Killzone Shadow Fall Will Have Japan Exclusive Crossover Content

Killzone Shadow Fall is a key PlayStation 4 launch title too. While shooters have been selling better in Japan and Sony Computer Entertainment is planning crossover content for their game.

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sinncross1362d ago

I would hope this content at the very least, gets released as DLC everywhere else...

but I do like the idea of Sony exploring collaboration efforts for DLC. SCEJ have been doing it with a few of their PSV games (and some 3rd party ps3/ psp/ psv games).

Hopefully we see Sony also explore this more with western devs.

1362d ago
staticdash221362d ago

Jiraiya voice over?


FullmetalAlchemist1362d ago

That is awesome! Me want too. Lucky JAPAN

kopicha1362d ago

i think they deserve it since they got this system a little late considering Playstation play quite a big part in Japan too.

Drainage1361d ago

lol owl skins . let me guess, japan flag like we have the american flag.