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Submitted by Claudia4650 695d ago | opinion piece

5 Reasons Why Console Gaming is Awesome

Claudia writes "“Why not switch to PC?” is a phrase I found myself hearing quite often when I was discussing next-gen console purchases with people I know. In reality, I recognized the possibility of simply building a PC as opposed to buying a next-gen console. It would likely take longer to save up for, but when I looked at the benefits on paper, it seemed to be the better choice. Or was it?" (Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ShowGun901  +   695d ago
Number 1 for me?

Ease of use!

Whether we're talking about playing with a comfy controller from the couch, or the lack of upgrading every year, to the sloppy installs and fractured format for the PC, there are lots of convenience based reasons to play on console... I don't think its possible to comfortably play with k+m! just like typing on this damn touchscreen will never be as comfy as a real keyboard...
pandehz  +   695d ago
Clearly you have not played Shooters,MMOS,Strategy games,ARPG's(Diablo etc) with a kb/m.
MysticStrummer  +   695d ago
I have. Give me a controller all day.
DragonKnight  +   695d ago
KB/M are supposedly "more precise" but I've never seen it. Aside from supposedly being able to aim better in a shooter with a mouse, and the definite advantages of having more keys to bind in MMO's as well as speed of camera movement in some games, KB/M is nowhere near as immersive as a controller, and there are some games in which a controller is actually more precise.

Also, IMO, controllers are FAR more comfortable than a bulky keyboard and a mouse.
d3nworth1  +   695d ago
Now what about fighters, racing games, flying games, action adventure. I've played Street fighter 4 on PC with a keyboard and it was literally painful. Kb/m only works for a couple of genres. A controller may not be the best for all genres but it works for all genres.
edqe  +   695d ago
"I have. Give me a controller all day."

Just for interest, which strategy games have you played with a controller?
H0RSE  +   695d ago

"KB/M are supposedly "more precise" but I've never seen it."

- m/kb being more precise, is factually accurate; it isn't up for debate. You may do better with a controller or find it comfortable, but these are only preferences. If you are talking raw numbers/data, a m/kb is factually more precise than a controller. period.

"KB/M is nowhere near as immersive as a controller, and there are some games in which a controller is actually more precise."

- first, the "immersive" bit has nothing to do with the claim of m/kb being more precise over controller. It is just a personal preference being injected, for what reason I don't know.

second, before the argument begins to lose focus, we need to establish what is meant by "precise." I take it as referring to aim, reflexes and response time. The ability to point/aim at a location at higher speeds and with greater accuracy. In this regard, m/kb (or specifically just the mouse) factually beats a controller. Now there are cases where individuals may excel with a controller vs a player with a mouse, but this comes down to player skill levels, not the devices being used.

There may be games where a controller is more comfortable or practical, but more precise - I'm not sure. Ex: I played the Tony Hawk games on both console and PC, and I always had higher scores on the PC variants even vs my console friends. I played Need for Speed games on the PC, and also did better than on console. In fact the cases where controller may beat out m/kb, are in instances where the game/genre in question was originally interned for a console setting, and later brought to PC, like sports games or fighters, rather than games designed for both. This is also the case with PC games, like shooters, and strategy games.

"PC gaming isn't nostalgic. I'm sorry but that's just not true…You can prove this yourself by thinking of an old PC game, going up to some random person in a Gamestop, and asking if the person knows it. Then ask them if they know about Pac-Man, or Donkey Kong, or hell even E.T. It's clear that the only people who think PC gaming is nostalgic are PC gamers."

- this statement is loaded with bias and plain untruths. First off, the brunt of the games you mention, were arcade games that got ported to console, which was the trend for early console gaming, so when you mention a game like Pac-Man, it isn't necessarily remembered for being on console, but rather for being a classic game in general. Much of the classic consoles games all started as arcades first.

Second, the amount of classic PC games is more than you give credit for. I could list them myself, but a simple google search will do the work for you -

mention any number of those titles, and even if they never played them, chances are a gamer has heard of it, and there are a lot more than just that list. In addition, the majority of all the classic PC titles are not arcade ports, but rather original IP's designed for the PC.

