14 video games to look forward to in 2014

At first glance, 2014 looks to be a strong year in video gaming thanks to the recent launch of two brand-new home video game consoles and a strong lineup of Nintendo games.

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Mikefizzled1444d ago

Should of made it a more common number and added Dark Souls 2 to make it 15.

1444d ago
OpieWinston1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Why is FF15 on this list?
Nothing Square Enix has done with this game points to it getting a release in 2014.

I stopped reading this list when they called Quantum Break a "first person shooter".......

Down voted this website.

Relientk771444d ago

Witcher 3
The Order 1886
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain