GameSpot: Resistance 2 Multiplayer Impressions

Resistance: Fall of Man was the best-selling PlayStation 3 launch game in Europe, so it was no surprise to see developer Insomniac make an appearance at Sony's first London PlayStation Day event. Ted Price took the stage to announce that the game would be going from 40 players to 60 players online, and also told the assembled journalists how he intends to make this experience rewarding rather than overwhelming.

After wrapping up a demo on the main stage, Price was on hand to demonstrate a new level from the multiplayer game so that we could see how the game has progressed since its first outing.

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zimbo0073871d ago

does anyone even care about that MS DICRIDING website

crimsonfox3871d ago

i always liked ign better but now i just read whatever crap is on n4g now adays

Mozilla893871d ago

"there is a grenade that shoots spikes everywhere"
Yes we know it was from the first game thanks alot.

games4fun3871d ago

thank for contributing this and i am being serious without this article i would not have realized how little gamespot does not know about resistance

"there is a grenade that shoots spikes everywhere"
Yes we know it was from the first game thanks alot.


made me smile and have the palm to face feeling at gamestop at the same time lol

Kleptic3871d ago

Gamespot never played Resistance was a PS3 exclusive...why would they touch it?...

and the 'it has a similar effect to the bubble shield in Halo 3' has a similar effect to the backlash grenade...which was also in the first game...its just now the shield appears to move with the player rather than create a static barrier...

Gamespot is as AWESOME as the Japanese are at online multiplayer...

znu3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

"Both shields have a similar visual effect to Halo 3's bubble shield, and they looked like they were fairly integral to your success online."

doesn't he mean the backlash grenades, lol

why compare shields to halo 3 when resistance has its own bubble shield

(resistance was out BEFORE halo 3 thus the bubble shield-backlash- should be from resistance deign not vice versa)

hazeblaze3871d ago

Yea, I made the same comment on the comments section of that article. Gamespot are morons. Not sure that I like them copying the shield from Halo though... especially since I thought the backlash grenade from the first game was an even cooler idea... Hope that's still in the game.

PSMonster213870d ago

ROFLMAO. That made my day. Thank you.

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DomUltra3871d ago

Crappiest impressions ever, I'm losing my faith in gaming websites, but you know what, anything and I mean ANYTHING is better than Kotaku, so beggers can't be choosers.

trancefreak3871d ago

happiest day to be a ps3 owner :)

Baka-akaB3871d ago

gamespot is the worst pro site , but still a step above amateurs blogs such as kotaku

PSMonster213870d ago

Agreed, IGN, IMO, is the only good pro-site out there.

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