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GIZORAMA - The first piece of Ryse: Son of Rome DLC has released in the form of a multiplayer map and character skin pack. At only $3.99, there is nothing to extensive here, but is what’s here worth it at all?

There are two character skins that come included with the Colosseum Pack, The Centurion and Commodus. Unfortunately, skins are a complete throwaway, because they eliminate the aesthetic element of your collected gear, which is one of the most interesting aspects to Ryse’s multiplayer, and a major motive for further progression. Do not get me wrong, they look phenomenal, but the static, unalterable way that they appear on your character will most likely have you reverting back to the original gladiator in a flash.

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bacrec11571d ago

They need to focus on getting more weapons into the game.

SITH1571d ago

I love this game's multiplayer and enjoyed the single player. I must admit though, gladiator's used a heck of lot more weapons than what is presented in the game. It would be nice to have those.

bacrec11571d ago

Right. If i could pick up weapons from fallen enemies or something..