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Speculating Future Settings for Assassin's Creed

It is clear that the Assassin’s Creed franchise is at a crossroads. And, despite Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s laudable quality and overall complimentary reviews, it is clear that Ubisoft is planning something for Assassin’s Creed V and beyond. (Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 5, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

jnelson5544  +   255d ago
Discuss! What settings do you think will appear in the near future and what settings would you personally like to see?
AFCCannonieri  +   255d ago
i dont see how Fuedal Japan would be boring
CrossingEden  +   255d ago
Because it's too predictable and easy to pull off. An italian assassin during the italian renaissance is unique, a half native american/half british assassin during the american revolution is unique, an assassin who is also a pirate is unique. Same can't be said for something as predictable as "asian=ninja/assassin& ;quo t; Also the asian aesthetic and region/environment has been used a whole lot of times in video games already. I very much enjoy when they push the unique aesthetics that are not common in gaming, like say the golden age/downfall era of piracy or the american revolution. Ubisoft's development teams obviously like to challenge themselves. -_- That being said, here's the biggest hint towards where the next installment in the franchise will go according to ubisoft, note Darby's response.
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jnelson5544  +   255d ago
The chest hint is discussed in this article. Thank you for your response!
jnelson5544  +   255d ago
That was the opinion of one Ubisoft employee. I don't see how it would be boring either. The architecture wouldn't be the best for parkour, but many cultural/historical aspects of Japan would blend seamlessly with the AC lore.
m2stech  +   255d ago
Egypt or Japan/China are imminent and they were being hinted at in AC4 too.
Goro  +   255d ago
Ancient Egypt or Feudal Japan
SneeringImperialist  +   255d ago
I anticipate a future of milking the cashcow til it runs dry.
Callediceman  +   255d ago
I know westerns have been DONE ALOT but how bout a western Assasins creed. timeframe being in the "Billy the kid era" imagine interacting with him/his gang/ or even trying to track him down etc..
Lucreto  +   255d ago
Victorian England is another good one.

I am surprised there hasn't been a leak yet. We knew about black flag this time last year due to the leaks.
TotalHitman  +   255d ago
Victorian England is a personal favourite of mine. The Gothic architecture at the time would be a joy to climb. Also, cities in England at that time were really smoggy. The limited visibility would be useful for stealth. Make it happen Ubisoft! Just make sure you include Manchester as a setting!
Lukebb91  +   255d ago
They can take their time i never played liberation so in a few weeks i will be happy with the HD remake for a while but if there is another game i hope they go further back in time.
ascendantofrain  +   255d ago
How about this to turn the series on it's head...

Why not take the derivative nature of the game of having someone from the future access DNA of someone from the past and somehow take a present day person and actually go into the future instead of the past??

Not sure how one could access someone from the future but I'm sure something could be concocted. You would be able to write any kind of revolution or era you wanted.
thricetold  +   255d ago
I don't care where they go as long as they don't turn it into a generic ninja game.
u4real  +   253d ago
I honestly think India in one of 2 eras , either the wars between Hindu and Muslim faiths , or a more colonial era with the British , and the endeavour to squash the death cult of Kali (read assassins ) , with new foes like war elephants tigers poisonous snakes , and scenery across mountain desert and dense forest , large rivers , massive cities , people varied from the raja and rukhs to Sikh and ghurka tribesmen ,weapons like katar and scimitars , access to gunpowder , and steel armour , running into ancient structures , mysticism so different from the current installments it would truly be another chapter
Cyraxgtx  +   253d ago
Like some of you think these other places might happen to be the new setting you all have really good predictions with great possibilities. I myself don't think my setting I would love to see won't be the next setting but ancient Persia I believe would have all the things need for a great assasins creed for the fact that they had assasins in Persia there was a lot of betrayal going on and also alaxender the great of Macedonia was betrayed and poisoned by his own men because he encouraged his men to mix and assimilate with the Persians for a new race. There is great history and culture and the number one thing would be is that this would take place before Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. So they would have to show a precursor to the Templars and make a new group that progressed into the Templars. When Desmond died they showed a glimpse of what would happen if he chose to live and long after he was dead it showed a new religion would be made with them believing he's a god so it's not about what religion it's about the use of religion to control people and use them for as power for own selfish personal gains, hence the control of the ancients technology for power. I believe this would really help further the modern story in assasins creed. Tell me what your opinions is guys cheers :) ps sorry if it's hard to read riding in a car typing off the top of my ideas
bryguyknowsall  +   253d ago
My Idea Would Be WWII Nazi Germany, With the nazis of course being in the role of the templars, with the nai idea of world domination and the addition of japan, i think that would make a great AC game

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