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Submitted by DarkLordMalik 773d ago | news

Phil Spencer Is Interested In Bringing Some Xbox Exclusives Back On Xbox One

Microsoft's Phil Spencer seems to be interested in bringing some of the Xbox exclusives to Xbox One. (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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AngelicIceDiamond  +   773d ago
Phil needs to bring back some the oldies. Phantom Dust 2 MUST be top priority though lol.
BALLBAGS  +   773d ago
the delusional misterx will run and run with this lol
Giul_Xainx  +   773d ago
That means Halo, Gears, Left 4 Dead, pgr, forza, dead rising, fable, uh..... uh.... am I missing anything? I think I am.....
SlapHappyJesus  +   773d ago

If you really think that is all the Xbox brand had to offer over it's lifetime, you missed a lot of good games.
Besides, I sort of read this as them possibly bringing back titles from the original Xbox days, of which there were a lot of great games as well.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   772d ago

Game was awesome! Haters gunna hate!
BABYLEG  +   772d ago
Brute force top 5 games ever
DeathOfTheFanBoy   773d ago | Spam
christocolus  +   773d ago
Once again im with you on this. Phantum dust is a great ip. They should look into some others too. Especially lost odysee,blinx and some of rares ips.
Nocando  +   772d ago
You ever play Deathrow? It was very popular with my Xbox lan group back in the day.
christocolus  +   772d ago

Lol...i only played a portion which was included in a demo disc. My brother later got the full game. He enjoyed it. I enjoyed the little portion i played though,running around throwing discs kind of reminded me of and it was by times.
SporadikStyles  +   772d ago

Yeah Deathrow was one of my fave Xbox games, I was dumb and traded it in when 360 launched. Everyone who came over was blown away by how cool that game was and the swear/insult button! Glad to see someone bring that up.

I was also happy to see someone tweeted about Rallisport challenge!

Now that we're x86 again they should do original xbox backwards compatibility
XiSasukeUchiha  +   772d ago
Original Xbox IPs were good and i still to this day still wished that they would return on 360 but Xbox ONE could revived
Ravenor  +   772d ago

Deathrow was the best, I miss games with their fake future sports.

Also those fake ads during the loading screens....I have to go pull out my Xbox now.
andrewsqual  +   773d ago
Great news. I think Xbox owners have wanted the same since 2009 too. How long does it take someone in his position to figure something like this out?
And the funniest thing is they CAN bring games back like they did with Conker on Xbox and Killer Instinct on Xbone but that doesn't mean they won't be the most botched and messed up reprisals ever like those releases were.
UnHoly_One  +   772d ago
Killer Instinct botched??? Um, no.

Killer Instinct is the best fighter I've ever played, it's amazing.
Ravenor  +   772d ago
UnHoly_One is being a bit...extreme, but it's definitely a fine version. Old Killer Instinct doesn't hold up, this version on the Xbox One definitely does.
UnHoly_One  +   772d ago
Phantom Dust was amazing.

I want MECHASSAULT back!!!!!
DoubleM70  +   772d ago
Yes Mecha Assault. I was top ten on leader boards for 2 year. Prometheus or MadDog.

3-4-5  +   772d ago
* Crimson Skies

* Blood Wake

* Fusion Frenzy

* Death Row

Some of the best multiplayer and single player games ever created on any system and the just stopped carting about them.

Some of you may have not played Death Row or Blood Wake, if you did, you knew how fun the multiplayer was.
IVanSpinal  +   772d ago
Also Def Jam Fight for NY
It was too unbalanced but it was so funny.
I know this game is from EA but they can make a similar one
Nocando  +   772d ago
Finally someone else that appreciated Death Row, awesome multiplayer!!
SockeyBoy  +   772d ago
Oh man I would love a new Blinx as well.
jmac53  +   772d ago
I am glad there are people out there that want another Crimson Skies. I had such a blast with the original on PC and then the follow up on Xbox. Some of my best times gaming, with plane on fire, about to explode and taking down a zeppelin.
3-4-5  +   772d ago
Yea Death Row was amazing. I didn't know what to expect when I bought it but it was one of the most addicting games I've ever played in my life.

