IGN Warplay: X-COM Wish List

It's no secret that 2K Games acquired the X-COM license from Atari in June of 2005 and there's been speculation ever since that the publisher was looking for a studio to work on a sequel. After a few more rumors surfaced this week, IGN decided to do a little more digging of their own to find out if the rumors were true. Their inside source told them, "There's not much to tell, actually, other than that it's real."

Now IGN still don't have official confirmation that the game is being developed by the former Irrational team or to what extent, if any, Ken Levine is connected. There was apparently, at some time, discussion of assigning the project to 2K Marin but since it is hard at work on BioShock 2, that doesn't seem likely.

So what would IGN like to see from this new sequel?

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