+ games aren't free are either Xbox fanboys or so pessimistic that they just can't see whats really there... sure if you don't have PS+ already and don't wanna keep paying for it I understand but to say resogun isn't free with ps+ is just stupid, you don't get PS+ just for resogun, you get it to have great deals on games and to try out games that you would have never bought for free also for the requirement on the ps4.

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xPhearR3dx1361d ago

There's SOME games, not a lot. I'm not upset though, I knew there was going to be a waiting game when I purchased my new consoles. However, for the past 2 weeks, my PS4 has been collecting dust. I went back to playing PC games. My DS4 still gets daily use on my PC though :D

Rageanitus1361d ago

Resogun is only good for short spurts also IMO Arcade style game. I don't really see it as a full fledged game.

Plus it aint free unless you get PS+

mikeslemonade1361d ago

If you're a serious gamer your gonna get PS+ anyway. Just like if you talk to a xbox 360 gamer online, you automatically assume they have XBL gold.

Even though the attach ratio is only 40% the people who are debating and trolling the internet are either a Gold and Plus members. And you get the first month for free when you get a PS4.

Rageanitus1360d ago

You dont have to get XBL or PSN to be a serious gamer.

I see it more of a cash grab than ANYTHING.

Just look at the most popular multiplayer games its COD! yet you can play it for free on the PC

Truth is consoles are geared towards more non serious gamers vs the PC market. And the PC crowd see's alot of things in the console market as a cash grab.

awesomeisjayell1361d ago

you guys are so funny with this free games business just bc its free doesn't mean its good PS4 fanboys are such cheap ass gamers smh. ill pay for anything as long as its good. There are good games out on X1 sorry i can't say the same about ps4 lol.

SpitFireAce851361d ago

Take ur troll account and Exit that way -------->

mediate-this1361d ago

I totallydont understand the resofun love, i played and thought it was meh. Not sure the hype.

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Rhezin1361d ago

yeah I didn't even know Xbox One had Quantum Break, until I saw the awesome trailer a couple weeks back. Remedy is such an awesome developer.

Pixel_Enemy1361d ago

I bought a 360 just to play Alan Wake and I was really disappointed. The story was cool but the game play was so repetitive. Flashlight enemies, shoot enemies. Power is down in this area, find generator and start it up. Over and over again. Generators were just conveniently sprinkled all over the map. The game was over hyped for sure.

Skip_Bayless1361d ago

It was nice when it came in in 2011(?). It was more of a showcase game.

That's why Quantam Theory looks graphically impressive.

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