Me, my friend and my two brothers beat the entire game in one sitting. Meaning we beat the game with EACH faction and then all the additional stuff.

One of the most fun gaming sessions I've ever had ever.

* Crimson Skies was just pure fun. Different planes, that all had their own unique feel and it was balanced really well.

- The online multiplayer was awesome, & the maps were some of the best ever.

* Blood wake was the only boat battle game I've ever really played. Not sure why more similar games weren't made, it was really fun.
malokevi  +   772d ago
I want to see the glorious return of Fusion Frenzy. Also Cell Damage, for some reason. These games evoke my child-like sense of wonderment.
christocolus  +   772d ago
Fuzion frenzy on xbx one would be so much fun...damn i loved that game. Some competitions where freaking amazing. Kung fu chaos was cool too.

Lmao...who remembers kakuto chojin....lmao
IVanSpinal  +   772d ago
What about Blood Wake 2!!!!!!!!!! ?
BALLBAGS  +   773d ago
they will do it they know they need to get the gamers back on board. .

cannot wait
Prime157  +   773d ago
I agree. However, maybe I'm jaded, because I also think the business side keeps people like Phil from making that happen.
BALLBAGS  +   773d ago
they NEED to make this happen

I'll start a petition if I have to!! !
andrewsqual  +   773d ago
@BALLBAGS They needed to do this a long time ago after shutting down studios the last 7 years like Ensemble Studios. What has changed so much since then that makes you think they will do anything now?
Ravenor  +   772d ago
Because AoE3 and Halo Wars set the world on fire right?
DiRtY  +   773d ago
Conker, Banjo, Crimson Skies for me then!
CrossingEden  +   773d ago
Lol, a next gen "great mighty Poo." Would be the grossest boss of the century.
Fishy Fingers  +   773d ago
Of course he is, what's easier than creating new IP, use a 'forgotten' brand with an existing fanbase and creative direction. This should always be high on the list when considering what software to build upon next.
FlyShootRaceSims  +   773d ago
Crimson Skies, Mech Assault, Jade Empire, Top Spin, & TOCA Race Driver.
DOMination-  +   773d ago
Jade Empire is owned by EA
Toca is codemasters
Top Spin is owned by 2k
FlyShootRaceSims  +   771d ago
I knew that and I agree with you--just wishful thinking on my part.
Hicken  +   773d ago
Blood Wake. Make it Blood Wake, and you may have a sale out of me yet, Microsoft.
Septic  +   773d ago
Lol really? I would genuinely be surprised if it swayed you into getting an X1. No seriously!
Hicken  +   772d ago
My cousin had it on his OG xbox, and I loved that game. If they make a new one- and don't leave out local multiplayer so I can play with my nephews, who live with me- and don't pull a crimson dragon by filling it with microtransactions, and my inclination to buy an XB1 will definitely go up.

Don't really care if anyone believes me, but that game done right would be a big temptation. Granted, I'd want a few other games, too, but Blood Wake is a big one for me.
solidboss07  +   773d ago
Zzzz zzz zzzz zzz........
ravinash  +   773d ago
If your investing towards opening new devs to create new IPs or bring back old ones, then I'm all for it.
Just don't do the old thing of throwing money at current devs only to take games from others!

Make us bigger a better games rather than blocking others from getting whats already out there.
n4rc  +   773d ago
I'm sick of this selfish crap..

There is zero difference in funding development of a game or buying the entire studio..

What your comment implies is that only sony should have every game available to them..

And please name one game that's already out there that was blocked from you.. exclusivity deals are finalized way before development ends
green  +   773d ago
You are 100% correct. I love the idea of funding games by independent studios because it keeps the industry alive.

Invest in them, they hopefully create a great IP that sells well. The money benefits the publisher and the studio and work on that IP continues with sequels but the added fund allows the studio to expand, enabling them to work on new IP's that would see the light on multiple consoles.

