IGN: The Oregon Trail Preview

You have died of cholera. Sarah has broken a leg. You are out of food. The wagon trail from Missouri to Oregon filled with misfortune and outright disaster. But if you were equal parts clever and lucky, you pulled it off and reached the promised land of the Willamette Valley. And that's what kept tens of thousands of school kids coming back to The Oregon Trail throughout the 1980s and 90s. Not only was it one of the few computer games you could actually get away with playing at the school library or computer lab, but the game found that perfect balance between education and entertainment.

Well, that generation has now grown up. And Gameloft wants to tap into that same vein of nostalgia that brought us the Transformers movie and resurrected My Little Pony. So the mobile maker created an update to The Oregon Trail that fuses the classic gameplay with fresh visuals. IGN had the chance to play a near-final version of the game last week. Having spent a good amount of time with the original game in my youth, they can assure you that Gameloft has mined the core attraction of The Oregon Trail was laser precision.

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