EA can see that Wii is the key

VANCOUVER - Video-game publisher Electronic Arts has unveiled two initiatives to breathe new life into its sports business, by making games that are easier to play and customised for Nintendo's ultra-popular Wii console.

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TruthbeTold3873d ago

@ "Shallow end"

I love the Wii, and appreciate what Nintendo is trying to do in building up the number of gamers through the casual, but that term was funny and somewhat spot on.

Heir2theThrone3873d ago

EA+Microsoft+Wii like console = an interesting future

BrotherNick3873d ago

I'm happy that more people can enjoy the fun of games. :)

ItsDubC3873d ago

As of now, PES is the superior soccer franchise on the Wii. Hopefully EA steps up to compete w/ the next FIFA.

jinn3873d ago

they better get glasses then

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