Final Fantasy XV Used to Be a PS4 Exclusive, Insider Claims

Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, nicknamed Thuway, is known as a fairly reliable source of rumors that has been proven wrong rarely. Today he gave an interesting snippet of information about Final Fantasy XV, that apparently, according to his sources, used to be a PS4 exclusive (and not just a PS3 exclusive in the guise of Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

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ritsuka6661634d ago

Meh..Some people have simply lost interest in the game and/or the Final Fantasy series anymore.

Abriael1634d ago

Quite sure that doesn't apply to all those playing and enjoying Final Fantasy XIV right now. And there are a lot of them, and more come in every day.

mikeslemonade1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I'd be instantly more excited if FFXV was exclusives. Time and time again exclusives have been proven to be better quality that multi-plats in general.

Abriael1634d ago

@mikeslemonade: that's normally true for first party games more than third party games though.

mikeslemonade1634d ago

Lets be more specific.. then. Compare metascores for multiplat FFs with exclusive FFs. Similair to Resident Evils and DMCs too.

Abriael1634d ago

@mikeslemonade: personally, I think that's more due to sequel fatigue, the multiplat ones also come afterwards.

abzdine1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

i lost ALL interest in FF. to me it stopped at FFXII...
i don't want an A-RPG i want a real FF but i'm tired of repeating this everytime and that's why i'm not interested in this series anymore

Abriael: Talking about FF14 as being a main FF is an insult!! cool people like it but that's not what an oldschool FF fan is expecting. I dont give a damn about the online i just wanna play an amazing SP

Abriael1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

@abzdine: what you personally want to play is a bit irrelevant to what is good.

Final Fantasy XIV is a mainline Final Fantasy, and that's a fact. And as a matter of fact it's probably the best since XI and one of the best overall.

Skip_Bayless1634d ago

Sequels.. like X-2, and Lightening returns?? Well the orignal FFXIII was average to begin with.

I like a me a final fantasy. Just not happy with SE's unethical practices.

abzdine1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

to me it is, and that's all what posting opinions is about.
i speak in the name of oldschool FF fans because i am one of them and i know what SE has to do to win us back again.
SE are trying to open up to different tastes and make their most famous franchises appeal to new comers but the way they are proceeding is pushing away the fanbase from Squaresoft glorious days

Irishguy951633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yeah this is how it is, regardless of how good FFXV looks, fanboys don't care.

Bethesda Games
Witcher 3
Bioshock series
Mass effect series

I could go on. Exclusivity does not affect the quality of the game. The studio behind it does.

FFXIII sucked for many reasons, and would have sucked just as bad as an exclusive.

MonChiChi1633d ago

I dunno, I am very big into XIV but for some reason I don't really care for 15. Maybe the whole lightning saga killed it for me or the long wait for versus to be renamed and showed.

That's just me though, to each their own. I will say I am excited for KH3 though, even though that was long wait as well.

Irishguy951633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

See for me, KH's combat is what I liked about it, I could give two ****s for the story. Well, not completely true, but for me, I can't stand a certain level of cheesiness. KH had that, FFXIII blew that out of the park, FFXV seems to have left it behind. Besides how the characters look, they all seem quite normal. Which is good. No melodrama is what I want. And FFXV is just having less of it. Less emos etc, again despite how they look(which is just Japanese style these days)

Other than that, what I always liked about FF was NOT it's combat, but everything else. The combat was passable for me. At best it was a decent turn based RPG. Not a great one. But it was passable so the story and everything else carried it. Now I always loved KH's battle systems. Especially 1, bbs and 3D. FFXV is taking everything I love about Final fantasy, and then KH's battle system and putting them together. Along with some cinematic boss battles which I don't mind so long as their are regular boss battles too(Which there is). Everyone likes Uncharted. Everyone. I do too. I don't mind some more of that in any other game.

I don't see whats to dislike about FFXV, the only thing that I could see is that people don't like the change from older FF's.

However realistically, if you like KH, and you like any FF, you should REALLY like FFXV. FFXV is not KH turned FF. It's FF with KH's combat system/ Along with teleporting and some Tps combat like Dirge of Cerberus/

FFXV seems like a culmination of everything Squaresoft/Enix have ever done right in their video games. It's "Lets take the best things out of all our games and put them into this, then add some more and make it more mature"

DarkZane1633d ago

@mikeslemonade Yes exclusives are better than multiplats.

