Price: Resistance 2 to Break New Online Ground

Insomniac Games president Ted Price says that Resistance 2's ambitious 60 man multiplayer component and eight player co-op features will break new ground in online gameplay.

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Breakfast3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Co-op is gonna be great. Multi-player...hopefully. The first ones multi-player sucked-ass. Lets see if they can keep things competitive with 60 people.

Numbers aint the answer. Gameplay is.

JoelR3874d ago

Did you ever play the R:FOMs multiplayer? I really want to know - personal opinion is important and in this case I strongly disagree with you. Can you give reasons why you thought it wasn't that good?

My reasons it was good:
team balance was good
communications was good
weapons are fun

lag not often (rare) but it does exist on occasion but that can be said about any online game eventually.