PC gaming has paved the way for what console gaming has become. More and more features/aspects are being introduced to console gaming that used to be exclusive to PC, like DVR, voice chat, digital downloads, ability to play a game while it downloads, and perhaps the biggest one of all, online multiplayer gaming. You can downplay PC gaming all you want, but it has served as a wealth of inspiration for shaping console gaming to what it is today.
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edqe  +   694d ago
@d3nworth1: "A controller may not be the best for all genres but it works for all genres."

Not quite :) ... anything a bit more complicated and console controller is totally useless. Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, etc. Steam Controller may work.
ShowGun901  +   694d ago
lol, i didnt say a k/b wasn't better for an arpg or strategy game, i said a keyboard and mouse isn't COMFORTABLE to use... i can sit and play games on my ps4 for literally 8 hours straight. try sitting at a desk that long, it is nowhere near as comfortable as sitting with you feet kicked up in the living room, or sprawled out on the couch... i even have a $200 computer chair, and after about 1-2 hours, im done.

clearly you didn't read WHY i don't like a keyboard and mouse, it has nothing to do with their performance, its the comfort of a controller that makes it my #1 input choice! what if they made a k/m combo that you had to hold over your head, but it made you 300% more accurate? would you want to game like that? disregard that this is an completely stupid scenerio. its a trade off between comfort and accuracy. im more on the comfort side, you're more on the accuracy side. btw, ive had lots of fun with diablo on my ps3, and played countless hours of shooters on it also. strat games and mmo's are terrible, but only because they've never figured out how to make it work correctly imo... i'll give you mmo's and strategy games, and i'll take 3rd person action (DMC, GoW etc) and fighters. (haven't seen any national tourntys using k/m lately lol)
Bigpappy  +   695d ago
I game on my PC like you would on a cell phone. I play small casual games like Bejewel and Mahjong.

Once in a while I will get a PC exclusive on steam if the price is right. But I always do core gaming on console. Just feels better for some reason. I am not really sure why.
parentsbasement  +   695d ago
LoriBMorales   695d ago | Spam
pandehz  +   694d ago
Again clearly you have not played blah blah blah.....
......ppl who play mmos, play it for quite long times and comfort again is a preference...lying down or sitting terms of actual play comfort and doing more with your tools.

For eg:
Aim, pin point positioning and accuracy, buttons layout typing in names etc and general 1:1 feel kb/m beats controller on many occasions. I'm not comfortable with slowly aiming, it hurts my head and ego more than my wrist. Also for eg why do you think Diablo 3 was ported with a totally diffferent control scheme and zoomed in view? Its because the console version did not make use of cursor based gameplay/positioning etc and thus cant make use of a wide view. Imagine trying to move around a cursor with a d-pad and character with the other and play it as fast as fast arpgs go? Kb/m can do that and also make it immersive and comfortable.

Lets say there is a game control range.

From 1 to 10

1 being a game with simple controls for any control system in the world whether kb/m, controller or feet pedals or whatever.

10 being a game that requires very precise and accurate systems, complex controls, numerous buttons necessary.

Controller only based games I would say are from 1-6 where d-pad, directions etc are good enough.

KB/M can do the whole 1-10 for all games.

A controller on a 10 game would make the player uncomfortable but not a kb/m user.

Simple as that. Well of course there's a learning curve for both but that out of the way and you see what I mean. Like satisfaction in a racing game maybe more for a gamer who played a lot on controllers, but maybe a kb/m gamer also finds same satisfaction. Remove the learning curve and the truth comes out. Maybe a few games can give controllers an adavantage but thats why I listed the specific types earlier.