However, rejoice in the matter that the PS4 version will definitely be the superior version.

x5exotic1633d ago

"I'd be instantly more excited if FFXV was exclusives. Time and time again exclusives have been proven to be better quality that multi-plats in general."

Yeah to blind Uncharted/Halo fanboys, they are the worst.

Pennywise1381633d ago

I agree with you completely. I'd give anything to play a 90s style final fantasy on current gen systems. The story, the freedom, the gameplay, the world map and just the over all feel hasn't been the same since the ps1 era. Ffx was great but also when you could tell things were changing. Starting with taking away the ability to control the airship yourself.

DragonKnight1633d ago

Am I the only one who thought "yeah, when it was Versus XIII" here?

pivotplease1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

He's right. Nothing they have released including XIV has the level of creativity and depth they used to offer in their golden age. However, I expect/hope for redemption with this game because Tetsuya Nomura is the man...enough said.


Completely agree. The old school FF style was the apotheosis of RPGs. Now, they rely too much on cheese and glorifying the action (basically ruining the battle system and seizing all credibility and realism from the story, characters, and visuals). They've sold out into something only people with no preconception of what a "good JRPG" is would buy into. Not sure what garbage abriael enjoys but keep me away from it... He discounts your opinion as irrelevant while his matters and reflects the general public? Sure. If square followed the old school fan's advice they would be raking in double.

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Langkasuka1634d ago

I've never played any Final Fantasy before and I really like how Final Fantasy XV is looking up.
There will always be new players coming in, and FF's series seem to be always something to look forward to.

HarryMasonHerpderp1634d ago

As soon as Square make a Final Fantasy that lives up to the old days of FFIV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX and X then I'll be interested in the series again.
We all know it's never going to happen though.

Pennywise1381633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

How are you getting so many disagrees? Is everyone on n4g just so young they think the series started at ffxiii?

brightlight1634d ago

To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of FF in the first place, put the last ones couldn't make me one.

Pain1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

FFXV...I never had interest in the first place in the offline single player Emo drama feast and really don't anymore. I don't wait for vapour ware or a game thats been in development longer then my best friends kids have been Alive.

FFXIV on the other hand is Crack-tastic.

josephayal1633d ago

FF is dead, the way to save the franchise is quite simple, they need to just re boot the series

Snookies121633d ago

How does one reboot the series when just about every iteration is completely different?

Godmars2901633d ago

Haven't lost interest in it, but at the same time its pointless to "be excited" about news news for it. Square hasn't shown any real ability for story telling, game making for that matter, since FFX. And that had issues.

JodyCones1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Not true. The fan base is on PlayStation and square recognizes that because it originated there from ff7. (I know the first were on snes). They just like the extra profit. It will sell more on PS4 that's for sure, as well as kingdom hearts 3.

hqgamez1633d ago

truth is square mainly in the US cares about money.
XV is only coming to ps4 in Japan even with the Xbox One release.

Square wants money. They know Sony would like it exclusive, but Square most likely demanded a price. A price Sony knows it isn't worth it.
Square just wants money. They're doing it with Tomb Raider, did it with deus ex, will always do it. Kingdom hearts & FFVX ain't gonna do big numbers on the xbox one, but they just want more money.

PaleMoonDeath1633d ago

After the recent E3 trailer, I'd say it has more people interested than ever before, including me, multiplatform or not I've been waiting for this game for so damned long I don't care about the platform.

Just give me the damned game, I bought my PS3 with FFv13 & MGS4 in mind, now it's MGS5 & FF15 with my PS4. Good times lay ahead for everyone.

Gamer19821633d ago

After better sales of 13 on S3 even after mass adverts by MS its not surprising but obviously MS ponied up again trying to once again crack japan.. But there once again deluded thinking buying content there rivals also have is gonna sell there consoles in Japan they need unique exclusive consoles if there gonna crack it.

Tales RPG addict1633d ago

The Namco Tales series is gaining serious traction and popularity in EU and NA right now. Cause of SE and their screw ups Namco has begun to gain a foothold for the Tales series here in the west. Heck "Tales of Xillia" sold over 1 million copies here in NA alone.