Anyone that does not like this is seriously greedy and short sighted.
#8.1.1 (Edited 773d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report
ravinash  +   773d ago
I never said that Sony hasn't done this.
But the fact remains that Sony has a lot more 1st party studios making their exclusive content.
This is what I'm suggesting MS invest their money into.

At the moment their buying exclusivity from 3rd party companies to get games like Titanfall, so there is an example right there.
Nothing wrong with that every now and then if they are trying to establish their next console. but it would benefit everyone if they put that money towards making their own 1st party games.
n4rc  +   773d ago
First party just means they are owned by the manufacturer..

You think naughty dog etc didn't exist before sony bought them?

Why is blocking every game a dev makes forever ok, but a game by game basis for a year is bad?

Exclusivity is for them.. to sell units.. it's bad for consumers in every way.. but it seems like your fine to keep games on ps only but want all Xbox exclusives as well..

Helping respawn develop a awesome game is better for the industry and consumers then simply buying respawn entirely.
#8.1.3 (Edited 773d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report
ravinash  +   773d ago
Did I say it was OK???

It would be better if everyone had free access to all games.
But if you remember, the subject of this item was "bringing some xbox exclusives back on xbox one".

This is exactly what Xbox needs, but I was pointing out that what is required is for MS in invest in first party to do this.
Firstly this will bring more exclusive games to xbox brand as well as making sure that after 2 years, the number of exclusives don't drop off like they did with the 360.

Your the one who keeps bring Sony into this.
Fact of the matter is this model has worked very well for Sony having 1st party, and no one could blame MS for replicating this.
DOMination-  +   773d ago
MS own 22 first party studios
Sony own 13

This shouldn't be an issue as long as MS manage them well
ravinash  +   773d ago
@ DOMination

That's an interesting the infrastructure is there.
Joe913  +   773d ago
Titian fall was timed exclusive then MS went back and made another deal to get it full exclusive. It may not be already out but it is what he is talking about MS was afraid ppl was just going to wait until it came for ps4 before buying. And Sony do not have very many exclusive 3rd party games because they do not need to because they own so many AAA studios why pay a studio for a game like Titian fall when you have like 3 studios that produce games as big as if not bigger than Titian fall. When a game go full exclusive it hurts the Devs.
n4rc  +   772d ago
Yes.. you did imply it's ok to block games from people as long as it's a first party.. I'm saying there is no difference.

And that respawn deal rumor is just that.. a rumor.. and a very unlikely one at that. It involved ea making deals on an ip they dont own. Some hoped it was timed and made up a evil plot when they found out it wasn't.

And I should add I'm not just singling out this one guy.. it's a comment I've seen many times and it always boils down to some sony fan pissed they can't play a certain game but feel it's perfectly fair to have games blocked from people, as long As it's not them..

If you don't fit into that, then my bad.. but your first comment did imply just that
GameSpawn  +   772d ago

I'd just like to point out that Naughty Dog was a second party studio. Sony never "bought" exclusivity from Naughty Dog until they literally bought the studio. It was Naughty Dog's choice to have some of their games published ONLY on the PlayStation. This is what we call second party. Insomniac was and still is the same -- in fact they're releasing a second party title for the Xbox (which as far as we currently know is their, or at least Ted Price's, choice).

Microsoft was the one to introduce this idea of buying off exclusivity (timed specifically). The Dead Rising series is a perfect example. Let's also not forget about all the additional content for Bethesda's games.

Timed exclusivity is what kills the industry, but whatever. When the timed exclusivity clause runs out the other consoles essentially get a game of the year edition with all the content or in the case of add-ons content that is less buggy. So while the "other" console owners have to wait 1-2 years for the damn game (months for add-ons), they get to spend much less money and/or get a better more refined product in the end. So, who really is the one getting burned?

Also, Remember:
timed exclusivity =/= bought exclusivity (aka a contracted game) =/= second party (aka an exclusive, but NON-contracted game)
Gamer666  +   772d ago
Agreed. I would argue funding studios is actually better than owning them...