Like I said you clearly havent played much on kb/m while I have played EXTENSIVELY on both.
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ShowGun901  +   694d ago
lol, people always say you haven't given it a chance if you don't like it... i have a full gaming rig that can play battlefeild 3 on ultra settings... i just don't perfer k/m... you say its a peference thing at the beginning, THEN end with "you clearly havent given my perferred setup a chance"

you like yours, i like mine, but its NOT because i havent played with k/m... ive got countless hours of warcraft 1-3, almost all the command and conquers, 2 sim cities, wolfenstien, doom 1 and 2, WoW, city of heroes, battlefield 1-3, dark forces, the witcher, the sims, terreria, left 4 dead 2, and wing commander under my belt. (all on pc!)
Stringerbell  +   695d ago
I'm primarily a console gamer myself, but I feel everything listed is applicable to the PC.

I'm nostalgic for Blade Runner, Age of Empires, and Myst.

I have a Fred Flintstones PC and I can still meet the basic requirements for a a lot of titles.

Multiplayer is free on the PC so there's that.

Exclusives and arguably the couch thing are the only standouts. The author should have led with DRM imho.
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Concertoine  +   695d ago
blade runner is suuuch a good game.
anyone remember when microsoft made published games on pc? they made amazing stuff back then.
JBSleek  +   695d ago
1. PC gaming is also nostalgic. But you can't play those old games on new hardware that comes out(referring to consoles.)

2. Console gaming does win in ease of use but that seems to be changing. Consoles have installs and patches as well now with complications. Wondering if Steam Box will change that for people.

3.PC has exclusives as well, strange argument.

4. PC gaming can be done on couch.

5. Multiplayer potential?...

I think if you can afford it people should have a PC, Wii U, and either a Sony and MS console; or both which is even better. Why is there a divide? Gaming is gaming.
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DragonKnight  +   695d ago
PC gaming isn't nostalgic. I'm sorry but that's just not true. The knowledge people have of old PC games is dwarfed by the knowledge people have of old console games. You can prove this yourself by thinking of an old PC game, going up to some random person in a Gamestop, and asking if the person knows it. Then ask them if they know about Pac-Man, or Donkey Kong, or hell even E.T. It's clear that the only people who think PC gaming is nostalgic are PC gamers. Plus, the PC has its own hurdles to go through in playing older games. You can't just boot up a game of Warcraft without using a program like DOS-Box, and how many non-enthusiasts do you think know that?

It's easy to talk about BC on PCs, but no one talks about the process of it. It's always made out to be "download game, play game" and it's never like that. It also depends on your definition of BC and what time line you're using. BC is also a poor argument as it's never been a standard on consoles in the first place and always a luxury offering, so I don't understand why it's so important when consider that, and also consider how many people say "I don't want to play PS1 games on my PS4" or some similar phrase.

2. Where is this idea that clicking on "download" for installs and patches equals an increase in the "difficulty of use" department? Even in this area it's more convenient on consoles because on PCs you may have to update drivers or uninstall mods just to patch a game whereas you don't have to do anything like that for consoles 99% of the time. There's always that one game that requires you to uninstall game data to patch a game properly, but that's infrequent to the point of being a near non-occurrence.

3. Yeah, I didn't get why that was included as an argument. I guess she meant to say specific exclusives, but even that doesn't hold water.

4. Yep, it can, but it suffers for it. Serious PC gamers will tell you monitor > tv any day.

5. This one she worded poorly. She means that on consoles your friend can be in the room with you and pick up a controller and join in on your game. On PC, multiplayer can't usually be done on the same machine. You need another PC to have multiplayer.
Dynasty2021  +   695d ago
Funny how the new consoles are more like PCs than ever these days.


We have nostalgia. C&C. Lion King on floppy disc. Deus Ex.

PC gaming is super easy these days too to anyone with a brain cell. Not much goes "wrong" anymore.

PC has a massive exclusive alone in the RTS genre. RTS games in consoles dont work, as sales prove. And we have the greatest thing consoles will never had; mods. DayZ alone is proof that mods are incredible. Try playing a modded Skyrim and then play it on consoles. You'll turn it off in seconds.

PC gaming can be done on a couch, and this is the dumbest console argument around. I dont want to play on a couch as I live with other people. I'd be hogging the main TV all day? That's annoying. And office chairs are perfectly comfortable.

