This Custom Themed Xbox One Kinect Mount Looks Seriously Impressive

If you have an Xbox One, you will definitely want to have this custom themed Kinect mount, made by one particular user for his Kinect.

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XiSasukeUchiha1540d ago

Ummm Kinect mount looks nice,simplistic, and finally clean so who getting this

PeaSFor1540d ago

erm.., look big, ugly, out of place and why...JUST WHY?

Snookies121540d ago

I agree, I would much rather just have it sitting in front of the TV by itself.

abzdine1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

something is missing in the title:

This Custom Themed Xbox One Kinect Mount Looks Seriously Impressively UGLY

Mr Pumblechook1539d ago

I used to think the Kinect was an expensive hunk of junk that offers no real benefits to gamers, but this mount makes me want to head out to my local retailer and pick up an Xbox One from the big pile they have.

Bigpappy1540d ago

Just some one trying to promote a product on the sneak.

I have mine mounted on top of my TV. You can't even see the mount. That is how it should be, not big thing like you won a trophy.

godofboobees1540d ago

You can have jennifer Lawrence holding it naked and it still would be worthless

alexkoepp1539d ago

A. A mount that is simplistic and appears to be non-existent is ideal

B. The mount this guy has made looks:

1. Unprofessional and sloppy
2. Like it belongs in a commercial store

C. (Gross, who would ever want to own this monstrosity... great if you made it and you are proud of your work but what third party would ever praise this little turd?)

BattleTorn1539d ago

I don't know why anyone would want to draw more attention to Kinect on their entertainment setup, nonetheless with that thing

Jsoc1539d ago

It looks more of a display stand u would see at the store ... But to put it in your house in front of your TV ?????? I would not!!.... IMO

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The story is too old to be commented.