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Battlefield 4 Premium Having Issues On PlayStation 4

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "A number of people have reported problems with their Premium purchase on Battlefield 4 on PSN. For some, it shows that they’ve purchased Premium but the “P” that’s supposed to show up next to the Premium option on the main menu isn’t there. The “P” shows up when it’s installed and ready to use. For others, it says that it’s downloaded and “waiting to install”, but they aren’t able to install it." (Battlefield 4, PS4)

Majin-vegeta  +   474d ago
This has been going on for awhile.It's also happening on the xbone.
dedicatedtogamers  +   474d ago
It's having issues on all platforms, even PC.
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Utalkin2me  +   473d ago
Yep just sold mine yesterday, good thing i did not get digital or wouldn't have recouped most of my money.
Mister_Dawg  +   474d ago
More so on PS4.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   474d ago
I spend all night and most of,the morning playing bf on xb1. So no, its not happening on the xbox version. Hopefully the issues get fixed for sony fans.
Majin-vegeta  +   473d ago
You know its not nice to lie?especially when the evidence is right.in front of your face?Try again son
jessupj  +   473d ago
Yeah, but you're still playing in native 720p.
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NeoTribe  +   473d ago
My bad i forgot you make up 100% of the xbox community.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   473d ago
Either way this how it might go down EA need to make another BF or Update game untils its gets beatin' with a stick or its completely fixed
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theXtReMe1  +   474d ago
This is horrible for anybody who plays and enjoys the game online. I feel for you. I'm a single player only gamer, but I know I'd be upset if I did want to play online and there were issues for months. God bless all of you waiting for this game to play the way it should, hang in there I'm sure it will eventually happen and EA will reward you for your time and patience with free maps or something.

Until then, remember you still have Killzone, Blacklight to play for free and Call Of Duty, if that's any consolation. At least there something to hold you over until everything is working peachy keen.
pyramidshead  +   474d ago
lol how's that lawsuit going EA :P
Aleithian  +   474d ago
Happened to me. I also noticed that as of last night I would periodically lose all upgrades I'd unlocked. The only way to get them back was to quit and reload the game.
InTheZoneAC  +   474d ago
Premium having issues across the board, but only on PS4!
spike  +   474d ago
I bought China Rising but I cant even play a game. Does anyone have it?
Ripsta7th  +   474d ago
Same here , i didnt buy it but had a free dowd code for CR . Doesnt seem to recognize it at all
bub16  +   473d ago
Ah you guys need to enter ur redeem code, download the 11mb files and go to

Ps store
Battlefield 4
Add ons
Select china rising and choose version, click on free, now download your 2gb update
hduce  +   473d ago
@bub16 I think you have to jump through too many hoops to be able to download it but I figured out. Even with the free download codes it's almost like they'll try to trick you into paying for it.
boeso  +   474d ago
And grass is green etc.

EA + DICE: listen to your customers before releasing BF5 PLEASE!!
Hicken  +   474d ago
Is this what's called a hit-grabbing title? Or flamebait? Or both?

Battlefield 4 is having problems on all platforms. End of story.

Oh, wait. Where are all the Xbox fanboys claiming spawnfirst only makes the Xbox look bad?
ChubbyLover  +   473d ago
So this game is just one giant buggy mess ever since it came out, I don't own it but the articles that come out for it, im surprised anyone still plays it...
Sm00thNinja  +   473d ago
Hard to believe BF4 was butchered so bad by EA AND DICE but the reports are true. The PS4 version is unplayable with lag, connectivity issues and freezing in abundance. I'm almost ready to throw in the towel I'm so frustrated today
MasterCornholio  +   473d ago
Call me paranoid but I believe that the PS4 version being broken was done on purpose.

The PS4 is the easiest console to develop for which is why I highly doubt that it has more issues than the Xbox One version.
Sm00thNinja  +   472d ago
Nooooooooo you're paranoid. The ps4 being easy to develop for has absolutely nothing to do with bf4s terrible net code on all consoles. EA knew the state if BF4 prior to its release that's been made clear
cyclindk  +   473d ago
Does buying premium make the base version play better? Didn't think so... so, I'll pass
SaffronCurse  +   473d ago
Psychologically people might think that.
Maxor  +   473d ago
I own BF 4 on both the PS4 and the PC. And while I prefer the PC version due to the graphics and mouse aim, I haven't noticed any issues with the PS4 version so far. I played for almost two hours yesterday and did not experience a single disconnect or crash on the PSN.

As it stand, this game is perfectly playable now and it is easily the king of the FPS genre. There are issues here and there but nothing game breaking.
cyclindk  +   473d ago
What sort of connection do you have? Fiber?
SaffronCurse  +   473d ago
Has nothing to do with connection.The game is a fucking mess because it was half-backed by yours truly.

The Netcode is atrocious regardless of speed and the constant glitching and being kicked from a game is getting rather fucking annoying (for me anyway)I could get into a couple of conquest games until I keep getting booted during the final minutes.
cyclindk  +   473d ago

Agreed, I was just wondering because apparently he is experiencing no issues... so I was looking for SOME factor that might be affecting his experience. It certainly couldn't hurt to have ultra fast internet.
cyclindk  +   473d ago
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Sadist3  +   473d ago
I have it for the PS4 and have no issues whatsoever. After the last patch everything has been working fine for me and everyone on my friends list
Ace Killa 08  +   473d ago
For ps4 owners, try this if you purchase premium and still locked out of China rising or prompted to buy/download it again.

In the playstation main menu, and ensure bf4 application is closed or not running, go to settings-PSN-license management or something. Refresh/renew and start battlefield. It should prompt that "congratulations for purchasing premium" or "China rising unlocked" prompt. It worked for me.
kopicha  +   473d ago
so the console fix the problem and not EA/DICE? this is lol
Ace Killa 08  +   472d ago
No this is for ps4,as I mentioned it before, how ever it's nothing more than a troubleshooting procedure. This does not fix all the issues, obviously but you probably didn't know that.

This renews all the licenses for downloaded items on the ps4. Premium should have unlocked China rising, it didn't, I refreshed, and then the system recognized and mark as bought.

If you think about what it does you clearly would have made a better comment than what you said.
kopicha  +   466d ago
I understand what you are saying dude. I know that function within PS4 as well. I guess you cannot catch the joke in between. But nvm... it is not a big deal.

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