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Marvel Games Are Disappearing From Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live

Ricky writes, "Gamers took notice early this morning after a NeoGAF user pointed out that the High Moon Studios’ adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Deadpool had conspicuously disappeared off every major digital gaming platform; Steam, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live are all missing the Merc with a Mouth’s latest video game outing, which received less than stellar reviews when it launched earlier this year. But that’s hardly a reason to drop a game from every digital network imaginable, so what happened?" (Activision, Deadpool, Marvel Games, PC, PlayStation Network, PS3, Steam, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

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Godmars290  +   646d ago
*Shakes fist*

On the other hand, by review scores and sales is anyone really going to miss this game? And those who do doesn't either already own it or can buy a physical copy?
PeaSFor  +   646d ago
they better not touch my Marvel themed tables in Zen Pinball 2

*Shake both fists in the air*
rambi80  +   646d ago
*In best "Dan VS" inpression*

Larry L  +   646d ago
This is not a Disney thing, I know that for sure. I've personally had these exact issues with whatever Marvel's digital entertainment group is called YEARS ago with multiple titles, long before the Disney deal happened.

The first time they did it and it affected me was with MARVEL Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC. I got the game when it came out with the pre-order bonuses and when the DLC came out I planned on buying it, but I was broke. I was gonna buy it with my christmas money, I bought a PSN card the next business day for it, by chance they took it down THAT DAY (it was a Wednsday and this was when PSN updated on Wednsdays), and they didn't mention they were going to take it down or anything, and also the pre-order DLC was no longer downloadable when I reinstalled the game to play the DLC.

I sent them an email about it and amazingly (some of you may remember this), they made an announcement on the PSBlog (and I assume Xbox as well) that they were putting the DLC back up for a month, so anyone who wants it can get it before it's gone forever. Which was nice, because I did enjoy that DLC.......still pissed and bitter I never got the extra characters Xbox got for that game though, lol.

I think it's just that MARVEL doesn't really have alot of money to burn so to speak. And as soon as things aren't selling, they pull the content because it does cost them money to keep that content for sale on Sony, MS and Valve's servers.
MightyNoX  +   646d ago
I still have my physical copies of Deadpool and UMvC3. The first one is disposable fun, I do plan on replaying it on someday.

Digital is susceptible to too many factors like loss of license, loss of internet etc and poof, it's gone.
Hence, why I love retail. :D
Volkama  +   646d ago
People that bought the digital copies still have them too. They will have a problem if they need another copy, but then so will you.

You can still sell yours though, if that's your thing.
KwietStorm  +   646d ago
It might be bigger than that. It's not just about scores. Activision published superhero games have been crap for years, it's not like that's new. But with the rumor that Capcom losing their Marvel license (and I don't care what anyone has to say about Capcom, their fighting games have been proven successes for decades and the Marvel vs Capcom series is no different), it seems like either Marvel or Disney (ack) might be making some questionable moves behind the curtain.
Volkama  +   646d ago
They're rolling all the characters into the next Star Wars film.
awi5951  +   645d ago
Disney ruins everything! Like how they canceled the great tv show starwars the clone was and put crappy lego starwars in its place WTH.
Dannycr  +   646d ago
I do. I was hoping for a PS+ release
SlapHappyJesus  +   646d ago
Well, I bought it during the sale and am actually really enjoying it.
Melee could be a bit more in-depth, but that's really my only complaint.

Not to mention the game is pretty damn funny.
DeadlyFire  +   646d ago
I wouldn't blame Disney. Its likely the publisher lost the license or transferred it to a new company. The new company will want their logo on all of the branded merchandise. Essentially they will just rerelease the games and possibly patch their logo over the current product in an update.
SeanScythe  +   645d ago
*Sad Music Plays*

For $1 a day you could help save these poor games. With your contributions you will help save the lives of these endangered games becoming extinct.

