Xbox One's Driver Update To Bring 10% Performance Boost, Devs Were Speechless With PS4 8GB GDDR5 RAM

"NeoGAF member and industry insider thuway is back with more information, especially clarifying the Xbox One driver update mentioned earlier this week. According to thuway, it seems that a 10 percent performance boost should be available at the very least."

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ThatCanadianGuy5141422d ago ShowReplies(15)
Agent_hitman1422d ago

That 8GB GDDR5 inside ps4 is insane. If Developers could max it out, the resolution could go beyond 1080p

AndroidVageta1422d ago

Are you being sarcastic or do you really know nothing about what memory does?

windblowsagain1422d ago

Exactly android.

Ram - textures, game assets.

But GPU Power is the most important thing in any games console or PC.

It's the thing that divides us, that binds us, sorry was into the matrix just then.

Heck you can run BF4 @ 1080p @ medium/high settings at 45-60fps with an ati 6870./

hellvaguy1422d ago


ps4 can maybe hang with low and then higher 1080p settings down the road. Doutful will ever see ultra settings and zero chance of 4k. Other components like the cpu will cause the bottleneck to prevent 4k from ever happening.

Agent_hitman1422d ago

OH yeah you're right about that. Next gen hardwares have bottleneck that is the CPU and it's clockspeed.

Eonjay1422d ago

Thats why efforts are being made to push more and more CPU related activities onto the GPU.

This may allow for 4k gaming one day. Parallel processing is the future.

kneon1422d ago

Well they could both do 4k games now, as long as they are relatively simple. The problem is that neither box shipped with hdmi 2 so they are limited to 24 fps.

Death1422d ago

By pushing CPU functions to the GPU it will not increase resolution, it's the opposite. It's taking GPU resources away to help the weaker CPU.

Eonjay1422d ago

I understand what you are saying but thats not how it works. The concept is that there are certain operations that the GPU does that don't utilize the GPU at anywhere near 100%. During execution of these operations, you can have the GPU calculating things such as physics. It doesn't take anything away from the graphics being processed. It merely allows unused resources to be assigned CPU tasks.

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hkgamer1422d ago

Not a tech guy at all. But I am guessing devs will concentrate more on using more cores than using more gpu ram.. Not . Tech guy at all and have a few pints down me

Eonjay1422d ago

If I were developing on the Xbox my primary concern would be maximizing the utility of the memory. If I were developing on the PS4 my goal would be to maximizing the utility of the GPU.

1. Xbox One has to master ESRam to overcome DDR3 bottleneck.
2. PS4 has to master Computer to fully utilize the power of its GPU.

Beastforlifenoob1421d ago

GPU is way, way, way, way more important then the CPU when playing games (99% of the time). Without a proper GPU it doesnt matter how good your CPU is it will lag, even if you had 32 cores running at 8ghz it will still lag if you dont have proper GPU. Infact the reason why SONY threw away conventinal ram out of the window and changed it to unified graphical ram and a lower power cpu they could get far greater FPS.

Unreal011422d ago

Xbox One playing catch up.

Septic1422d ago

And it will be for the rest of its life-cycle. No amount of optimisation will ever result in it surpassing the PS4, it will only just match it (if that).

BALLBAGS1422d ago

@septic it will never match the ps4,no amount of optimisation can make up for the difference in ram, weaker GPU and CPU.

you have to remember Sony will be optimising the driver's for the ps4 also that's how console cycles work.

regardless Microsoft have a back catalogue that can make up for the weaker hardware, that's all I care about.. the games

windblowsagain1422d ago

Seriously septic, match it?

xboxone will never match PS4, it's just not possible.

There is a very big gulf gpu/ram wise, compute is also much higher on PS4.

That's not saying there isn't or won't be good looking games on xb1.

Both consoles will get better driver wise, and programs that run on them will get better and use less resources.

But I've played all the top titles on PC.

Imo graphics wise.


As for racing games. PC,DRIVECLUB. Look the best graphically.

Septic1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


Yeah what I meant was, a game could potentially run identically on both consoles but this would be owing to the developers not the hardware.

The X1 will never match it, I agree. Sorry for the confusion.

JodyCones1422d ago

The PS4 will always be more powerful on paper. It's games will look better in the long run. And of course they'll both get better. But it's no argument which one is more powerful.

Death1422d ago

Theoretical power is useless. The deciding factor on consoles is always the lowest common denominator. In the long term, only first party games will benefit from any hardware differences. The first wave of software is hardly representative of each systems potential.

