Quicksave - Haze Demo Impressions

Quicksave writes:

"Coinciding with today's PlayStation Day, European PS3 owners were given a chance to take Free Radical's Haze for a spin. I admit that after many delays, which pushed this title well into 2008, my interested waned considerably. However, I'm a gamer of patience and thus I downloaded the 1.5 GB demo – I deliberately set GTAIV aside just to try it out so you people better appreciate this. My thoughts? It's not that bad or that great."

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Asurastrike3848d ago

Haze is honestly the worst FPS I have played in years.

ps3FTW3848d ago

What about hour of victory?

TresTrendu3848d ago

All the Sony user's have been don't hate the game just hate the player's.

wAtdaFck3848d ago

Its like you were expecting another COD4.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3847d ago

Haze will be standing right next to Denied ops, Hour of Victory, Turning Point Fall of Liberty, Soldier of Fortune, Timeshift, and Aria 51.

heyheyhey3847d ago

Timeshift wasn't too bad

just came after COD4 is all

your wrong about Haze though

those were half-assed games from half-assed devs, this has a lot of cool features and is being made by FRD

lets wait for the reviews before we judge eh- not long to go now

JasonPC360PS3Wii3847d ago

Timeshift was ok online, but nothing to to drink a pot of coffee and stay awake for. The time grenades were cool, but since that was the only good things about it... well :( I would say "rent" first.

gEnKiE3847d ago

"to drink a pot of coffee and stay awake for"

lol. Thats what my mornings have been after work since I have been catching up on the MGS series and with GTAIV coming out.....

Sir Ken Kutaragi3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I have played it(unlike most people on this)and it was Great!;-P
Did the online bit to and that was Great to!;-P
(Got a game online with no problems) ;-P
+Did a 2player off-line game and that was Brilliant and Funny to!;-D
If you shoot your mate in the back he goes mental!;-D Or any other of your team. Funny to watch it was;) Until i got shot!;-D


heyheyhey3847d ago

i'd say the single player in TS was quite solid too

the actual time-shifting was a poorly done gimmick but they got the shootign mechanics down pat

solidt123847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I disagree with you extremely. I am happy with what I saw in the demo last night and thought that the addition of the Nectar was cool, its kinda like cheating but I like it. It didn't blow me away like Killzone footage or Resistance but it plays like a very solid FPS and I plan on buying it. It is way better than Denied Ops FYI.

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PoSTedUP3848d ago

wow i herd opposite from some 1 else, they told me it was pretty awesome. dont hate

trancefreak3848d ago

i gotta ask if the game is that generic with graphics wtf has free radical been doing with this title since nov. and all the screenshots looked so good compared to the gameplay vids. i mean if we waited this long for a delayed game that was quite hyped with comparisons to crysis something is wrong here. all those screenshots were cleaned up. preety sad then. ill have this demo soon im at 60% and ill decide from there if i want to keep my pre order or not.

MEGANE3848d ago

i havent try it yet but one thing i know for sure if it was an XBOX 360 exclusive by now i'll be hearing comments like a VERY STRONG FPS and the xbox controller makes it just better!!

Tarasque3848d ago

What a childish remark, maybe you should comment on the article or take it to the east---->.

IMO i wasn't very impressed by the game, i would say it is average.

TresTrendu3848d ago

Sony's great year is going up in flame's how nice.

Scerick3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Who was sighting haze as part of the PS3's killer lineup for 2008 again? No one.

TresTrendu3848d ago

What the heck you mean no one, i just left a post a couple of sec's ago and a sony god put it in his post as part of the AAA lineup.

_____________________________ ___________________
As sony say's next gen doesn't start until they say, or at
least until i buy some HDcable's.

Scerick3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Fanboys *posting* hardly count, sorry. If they counted, they'd be receiving a paycheck for spouting their BS all over N4G.

Quote and link me a major journalist or Sony PR and I'll admit I'm wrong.

Every preview I've read has a cautiously optimistic overtone and that's about it. I've not read one article stating Haze is the second coming and saving grace for the PS3 in 2008.

Edit: Assclown20 the above applies to you as well.

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joydestroy3848d ago

if i download this demo and then don't like it, i'm going to be really disappointed. i'm already kinda bored with GTAIV and was looking at Haze to fill in the gap until MGS4 comes out. what am i gonna do now? i'm gonna end up going back to RSV2 probably.

omodis4203848d ago

How could you be bored? Seriously please tell me how?

joydestroy3848d ago

because it's the same thing over and over again. go meet so and so, then go take out some guys for them, get paid. then that cycle repeats. i mean it's fun and i get my laughs, don't get me wrong, but sometimes when i play it i just wanna put something else in.

the multiplayer is alright. i like the co-op modes a lot more but i'm pretty sure you do the same mission over and over again, right?

i just don't find it very challenging i suppose.

gogators3848d ago

All you do is drive back and forth between missions, struggling to keep your friends happy and entertained, while still trying to find time to screw around every so often. The multiplayer has been far more entertaining.

hay3847d ago

Show me the game in which you won't do the same thing over and over.

solidt123847d ago

I can't believe the things some are saying about HAZE and they haven't even played it yet. I really like what I saw in the Demo. The AI of the enemies is still in question until I see the full game but it was a pretty good Demo. The gunplay, controls, and frame rate felt really good. The Graphics are good but not great but graphics aren't everything. I really like the gameplay.

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