MP potential? What a retarded argument.
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Somebody  +   695d ago
We had a meeting at my work place yesterday. As always it was long and boring so I took out my laptop, position it behind some large folders and plugged in a 360 controller.

While the rest of the staff were bickering about something boring, I was hacking away at some zombies and beefing my community in State of Decay.
ssj4wolf  +   695d ago
Geez some random Guy online says why he love's console gaming so can someone please explain to me why the only thing in the comment section is nothing but PC gamers bringing up how PC gaming can do it to when it has nothing to do with PC gaming?
MysticStrummer  +   695d ago
PC gamers love to downplay consoles and vice versa. Same with any platform vs another. It can never be about personal preference. It has to be about what's better. Most humans can play on several platforms and be happy, but the vocal fanboy minority that defends their platform against all odds is mostly what you'll see online.

PC gamers are clearly the most defensive though.

; )
Bonerboy  +   695d ago
The Pc crowd are "defensive" as you put it because console gamers are somewhat delusional and starstruck by their shiny new ultra uber untouchable mega console of choice. When put simply, 6 months down the road any mid range PC has already overtaken them in graphic capabilities among so many other things.
But alas no, their console of choice can never be defeated. PC people are simply trying to help these poor poor souls see the many glorious rays of light that PC offers over consoles.
But to each their own, but consoles are an utter rip off.
As they say, One can lead a horse to water...
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TripC50  +   695d ago
Was thinking PS4 Wii U this go around but I decided to go Wii U and PC. Saving my PS4 money and next Holiday pay to get a big old powerful gaming PC. I feel its the best way to go.
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Bonerboy  +   695d ago
Word. If one sits down and puts pen to paper, financially PC gaming is the way to go. How much will one spend on a console, its games, extra controllers and all the other specific "console use only" shit over a 5-10 year period? $1000-$3000? More? Its f'n ridiculous. It's much less expensive than people think to go PC. Steam sales for one offer killer deals. Money saved is put to a new video card or what have you a few years down the road and there you go, a console stomping pc. Console's are like buying a new car...a waste of fucking money.
Bonerboy  +   695d ago
Console gaming is awesome because everything is so much more expensive than PC. I mean honestly, who would want to pay 10-20 bucks for a AAA game (on sale, which is frequently) on pc when you can pay 50-60 for the same AAA dumbed down title on a console (which never goes on sale)? Not me, no sir, please please take ALL of my money. Here you go! Take it.

Its also awesome because you cant play any of your older expensive titles on your new expensive system so you are forced to buy all of the new expensive games and sell your old expensive ones for a whopping 5 bucks each at gamespot, unless of course you keep all of your old systems (as long as they still work) Playing 1000's of titles for free (non pirated) on one single PC is for chumps to be sure.

I absolutely love console gaming because of the wonderfully mature and fun online community(which of course you must also pay extra for) I love how I am reminded every 30 seconds or so of lovely things about my mother I never knew before, and berating me for my sexual orientation and race, not to mention the garbled rap music. Oh what aural bliss.
Where do I sign up for this awesome deal and such decadent interaction with such a wonderful group of people?!?

Another awesome thing is that you cant upgrade your console, so in no time at all any mid range PC has easily overtaken it in power.

Oh and its awesome because it is hyper restrictive and wont let me use any wonderful free mods or adjust anything at all in a game aside from brightness and sound. Id much rather pay even more $$ for MS or Sony approved mediocre DLC and micro transactions for cool things like new hats and glasses for my avatar or unlocking cars and weapons that should be free in the first place. I love getting gouged one dollar at a time! Its AWESOME!!! Games that are forever vanilla, rock!

I love console gaming.
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Amigaengine  +   695d ago
Bubbles my good sir ! We wont agree on somethings but that was the funniest post I have read in a long time.

and you made some good points !
Amigaengine  +   695d ago
Easy to use... well it used to be anyway.

