Call of Duty: The 10 Most Memorable Moments

IGN's readers have voted the top 10 most memorable moments from the Call of Duty franchise. The results are here.

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Goro1113d ago

Dragovich... Kravchenko... Steiner... All MUST Die.

Hazmat131113d ago

the storyline were really fun for me, i loved them too death, great hollywood stuff.

Bonerboy1113d ago

The 11th most memorable moment: When I stopped playing CoD games.

ape0071113d ago

cool story bro, no one cares, ghosts the least good along with MW3 sold loads of copies, they can bring back quality, it's still popular as hell

ape0071113d ago

CoD 2, CoD 4 and MW2 are legendary games

BO1 is a very good one

BO2 is good

other....just decent

imXify1113d ago

Of course MW1 and MW2. The fun in those two games new end.