Batman: Arkham Origins gets new story DLC in 2014

LGN: "After teasing us with various images the past weeks, Warner Bros have finally confirmed that their special announcement is that Batman: Arkham Origins will be getting new story-based DLC this year."

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Whatsupdog1570d ago

Was hoping for news about a new game :-(

Lighter91570d ago

Yeah, Rocksteady's new next-gen sequel to Arkham City.

Murad1570d ago

Rocksteady I thought said they were going to release a game in 2015?

Kalebninja1570d ago

if its not with batgirl idc

bigboss19901570d ago

They make you pay for a story that should have. Have included anyway, I don't think this is worth £70 + boring hope rockstaidy come back with a sequel and stop these bastards making money of the brilliant arkham games :-\

KonsoruMasuta1570d ago

Rocksteady released story based DLC too. Harley Quinn's revenge was released for Arkham City.

Anyways, it sounds like they're still working on it. It doesn't seem like it was finished before the game was released and they purposely held it back to release it as DLC.

awi59511570d ago

I dont trust any of these games because their updates corrupt your game saves and they wont do anything for you.

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