Ten Underappreciated Gaming Gems of 2013 I

It happens every year: somewhere on the store shelves, or buried in the digital marketplaces, hidden behind the Maddens and the Call of Dutys, underneath the Assassin's Creeds and the Grand Theft Autos, are great games that don't get the recognition they deserve. It's an unfortunate inevitability of the gaming industry that sees so many games get released each week. Not every title can get the mainstream spotlight (or the marketing budget) of the AAAs from the big publishers, but that doesn't mean that they are any less engaging or enjoyable. Now that the dust has settled on all of the releases of 2013, it's the prime time time to go back and enjoy some of this year's best unsung heroes.

Summons75853d ago

DmC was a mess and not because of the fanbase, purely the devs over cockiness and poor development ideals but the rest of the list was good.

Avengingkinght92853d ago

I see you are still butt hurt lol

DevilVergilX853d ago

Eh at least he didnt spend 60$ for trash.

Summons75853d ago

I see you didn't read a bit of my comment and butthurt by facts.

hulk_bash1987853d ago

I did not want to support the Development team mainly, as they are a bunch of over righteous A-holes.

I_am_Batman853d ago

Ninja Theory should get some interview training. One wrong statement can cause a lot of damage. All their games have been really good but none of them sold really well this gen. Would be a shame if such a talented dev team with so much potential would disband just because some members couldn't shut their mouths when they should've.

Bathyj853d ago

I will have to give DMC a try now that I got it for free

I_am_Batman853d ago

I'm 6 hours in and I'm having a blast.

Venox2008851d ago

before patch game was easier, plus after some time they released some good DLC as well, like Vergil's Downfall and Palace

Venox2008852d ago

good game, I enjoyed it a lot.. when it got patched :)

I_am_Batman852d ago

What was wrong with it before the patch?

Avengingkinght92853d ago

@DevilVergilX another butt hurt fanboy, I thought all you have gone away lol

AceBlazer13853d ago

DmC was a solid game. Ask anyone who hates it what was wrong and i guarantee 75 percent say the new dante. Cause aside from that, the combat was nice the level designs were cool and the story was average.There have been worse games that didn't get as much hate.

ThanatosDMC853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

I disagree. The combat is the worst part of the game. Required zero to full retard skill set.

Hicken853d ago

What's wrong to me is the feel: it doesn't FEEL like DMC. It's not JUST the new Dante, though he certainly does contribute to the overall feeling that it is NOT DMC.

ShaunCameron852d ago

Agreed. Ninja Theory did a rather decent job rebooting an IP that really needed some new life breathed into it. With DMC4, it was showing its age.

DevilVergilX849d ago

Dont forget the dev sh!t talking the fanbase that didnt help either...

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