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Battlefield 4: Conquest Gameplay Tips – How to Dominate Conquest

Looking to take on the massive-scale war that is Conquest is Battlefield 4? This article reveals some of the best gameplay tips for the Conquest game mode. Whether you're a Christmas noob or a seasoned player, these tips will help you rack up more points and wins in Conquest. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

juliotheman21  +   395d ago
Article wasnt helpful, most of the things are pretty obvious
Freddy_Millz1  +   395d ago
There is no easy step by step instructions to dominating on BF4. U just play the game and get better on your own. I couldnt snipe for crap when i first started. Now, i can knock a quarter off the top of your head at 1000m. Practice, practice practice.
KAEM7  +   395d ago
Agreed, practice is essential. In my experience it's more about getting to know the maps better and reading all the information given to you to make the best decisions, than aiming skills (my aiming skills are fine since BF:BC2 ;) )

Happy new year!
Detoxx  +   395d ago
1. Stick around with your squad.
2. Use a class that fits the map, so in a vehicle heavy map go with engineer.
3. Find a gun for each class you do good with.
4. Keep playing and playing to get better.
5. Practice with vehicles.
Gozer  +   395d ago
Good tips. I would also add situational awareness. What are you going to do? Attack or Defend? Equip yourself accordingly. This includes range as well. Is the map an infantry map with a lot of close quarters combat, or is it a wide open map? Equip yourself accordingly.
boing1  +   395d ago
Here is a tip: PTFO!
robtion  +   395d ago
Play The Fun Objective?
GuruMeditation  +   395d ago
Persistently Troll, Flame and Obfuscate? Okay, I'll give it a try I guess...
boing1  +   395d ago
That's what Recons are doing in Conquest.
GuruMeditation  +   395d ago
Still? BF4 will be my first Battlefield in a while. It's a shame to hear the recon class is still being abused. I still have traumatic memories of geometry-glitching bush wookies...
Buljo  +   395d ago
Step 1: Be good.
Step 2: Think.
babis1974  +   395d ago
i don't know about the others but in my PS4, battlefield 4 's conquest is full of lagg...
zeee  +   395d ago
I agree. Sooo much rubber banding, its very annoying. In Conquest the game sound goes off and the party squad system doesn't work at all regardless of game type (tdm, conquest etc)! Screw Dice and EA both!
Sadist3  +   395d ago
Here's the biggest tip for conquest....go to the big orange letters. Those are the flags you need to capture. There you go, that's how you win at conquest
Douchebag696  +   395d ago
I'm getting really tired of people not playing the damn objective. You're supposed to capture the objective and hold it against the enemy! This isn't TDM!
SillyBastid  +   394d ago
DO NOT HOLD DOWN THE TRIGGER!! Spray your shots!

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