God Of War
Gears of War

are good enough for me
BitbyDeath  +   695d ago
#1 Should be Couch-co-op.
That is the one thing PC cannot replicate.

Followed by exclusives, yes PC has them but they are generally indie, RTS or MMO oriented. (Not that their is anything wrong with those just the overall genre selection for exclusives is limited in comparison)

Also PC gaming can be done on the couch but PC's are primarily used for other tasks such as Office, Facebook or Photoshopping etc which makes it inconvenient for use.

PC games do have a lot of nostalgia though so I disagree with that.
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memots  +   695d ago
I love my Ps4 but for me its always been Pc first then console.

Console for me ... ( i know some will debate this i guess ) console are way restricted and limited in what you can do with it. i prefer my PC but definitely enjoy couch/bed gaming once in a while
mysteryraz11  +   695d ago
pc gaming is for nerds, pc gamers more obsessed with hardware then games, theyb brag about there graphics but there most popular games are mmos like wow or leage of legends, they are more defensive cause consoles are still and always be more popular, noone wants to buildz to play indie games and ports all day, but these nolife online nerds, stop trying to convert ppl because noone cares u idiots.
fullmetal297  +   695d ago
With all those comma splices and grammatical errors, I'm surprised you are smugged enough to call anyone an idiot and no life nerd. Have you though that maybe these "nerds" are just normal people with regular intelligence and the only reason why you regard them as nerds is because you are the idiot?
#11.1 (Edited 695d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
mysteryraz11  +   695d ago
Its cause i typed it on my tablet, pc gamers should be more about tablets and smartphones then consoles, since u can browse the web and do alot of stuff like using them as flashlights are easily recording videos without a webcam or even controlling your tv, pcs are on the decline
#11.1.1 (Edited 695d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
fullmetal297  +   694d ago
I was typing this message on my phone, so there is no excuse.
pandehz  +   695d ago
Ignorant to the bone you are not
urwifeminder  +   695d ago
Pc for me was all console last gen but I am loving how most old games stay alive on pc and the cheap games just got DR3 for xboxone sorry MS will only be buying exclusives this gen from you guys.
fullmetal297  +   695d ago
It's kinda strange that consoles are becoming more like PCs with online patch, mandatory installs, and downloaded updates while the PC is becoming more like consoles with automatic updates and more streamlined media center features, and controller support.

Pretty soon there will be no serperation.
R3ddBuddah  +   695d ago
Concertoine  +   695d ago
im thinking wii u, pc, and both portables this gen. something about the ps4 and xbone just dont entice me,. maybe later down the line i'll get one.
x800  +   695d ago
Racing, fighting, football, and hack and splash games are suitable to play with a controller. That's about the only games I play with a controller on PC the rest keyboard + mouse.
PurpHerbison  +   695d ago
Another comment section where people throw around opinions as if they are fact.
Nail13  +   694d ago
I have a PCs and Consoles. I prefer competitive multiplayer games on console. The idea of people having the same hardware makes me feel like things are fair.

For single player games I use my PC, it's most of the time faster and better looking. Can't stand multiplayer on PC.

Example would be "Warcraft 3" back in the day. Someone would take a long time loading up. Knowing they were on a slower PC made competition seem unfair. Almost pay to win. It's not the games fault, I love PC games, it's just the way PC gaming is. PC gaming has underpowered and overpowered users. Consoles are standard. That's my opinion.
#18 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   694d ago
and five reason it not
- Publishers and Developers killing popular key franchises
- Gamers excepting broken, incomplete and defending developers and publishers
- Media misleading the industry with console wars
- Over saturated with M Rated gore, nude, violence, bad languages, etc.
- Prices for games are insane
Mister_Dawg  +   694d ago
Halo 2? Nostalgic gaming?

I feel old now. Nostalgia for me is pre console. I'm talking speccy, c64, zx81, acorn electron, amiga........
Back then we used keyboard sometimes, but mainly joysticks. No gamepads. Those were for pathetic ninty players.

Think I've missed the point of the whole argument. But I must say Claudia is beautiful.
#20 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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