*More Sad Music Plays*

Games like Deadpool are fading away and without your help may never have a chance to survive. Please find it in our hearts to give $30 a month. For donating you will receive and t-shirt that shows others how much you care and they don't.
DanielGearSolid  +   646d ago
Disney could pay someone to make a decent marvel game. Activision wasnt doing anything notable with the IP
nirwanda  +   646d ago
That's completely the opposite to how licenceing works.
That's like saying McDonald's/KFC/subway whoever should pay the owner to run a franchise.
ExCest  +   646d ago
Can you explain that analogy? It seems that your analogy explains something that kinda... works and is already done.
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nirwanda  +   646d ago
My point is Disney wouldn't pay anyone to make a marvel game when Activision is paying them for the licence to make marvel games.
It just ain't how businesses are run.
I.e. you buy into a franchise to benefit from their branding not the other way around.
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DanielGearSolid  +   646d ago
Could go both ways... Depends on the strength of the IP.

If no-ones interested in purchasing the license, they go out and make use of it themselves
awi5951  +   645d ago
If it was a good game they would cancel it anway! Because stupid Disney doesnt want it competing with their crappy kids games of the same I.P. This is why tolken banned disney from having anything to do with the lord of the rings books because he knew back then they were a crappy company that turned everything they touched into a kiddy joke and no room for depth or adult themes in entertainment.
JoeSchmoh  +   646d ago
its all about the movies coming out. certain movie studios own rights to those characters in those games so now that they're proposing all these comic movies now with venom, new xmen movie, etc.. a deadpool movie is gonna be made. marvel/disney still dont have movie rights to xmen and spiderman..i think fantastic four too.
Soldierone  +   646d ago
Sony has rights to SpiderMan and gave rights to Activision to make games based off their movies. SpiderMan in general must have went back to Disney which means Activision can only use him if it's based on a movie from Sony.
CorndogBurglar  +   645d ago
Spider-Man's rights, in general, never left Marvel. Only his MOVIE rights.

The reason ALL Spider-Man games are made through Activision is because Marvel is the one that gave them the rights to make games. Even Spidey's non-movie based games are made by Activision.

You have to remember that even though Sony and Fox may have the film rights, Marvel still has a dog in the race because they are still making money off the movies that get made. Its the reason Marvel still advertises and promotes the Sony/Fox made films. Making games based on the films would also benefit them.
Soldierone  +   645d ago
Sony has rights to videogames based off the movies.That's why their logo appears on the games based on their movies.
CorndogBurglar  +   645d ago
Actually, Sony owns the MOVIE rights to Spider-Man. Fox owns the MOVIE rights to X-Men and their related characters, and Fantastic Four.

The movie studios don't fully own the characters' rights, they only own the rights to make movies based on them.

Any games that get made are being done through a completely different deal between Marvel and said video game company.
AHall88  +   646d ago
I take it Marvel Heroes is safe from all this?
jackwei22  +   646d ago
I just made sure I downloaded all my marvel ultimate alliance 2 content I purchased a while ago on PSN, so if you guys have marvel content on PSN or Xbox Live Arcade would recommend you download it all now.
wishingW3L  +   646d ago
and this is why a digital only future would suck.
admiralvic  +   646d ago
In all honesty, it isn't that different than physical.

Digital versions can still be downloaded (at least in the case of PSN / Steam / GOG) if you purchased it prior and download codes generally still work. Sure it sucks and it makes it rare, but it really isn't that different.
sypher  +   646d ago
except you can give, resell and borrow your physical copies to friends / other gamers.

In 10 years if I want to play Deadpool, won't be possible on Steam. But I will be able to find a retail copy on ebay etc.
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admiralvic  +   646d ago
@ Sypher

I was speaking in terms of the content still existing. You can freely loan out your account on the PSN (just deactivate when done or do it online) and or sell that with the content. There are many sites with people that do this all the time.

