Phil Spencer Is Interested In Bringing Some Xbox Exclusives Back On Xbox One

Microsoft's Phil Spencer seems to be interested in bringing some of the Xbox exclusives to Xbox One.

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AngelicIceDiamond1607d ago

Phil needs to bring back some the oldies. Phantom Dust 2 MUST be top priority though lol.

BALLBAGS1607d ago

the delusional misterx will run and run with this lol

Giul_Xainx1606d ago

That means Halo, Gears, Left 4 Dead, pgr, forza, dead rising, fable, uh..... uh.... am I missing anything? I think I am.....

SlapHappyJesus1606d ago


If you really think that is all the Xbox brand had to offer over it's lifetime, you missed a lot of good games.
Besides, I sort of read this as them possibly bringing back titles from the original Xbox days, of which there were a lot of great games as well.

JohnnyBadfinger1606d ago


Game was awesome! Haters gunna hate!

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christocolus1607d ago

Once again im with you on this. Phantum dust is a great ip. They should look into some others too. Especially lost odysee,blinx and some of rares ips.

Nocando1606d ago

You ever play Deathrow? It was very popular with my Xbox lan group back in the day.

christocolus1606d ago


Lol...i only played a portion which was included in a demo disc. My brother later got the full game. He enjoyed it. I enjoyed the little portion i played though,running around throwing discs kind of reminded me of and it was by times.

SporadikStyles1606d ago


Yeah Deathrow was one of my fave Xbox games, I was dumb and traded it in when 360 launched. Everyone who came over was blown away by how cool that game was and the swear/insult button! Glad to see someone bring that up.

I was also happy to see someone tweeted about Rallisport challenge!

Now that we're x86 again they should do original xbox backwards compatibility

XiSasukeUchiha1606d ago

Original Xbox IPs were good and i still to this day still wished that they would return on 360 but Xbox ONE could revived

Ravenor1606d ago


Deathrow was the best, I miss games with their fake future sports.

Also those fake ads during the loading screens....I have to go pull out my Xbox now.

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andrewsqual1606d ago

Great news. I think Xbox owners have wanted the same since 2009 too. How long does it take someone in his position to figure something like this out?
And the funniest thing is they CAN bring games back like they did with Conker on Xbox and Killer Instinct on Xbone but that doesn't mean they won't be the most botched and messed up reprisals ever like those releases were.

UnHoly_One1606d ago

Killer Instinct botched??? Um, no.

Killer Instinct is the best fighter I've ever played, it's amazing.

Ravenor1606d ago

UnHoly_One is being a bit...extreme, but it's definitely a fine version. Old Killer Instinct doesn't hold up, this version on the Xbox One definitely does.

UnHoly_One1606d ago

Phantom Dust was amazing.

I want MECHASSAULT back!!!!!

DoubleM701606d ago

Yes Mecha Assault. I was top ten on leader boards for 2 year. Prometheus or MadDog.


3-4-51606d ago

* Crimson Skies

* Blood Wake

* Fusion Frenzy

* Death Row

Some of the best multiplayer and single player games ever created on any system and the just stopped carting about them.

Some of you may have not played Death Row or Blood Wake, if you did, you knew how fun the multiplayer was.

IVanSpinal1606d ago

Also Def Jam Fight for NY
It was too unbalanced but it was so funny.
I know this game is from EA but they can make a similar one

Nocando1606d ago

Finally someone else that appreciated Death Row, awesome multiplayer!!

SockeyBoy1606d ago

Oh man I would love a new Blinx as well.

jmac531606d ago

I am glad there are people out there that want another Crimson Skies. I had such a blast with the original on PC and then the follow up on Xbox. Some of my best times gaming, with plane on fire, about to explode and taking down a zeppelin.

3-4-51606d ago

Yea Death Row was amazing. I didn't know what to expect when I bought it but it was one of the most addicting games I've ever played in my life.

Me, my friend and my two brothers beat the entire game in one sitting. Meaning we beat the game with EACH faction and then all the additional stuff.

One of the most fun gaming sessions I've ever had ever.

* Crimson Skies was just pure fun. Different planes, that all had their own unique feel and it was balanced really well.

- The online multiplayer was awesome, & the maps were some of the best ever.

* Blood wake was the only boat battle game I've ever really played. Not sure why more similar games weren't made, it was really fun.

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malokevi1606d ago

I want to see the glorious return of Fusion Frenzy. Also Cell Damage, for some reason. These games evoke my child-like sense of wonderment.

christocolus1606d ago

Fuzion frenzy on xbx one would be so much fun...damn i loved that game. Some competitions where freaking amazing. Kung fu chaos was cool too.

Lmao...who remembers kakuto chojin....lmao

IVanSpinal1606d ago

What about Blood Wake 2!!!!!!!!!! ?

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BALLBAGS1607d ago

they will do it they know they need to get the gamers back on board. .

cannot wait

Prime1571607d ago

I agree. However, maybe I'm jaded, because I also think the business side keeps people like Phil from making that happen.

BALLBAGS1607d ago

they NEED to make this happen

I'll start a petition if I have to!! !

andrewsqual1606d ago

@BALLBAGS They needed to do this a long time ago after shutting down studios the last 7 years like Ensemble Studios. What has changed so much since then that makes you think they will do anything now?

Ravenor1606d ago

Because AoE3 and Halo Wars set the world on fire right?

DiRtY1607d ago

Conker, Banjo, Crimson Skies for me then!

CrossingEden1606d ago

Lol, a next gen "great mighty Poo." Would be the grossest boss of the century.

Fishy Fingers1607d ago

Of course he is, what's easier than creating new IP, use a 'forgotten' brand with an existing fanbase and creative direction. This should always be high on the list when considering what software to build upon next.

FlyShootRaceSims1607d ago

Crimson Skies, Mech Assault, Jade Empire, Top Spin, & TOCA Race Driver.

DOMination-1606d ago

Jade Empire is owned by EA
Toca is codemasters
Top Spin is owned by 2k

FlyShootRaceSims1605d ago

I knew that and I agree with you--just wishful thinking on my part.