MS is an American company... In America it is better to contract the work then own the studio. Whereas the work ethics are different in Japan. It is better to own then fund.

This is more a cultural choice and business model.

Besides that, if you look at MS Game Studios on Wikipedia, and compare it to Sony Game Studios you will actually see there is not much difference in the number of studios MS owns. It is just that a lot of the MS Studios are in their infancy.
jimbobwahey  +   773d ago
Hell yeah! Can't wait to see some of those classic Microsoft franchises like uh, ummm...
Dehnus  +   773d ago
Crimson Skies
Shadow Run
Voodoo Vince
Rise of Nations
Rallysport Challenge
Midtown Madness
Kung Fu Chaos (I don't know if they own the rights to it, but I do know they paid and published for its development).
Blinx The Time Sweeper
Brute Force

And that's just out of the top of my head. But hey, you are a nice Troll ;).

If MS starts making those kind of games again, or funding them or publishing them? HECK YEAH that I will be interested again. Because that was why I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a second hand Xbox for kicks after the 360 was released :).

I just felt "abandoned" when they started pleasing the Bro Gamers with the 360 later in its lifespan. Kinect had some.... redemption, but only with MS games like GunStringer and Kinect Sports, and the latter only at a party.
JasonBloodbourne  +   773d ago
kung fu chaos was hilarious!! that'd be ace as 4 player online.
Mikefizzled  +   773d ago
I doubt they will get Ninja Theory to make a sequel to it since they are probably done with consoles.
90Supra  +   773d ago
"...classic Microsoft franchises"

JasonKCK  +   773d ago
Funny how some people forget the first Xbox had exclusives. MS also has PC to pick and choose from.
hazelamy  +   773d ago
a new Brute Force game could be cool.
Dehnus  +   773d ago
Midtown Madness 4! I loved playing Tag With Cars :D. And that lousy Swedish Mafia borking things up all the time (I know DICE is no an EA studio), I assure we in Norway have known for a long time... Swedes Bork things up ;).
JasonBloodbourne  +   773d ago
i'd get an xb1 if they bought back crimson skies!! i'd love to see rallisport challenge 3 (i think there were 2 but can't remember) and i'd love a decent golf game like links 2004 (how about a 10yr anniversary update eh ms??)
mhunterjr  +   773d ago
There are so many IPs sitting on MS' shelf, if they could just push a few, I'd be so happy. Rare has got banjo Kazooie, Conker, Kameo, perfect dark, and jet force Gemini. We've seen sequels to banjo, and perfect dark, but banjo was a silly offshoot, and PD was as pretty shitty GameCube port. Give these games the proper attention they deserve.

Microsoft Studios is sitting on Midtown Madness, shadow run, mech assault, crimson skies, brute force(my personal favorite), jade empire.

Also this gen has been light on platformers. Banjo Kazooie, voodoo Vince, and blinx would be nice. Make it happen! Even if it means letting other devs do the work (like with killer instict and double helix)
Joe913  +   772d ago
A new Perfect dark would be nice.
SLUG  +   773d ago
i heard this was true there was 31 ip games that are coming to the xbo some rare games and new games too Jet Force Gemini cant wait for this
Picnic  +   773d ago
The only 2 games that I'm interested in from that list, Conker and Banjo, have already had the effect of stalling each series though.

Conker on Xbox was merely a graphically polished version of the N64 game with extra multiplayer and made stupidly hardcore looking in its marketing. (I know even the original N64 game had that but not every Xbox owner loves FPSs and apparently the Xbox single player game at least is tamer in language than the N64 one so why give a different impression to parent power merely for the sake of attracting a few more gun fans to your well constructed, still quite pretty, platformer?).

Banjo Kazooie : Nuts and Bolts appears a beautiful, interesting, game in its own right (I loved the idea of putting the levels in globes- it lends a Charlie and the Chocolate factory appearance to the game) but its mechanics are far from being able to just sit back and relax in a platformer game like you could do with the original N64 game - it requires the concentration of an engineer which explains why fans of the original N64 game might not necessarily have bought the Xbox360 game. Mind you, Tooie was also a step in the direction of overcomplicating in the name of making of making an 'adventure' game what had been a simple joy in the first game.

