Ex High Moon Studios employee on 'Deadpool' troubled development

On Tuesday, a former High Moon Studios employee opened up on the company's troubled development of "Deadpool", for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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Blaze9291416d ago

"Can you imagine working on a game where your higher ups say "yeah we're shooting for a 64 or lower" and then have them give you mandatory overtime?"

smh, that sucks to hear. Activision needs to straighten up

3-4-51416d ago

Activision is usually up to something dishonest. They don't completely suck, but they seem shady.

Moncole1416d ago

That's why they got Daniel Way to write the game because they weren't aiming high.

kevnb1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

i cant even imagine what it would be like aiming for a certain metacritic score... that's completely absurd.

SilentNegotiator1415d ago

I doubt they could have made a good deadpool-centric game if they had PERFECT working conditions.

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deadfrag1416d ago

Disey took the Ip back and pull the plug to Activision Thank GOD!Now go to Platinum Games and make a deal im pretty sure that we will see a High Octane Deadpool from them!

tanookisuit1416d ago

Companies need to realize they need to do a better job loaning out their IPs to publishers/developers. "Shop the market", don't just go for the guy that gives you the "best deal".

If the best deal guy barely puts effort into your IP, ditch em'; don't give them MORE exclusivity time!

admiralvic1416d ago

I think Platinum Games would have the opposite problem with the game.

High Moon's Deadpool was funny and captured the character correctly, but the gameplay wasn't there. I think PG would capture the gameplay (or make a great game), but the character wouldn't be right. They've a long history of okay stories and I don't think they would be the go to company for getting both right.

Ashunderfire861416d ago

It's shocking that there are publishers that actually want their games to have lower ratings? In my game design class, I was taught to make the best game in the world, not the universe. Every Game Company should think that way about their game, even if it turns out crap.

InTheLab1416d ago

Why is Activision the only pub doing Marvel outside of the Street Fighter cross over. I mean, it's been over 20 years! When will it end? The last great Marvel title was Ultimate Alliance 2 like 6 years ago with a few mediocre Spider Mans and a really good Wolverine game.

It's no surprise High Moon had the budget and staff slashed mid developement because the game was terrible almost immediately. As soon as you bump into Cable in the ruins the game was unplayable.

And while some believe it's not Acti's fualt, I believe they allowed Silicon Knights to ruin the XMen. I mean, how was Acti fine with them pumping out an XMen game where you do not play as the XMen. ?

Were it not for EA......

Tito081416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Actually Sega did Captain America, Hulk, Ironman, and I guess Thor, but Activision seems to aim at the ones that could make easy money for them like the X-Men and Spider-Man, Activision have those IPs under lock, and likely the Marvel namesake, their latest efforts with both IPs have being nothing but mediocre.

jayswolo1415d ago

Sefa only does movie games.

Tito081415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@ jayswolo- Same thing can be said about Activision, who has being doing it for far longer than Sega, plus Sega isn't very much into milking their games to death like Activision does, some might bring up the Yakuza series, but they don't follow the yearly obsession like Activision does, plus Sega has more IPs at their disposal, what does Activision have other than an over-milked generic FPS? Nothing.

DVAcme1416d ago

I don't blame High Moon at all, I'm sure the executives were the ones that caused it to be mediocre. After all, High Moon did both transformers: Cybertron games, and both were pretty damn good, the second one being great even.

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