Killzone 2 continues to look pretty in gray

PS3 Fanboy: "We're sorry to say that we didn't get a chance to get some hands-on time with Killzone 2 at the PlayStation Day event in London today. We did, however, enjoy watching through the fence surrounding the booth as various other members of the press got to do their thing. Not to mention the video during the keynote. There's no denying that Killzone 2 is a gorgeous game, even if it is primarily gray and green. Five new images have been added to our Killzone 2 gallery, which can be found below. Four are in-game screenshots and one is the spectacular piece of artwork you see above you. No, not above you -- above this paragraph. Made you look, though."

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Clinton5143878d ago

of the game. It's based on a harsh planet. While what I've seen from Gamersyde looks brighter than the trailer we've seen last year, it's still in context of the atmosphere the the game is set in.

Bathyj3878d ago

No one complained that Crysis looked too green.

You're exactly right about context.

zimbo0073878d ago

thats something very close to a CGI movie

so so realistic

chaosatom3333878d ago

i WISH they include some sci-fi elements.

tweaker3878d ago

That is an awesome looking gameplay video. Really smooth.

Panthers3877d ago

Seems to me they are including quite a bit of Sci Fi elements. Its on a different planet, they control the weather, you invade by ship, ect.

aaron58293877d ago

Thanks for the gamersyde video. Looks amazing.

Max Power3877d ago

that gameplay footage is great, i really like the explosion from the grenade with bodies flying. sweetness

JasonPC360PS3Wii3877d ago

What this planet don't have light?

Light = color

This game is gray, you know it and I know it. Do you know why it's gray? I do, it's called "hardware limitations" they have spent so much money trying to cover up the "CGI E3 Lie" the only way they can get close to that CGI vid, is to cut corners.

Try to find an excuse, spin as hard as you can, no matter what you say you can't change the fact that this game is gray.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The PlayStation 3 has 7 SPEs (Synergistic Processing Elements / main Power Processing Element) to work with the XBOX 360 has only 3 with a very different architecture. If any console has limitations it would be the XBOX 360 it doesn't even have lighting the same way. It's like looking at High Dynamic Range Rendering (HDR Rendering) to a non-HDR Rendering image and the PlayStation 3 is the HDR Rendering.

Marvel Altimate Alliance Video Comparision: http://trailers.gametrailer...


I still dont get why you said PS3 has hardware limitation since Uncharted or Ratchet is as colourful or even more colourful than many next gen games out there.

SL1M DADDY3877d ago

/soup nazi voice

No bubbles for YOU!

/end soup nazi voice

You and your stupid fanboy rants need to find their way to the open zone.

dantesparda3877d ago

Jason sounds mad, i think he feels threatened by this game. The colors are a choice, not a hardware limitation. And if anything i think the game looks light blue, with sunlight. Definitely more colorful than the last footage they showed us of this game. What's impressive is how close to the original CGI this build looks.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3877d ago

Dito..... wait nevermind it's kinda hard fighitng somone who uses multi's/ip shifter/cookie clean :)

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sonarus3878d ago

Finally saw the gamersyde vid. Game looks gray as hell. But its also pretty as hell. Hands down best graphics so far. The game definitely looks better than it did last yr. Level shows was a little dull. I mean, it is war so i guess we can't expect much but its also sci fi. They should have used a lot of this sci fi to create some awe inspiring levels. Lets hope it gets better. I hope the blood effects aren't gone either because i didn't notice them

Cwalat3878d ago

true it did loook grey...
i guess all Killzone games looked grey...
but nonetheless... this is the most graphically advanced console game ever ...

Clinton5143878d ago

Too "tech-y" wouldn't fit into the Killzone universe. If you've played through Killzone and Killzone Liberation you'd see that most of the weapons are pretty grounded in terms of realism. No lasers guns or anything out of place like that.

Think of it like the Aliens(movie)series. It takes place in the distant future with a lot of familiar weapons to what we use today.

zimbo0073878d ago

look at this man

the first thing that comes to your mind is :- is this a game or a movie?

beavis4play3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

levels are dull???? "lets hope it gets better??????!!!

and, what DOES inspire "awe" in you? you have a right to an opinion; but, if war games interest you- HOW CAN THIS NOT LEAVE YOU IMPRESSED? the only thing i'm irritated at is we have to wait till feb. to get it.

i can't believe you said "lets hope it gets better". dude, i'll take this right now.

sonarus3877d ago

Well the thing is they have the advantage of a touch of sci fi. In the begining of the KZ trailers there is a floating platform in the background up in the clouds they could have had a level in there. All i am saying is since its sci fi, they should have tried to mix things up a bit but i guess not. Still loving the look of the game though

hazeblaze3877d ago

I understand what Sonarus is saying... only then, it would no longer be a Killzone game. Although it is sci-fi, the Killzone universe has its own distinctive feel to it. It's not Halo. It's not Resistance. We already have those games.... and I can't wait to have this one! Can't wait til Feb.

supahbad3877d ago

based on how the first game went to several different locales I wouldnt be surprised if this one did the same, I've even heard rumors that youre going to be fighting on different planets against other aliens. dont remember where i saw it but that'd be where the game will truly shine if those rumors are true.

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pwnmaster30003878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

this game has one of the best graphics, and for the people who is hating on resistance you guys need to chill down, it has bad video quality and it was multi video, but it still looked hella sick. i hope they have lots of ko and unique weapons in killszone like in resistance 2. the devs insomiac should help gorilla in the weapons part

skynidas3878d ago

We should wait for the HD version of the press conference to hit the PSN on thursday to make any opinion about Resistance's graphics

name3878d ago

They want killzone to look like skittles. There's only one game that can pull off skittles and it isn't on the ps3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3877d ago

Apprantly the people on this planet have dog eyes. Everytime I walk outside, know what I see? people wearing clothes that are red, blue, green, yellow and even some orange. Know what colors I see in a warzone? brown, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and orange. Know why? because the people that live in those countries, don't have dog eyes. Look around your desk there (assuming your at a desk) name back all the colors you see.

All those colors, arn't found in this game :) later bro.

DrPirate3878d ago

Let's criticise this game because it's not Grand Theft Auto 4. A reviewers end all be all game that undisputably deserves a 10.

Yes. I'm being sarcastic and gaming journalism is a joke anyways.

DomUltra3878d ago

I'll have to agree to some level, I'm still pulling my hair out over how reviewers gave it 10/10 for graphics, I'm sure PS2 or even lower rez graphics on a nex gen game is just unacceptable, I don't care if you gave me a whole continent to play on.

Clinton5143878d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Yup. Gaming journalism has problems. Most of the times it's bland & biased.

I can't think many industries where MOST reviewers have such little understanding as to what kind of work goes into crafting the final product.

The majority of these guys came from Gaming stores and have little to no understanding of the technical side of video game creation.

edit: Disagree-er, care to explain yourself or do you want to play disagree tag instead?

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