Look at the first couple gens of games on the PS3. Not even close to what we seen at the end of the PS3's life cycle. The Xbox One is the more complex system this time around. It has more ground to make up. Both systems will see improvement over the next few years, but the Xbox One has more room to grow since it will take more time to master.

MorePowerOfGreen1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

"weaker CPU" ???

You trolls believe that made up BS LOL. XB1 having a stronger CPU was bugging some PS4 troll so he made up that BS and tried to spread it around. He spun XB1 using more resources due to XB1 doing much more than PS4 at any given time.

Clearly this news/rumor is bugging the sh!t out of PS4 fans. Just enjoy your PS4, dam. Is there games to play or something?

This local spec war is moot, XB1 will be using cloud compute and PS4 will never be able to catch up to XB1.

Now 50% more powerful is fact? Despite devs saying they are basically the same power. One guy lies about resource use of the consoles and suddenly the PS4 CPU is more powerful? LOL

XB1 is a all around more powerful platform, PS4 would crash then melt if it tried to do what XB1 is doing all at once. Boasting GPU capability then claiming the PS4 is more powerful all around because of it is silly.

So sick of hearing about the PS4's gddr5, XB1 has more RAM bandwidth and a better CPU. If Sony has the better(clocked) CPU they would have been boasting about it. PS4's case is too small for things like that.

Utalkin2me1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )


My goodness guy, you're taking the cake today. It took longer for the Ps3 to hit its potential due to it's architecture. Dev's was having a hard time with the cell and how it was designed.

But both X1 and PS4 have x86 architecture so first release of games on both systems is fairly representative of the gap and it will be that way the rest of this generation. Hence why all the multiplatform games are lower resolution on X1.

MysticStrummer1422d ago


"The deciding factor on consoles is always the lowest common denominator. In the long term, only first party games will benefit from any hardware differences."

…except that multiplats already show a PS4 advantage. Last gen PS3 was more powerful but harder to work with. 360 sold more until nearly the end so there was no real incentive for multiplat devs to utilize the Cell properly.

This gen, the better selling PS4 is both more powerful and easier to develop for. Some devs will no doubt still go for parity though.

DoesUs1421d ago

@Green Ok, step away from the computer and get some fresh air. $100 more for an inferior machine! OUCH! XB1 the more powerful huh? Which titles are you playing? AC4? BF4? COD? just to keep you upto date. I'm afraid yes, devs get more out of the PS4 CPU than the XB1's, they also get around 50% more from the GPU and the superior memory setup has them smiling from ear to ear 8) YOWSERS!!!!!

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iiwii1422d ago

Well, even if that's true, still good news for those who decided to buy the MS system. Congrats, because it should have been able to do more than what we have seen so far. Happy gaming.

bobsmith1422d ago

ur paying way more than 100 dollars for ur kinect lol

Death1422d ago

It makes up for that 50% more power that is so hard to see.

GTgamer1422d ago

Yeah because all games are native 1080p on PS4 except BF4 yup that %50 power is soooooo hard to see/s
I bet money Watch dogs Destiny The Division and witcher 3 will be 1080p on the PS4 and some won't on the X1 count on it.

Hercules1891422d ago

In my eyes resolution is just a small part of what makes a game look good. Are they going to take away the realistic lighting system, are they going to take away the smooth textures, if not then 900p or even 720p doesnt bother me really.Which would you say looks better super mario bros at 4K or Ryse at 900p.

GTgamer1422d ago

Your comparison makes no sense Mario a cartoon style game next to Ryse a game dedicated to looking realistic :/ also Ryse fps performance is lacking, and I'm all for gameplay over Resolution but were talking about power in a console so when one game runs at 1080p on one console and lower on another console then don't act like you don't see a difference in power.

lawgone1422d ago

Thanks for that intelligent comment @bobsmith.

FRAKISTAN1422d ago

Xbone can never catchup with the PS4's GDDR5 RAM, you guys shold remeber Sony's firmware updates are very very powerful.

Look at the current FW and the original 1.5 of the PS3 and you will know

KillerByte231422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

firmware update's so powerful it has a risk of bricking your console

Utalkin2me1422d ago

Look at MS Track record, all it takes is just play the machine to brick it.

See how silly that is? Two can play that game, so maybe you should chill on trolling.

PFFT1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Ive never hard a problem with my PS updates. Something tells me those bricked systems were user error and nothing more.