I do agree physical is better, but it's not like it's completely gone just because it's no longer up on the store.
Kurylo3d  +   646d ago
i havent used physical copies of anything since steam came into existence. It has become a lot more convenient with the auto updating.. away with the classic times where you had to patch a game yourself. Away with the times where if you put a scratch in your disc its done.... away from focusing on one platform.... install on any pc anywhere..
kevnb  +   646d ago
you think having a disc with a sticker on it is any different than downloading the game and simply not deleting it? trying to find a second hand copy of a game not for sale... that can be a bit tricky... but people do keep copies of games on the web if you really have no other way of playing them.
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CoLD FiRE  +   646d ago
@sypher in 10 years you could just torrent a cracked version of the game and given that you originally bought the game, this isn't considered piracy.
Somebody  +   646d ago
A future with digital content delivery won't suck. Steam have proved it since its inception.

An online only future where your game is permanently linked to some servers, that would suck. Let's make it even worse: monetize every little bits and pieces of it.
Soldierone  +   646d ago
Now if Disney will make Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 ill be happy. But I have a feeling we will just get Marvel Universe (overpriced action figures and dlc for kids) ....

Activision made it clear they have no will to pay extra for the licenses. Disney is milking it to try and bring it back.
jocomat9  +   646d ago
xmen legends was better but I'll be fine with anything tbh.
Soldierone  +   646d ago
Loved Legends too, have them but no longer have a PS3 that can play PS2 titles lol
GraveLord  +   646d ago
Sounds to me like Marvel raised its licensing fees or something? I mean these games are already made, what does it really cost them to just leave them there for people to purcase(or not)?
KevinCubes  +   646d ago
Amigaengine  +   646d ago
This is why you buy the retail version
kevnb  +   646d ago
why? when they stop selling it, they stop selling it...
NarooN  +   646d ago
The thing is, even if a game gets "pulled" or goes out of print or what have you, the retail disc doesn't just blow up and cease to exist.

Digital? When the publishers and servers decide it's time to take it away, it's gone forever and there's nothing you can do about it, even if you paid for it.
HammockGames  +   646d ago
@ Naroon

But that's not entirely accurate.

With Steam, those who've already purchased the game have continued access to download and redownload at will. The game remains in their download library - even if it has been pulled from the market.

I believe that's the standard you'll find on respectable digital marketplaces.

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doctorstrange  +   646d ago
Amigaengine  +   646d ago

Exactly !
Idba  +   646d ago
You still have the game, doesnt matter if its digital or not.
SlapHappyJesus  +   646d ago
It's not true though.

It's exactly as was stated by Hammock. The game is still available to anyone who bought it. Most of the bigger distribution sites are like this, I believe.
Kaiou  +   646d ago
Well , it's still probably docked at the bay, if anyone cares.
Lykon   646d ago | Offensive
lizard81288  +   646d ago
I thought DeadPool was a pretty funny game. it wasn't anything special, but average, and I thought it was pretty good for a licensed game.

It is a shame they took it off. It reminds me of MvC2
ELpork  +   646d ago
Digital future, here we come... reluctantly... I don't wana... but I guess...
megadrivesonic  +   646d ago
Most likely this is due to the Disney buyout and they are currently switching publishers I think, at least i got deadpool before this happened, no wonder it went on sale.
baraka007  +   646d ago
this is why all games need a disk copy as well as a digital. Hopefully they come back and this is just temporary
HammockGames  +   646d ago
If you're a PC gamer, GameFly sells Steam keys and they do have some Deadpool keys left (for $9.99).

Not sure if that will be helpful or not...
baraka007  +   645d ago
yep thanks
kingdom18  +   646d ago
Stupid Disney. Don't know why they hate digital content. I could have had BSB on a Vita, if it weren't for them.
Agent_hitman  +   646d ago
I would love to see X-Men ROGUE game instead
strigoi814  +   645d ago
so if Capcom is no more involve with Marvel, i guess my Playstation AllStars vs Capcom dream can come true.*_*

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