Can't we just see a rip roaring new IP adventure game from Rare. No guns, normal controller (Kinect 2.0 in places if you want to use it), innocent fun, wacky set pieces, variety of classic Rare type settings, easy to play. Shoe horn in Conker and Banjo Kazooie if must be or make it a game full of cameo appearances including a personal cult favourite Grabbed by the ghoulies. Like their own spin on an Uncharted-style game. Insomniac are going to steal their thunder with Sunset Overdrive otherwise.

Or I'd like Conker Twelve Tales (starring Conker's better mannered twin?). That game would have been nice in the first place for the original Xbox.
#15 (Edited 773d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Lukebb91  +   773d ago
Come on EPIC pull your finger out. A new gears with a different squad, Marcus's squad just in a different time of the locust war or the pendelum wars. They announce a new gears and i will buy an xbox one.
curtis92  +   773d ago
Sad thing is, they didn't really have many exclusives that were first party. And most of what were 1st party were just silly games few would actually get excited about beyond a little nostalgia. It's not like they have some huge back catalogue of untapped exclusives.

But alas their pocketbooks are bottomless so they can just go write all the checks they want and get all the exclusives they want. With PS4 outselling XB1 like it is, the price to get stuff exclusively is going to get a LOT higher.
MikeGdaGod  +   773d ago
they'd better....otherwise why even buy 1???

problem is they don't have many 1st party exclusives....which is why playstation is always my console of choice.

PS4 will have the most/best exclusives this gen.....its a sure bet
asyouburn  +   772d ago
They need to make a new Sudeki. Not the geatest game, but I always thought they could've done an awesome sequel
MorePowerOfGreen  +   772d ago
Still waiting for Dreamfall
GraveLord  +   772d ago
It's nice to want things.

I'm going to make a bold prediction right now. NONE OF THOSE WILL MAKE A COMBACK. Why you ask? Because those were all commercial flops.

Although MS may pull a Killer Instinct and bring back 1 of those. If I had to bet, I'd say Crackdown is the most likely.
nerdman67  +   772d ago
A new, real Banjo kazooie would be great. A Fable 4 made properly, none of that Fable 3 garbage. Conker would be nice. Maybe Jet Force Jemini? Crackdown 3. Phantom Dust 2, the original was so awesome. They have a lot, they just need to throw it out here.
Hell, Jade Empire 2 would make me so excited. I don't care what console, It was originally an xbox game, but I will take it anywhere I can get it
XboxFun  +   772d ago
A new Phantom Dust, Jade Empire, Conker, Perfect Dark, Mechassualt....the list could go on.

I also read a few on here about Blood Wake, I never played it but I read a description and some describe it as a Twisted Metal on water....Too right!
Stryfeno2  +   772d ago
Crimson skies PLEASE!!!!
jmac53  +   772d ago
Plus one to that! I would even consider buying the Xbox One for a next gen Crimson Skies alone.
MadforitUK  +   772d ago
Jade Empire would be owned by Bioware so not really a MS one to recall.
PS4isKing_82  +   772d ago
Can't wait to get my xbox one. My fiancee bought me forza 5 now I just need the console. and a new wreckless game would be awesome from the original xbox days. And new rallisport challenge, project Gotham racing, jet set radio future 2, and more.
Ravenor  +   772d ago
Wreckless would be pretty sweet, the early days of the original Xbox were kinda crazy.
demonddel  +   772d ago
Jade Empire and Ninja Gaiden was two of the best games I ever played
MYSTERIO360  +   772d ago
Anyone remember Brute force?
barb_wire  +   772d ago
Blinx, Voodoo Vince, Grabbed by the Ghoulies??
DEIx15x8  +   772d ago
Would love Midtown Madness 4. Midtown Madness 3 was the only game I've ever enjoyed playing online. I played it ever night until the 360 arrived. It had a dwindling but dedicated fan base online that loved to just have fun.
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