The last FF masterpiece was FFX for the PS2 and that was when Sakaguchi was still at Squaresoft prior to the merger. Not to mention Namco is one of the gaming companies that didnt have financial problems last gen.

FFXIV A Realm Reborn is pretty fun, but the older FF titles are still better. SE keeps losing their long time employees as time goes on. As it is Tetsuya Nomura is one of the few people holding the company together.

Im still waiting on that Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Tales series crossover game.

guitarded771633d ago

@ ritsuka666

I know what you mean... XIII really put me off the series, and I've been playing since the beginning, but XIV is really fun, and I'm not even an MMO fan. It's a fun ride in the FF universe(s), and if they can make XV as good as it looks, then FF may be back to what we know and love. I had given up hope, but playing XIV, and seeing XV and KH3 has me hopeful.

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blackblades1634d ago

I'm very interested in it and KH3, main 2 games that interest me on ps4, everything else is just eh.

OlgerO1634d ago

Im glad to hear that this game can now be enjoyed by both xbox one and PS4 owners.

MegaRay1633d ago

I thought im the only one

colonel1791634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Until Microsoft made a big check, that is.

Add: However, I think that worldwide sales of the Xbox and sales of the game for Xbox, will determine the exclusivity for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Seeing how greedy (and backstabbers) Square Enix are, if the Xbox doesn't sell well in Japan and worldwide, they could cancel Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox. The fact that FF XV is coming to Xbox had to do with money from Microsoft. There is no way that Sony didn't want to open the checkbook, more so than Microsoft were willing to offer any amount of money to 1up Sony.

Abriael1634d ago

or until Sony decided not to make one.

Necro_5591634d ago

This is total BS. FF hasnt been exclusive for awhile. Many things attribute to this, non of them being MS paying. Square Enix just doesnt have the capital to release their major games as exclusives. And considering the fact that the Xbox ONE IS selling extremely well. Its actually selling just as good as the PS4 in less markets and at a higher cost. That says a lot.

Unreal011634d ago

I agreed with you for while until you started raving on about the Xbox One. It's clearly not selling as good as PS4.

creatchee1633d ago


Xbox One clearly not selling as good as PS4 =/= Xbox One not selling well

GamingNerd0131633d ago

While I agree with u to a point u can't denied that MS pays big money to have games be on xbox that were on PS only before like FFx13 series DMC series tekken series and some others. In my opinion I'm glad everyone gets to enjoy them but at same time makes me wonder how much better some of the games would of been if they stayed PS exclusives. Also X1 isn't doing really great compared to PS4 in sales in fact ps4 is outselling it by large margin.

Unreal011633d ago


I didn't say it wasn't. I'm just addressing the fact that Necro said the Xbox One is selling just as much as the PS4.

XiSasukeUchiha1633d ago


Just be glad we're all play FFXIV this Gen like last gen

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Unreal011634d ago

I don't know. It was probably a matter of fact that Square just saw more money making it multi platform, I doubt it had anything to do with MS paying them. And lets face it, judging by the terrible FF13 trilogy they probably need the money.

Saying that, I am disappointed by the decision, but I think PS4 will have the definitive version anyway as well as potential exclusive content (perhaps).

miyamoto1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

and so the vicious cycle continues to spiral down for ScrewedEinix where they should have learned their lessons and stop the stupidity with FF XIII Versus or FF XV, right?

and we thought the $100 million bribe to make FF XIII multiplat was the last of its kind as the new ScrewedEnix honcho stated before... but men are easily corrupted indeed.

and thus this rumor will again ignite the fury & distrust of Japanese gamers as evidence of how FF XIII went down the drain

mediate-this1633d ago

Listen to this big executive here

GDDR6_20141633d ago

Just why would a third party developer make an exclusive unless they are paid for it? It's not greed, just makes business sense

webeblazing1633d ago

The Sony fanboys are going crazy in here they want every game to be exclusive but Dont want any games that's on their console too go multi plat
The amount of people downplaying the game in here is rediculous too. Xbone has blu ray so what's the problem this time.

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DCfan1634d ago

I want FFXII International :(

chikane1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Cool still only buying it one the playstation