Driveclub: More Elements Indicate February 22 Release Date in Japan: Western Announcement Imminent?

Despite the complete lack of any official announcement from Sony, more elements hint to the fact that despite the delay in the west the game will make it as a launch title in Japan, adding solidity to the possibility that an announcement for the west will be made soon for a similar date.

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Evilsnuggle1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Am I the only one that is glad that Drive club was delayed. I don't think Drive club should be released until It's 1080p 60fps like it's closest competitor Forza 5. Yes it's a beautiful game and more graphically intense than Forza . But if the PS4 is more powerful than x1 we want to see it not here excuses.

Abriael1419d ago

I want it to release when it'll be a great game. I play great games. Not numbers.

nategrigs1419d ago

I agree. Actually, the footage I have seen recently has been more impressive then forza, even if its not 60fps (Much more detailed environments).

I really hope they have g27 support. I'm not entirely sure this game would be great with a wheel, but I want assurances the ps4 supports it before I invest in a quality stand.

Eonjay1419d ago

Actually you can have both. I don't understand the idea that you have to either have good graphics or good gameplay. Bullshit. You can have both.

frostypants1419d ago

@Eonjay, true, but there IS a trade off between graphical detail and framerate.

GarrusVakarian1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I'll take more detail, weather, dynamic lighting and night/day cycle at 30fps over toned down visuals to reach 60fps.

60fps would be great, don't get me wrong and i would take 60 over 30 any day of the week with any game, but not if it meant sacrificing other things, which (without coming across as trolling), is what Forza 5 did.

From the screenshots, GIF's and youtube videos ive seen so far, i know for a fact im not going to be let down, so it's a day one buy for me.


"Actually you can have both. I don't understand the idea that you have to either have good graphics or good gameplay. Bullshit. You can have both."

Yeah, you can have both. But if the tech is limited then devs might have to make a choice....i personally would much rather have a solid 30fps with the details/effects/resolution cranked up rather than an uglier game at 60fps.....apart from multiplayer FPS's....i really like my FPS's at 60fps.

GribbleGrunger1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Incredibly you've got 18 disagrees and 0 agrees. You have got to realise that Driveclub is a 1st generation game and uses a 1st generation engine, so whilst I share in your enthusiasm, I disagree with your assumption that Driveclub should be 60fps. I want real time lighting, real time reflections, real time shadow, fully polygonal worlds and night and day cycles. ... So (this early on) I'm quite happy to see compromises.

XiSasukeUchiha1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Driveclub delay was pretty much a good decision for Sony!

I know is debateable but for now let's enjoy the glory

nategrigs1419d ago

This is somewhat debatable. It will certainly result in a better game overall, but it did weaken their launch lineup. I am glad they delayed it, but I can see why some people would have wanted them to rush it out for launch.

brew1419d ago

It may have weakened the launch lineup , but it strengthened the early 2014 lineup !

curtis921419d ago

Weakened launch lineup yes but Sony knew NFS Rivals would be a suitable racer for launch I think. I know that gave MS the upper hand with racers at launch but when you see the difference that's been made with driveclub since delay, it was well worth it.

CGI-Quality1419d ago

Well, it wasn't like PS4s were purchased at a slower rate because Driveclub saw a delay. Forza 5 surely swayed very few, in fact. I'd rather it be polished and ready than rushed to meet a deadline that only the most partisan fans poked fun at.

pyramidshead1419d ago

Whether it strengthened or weakened, it didn't effect the PS4 launch at all really. PS4 did outstandingly well even after having a heavy marketed hitter(Watch Dog[e]s)and an exclusive racer delayed until next year.

nategrigs1419d ago

All good points, and I would like to reiterate that I think it was a good call to delay it and get it perfect. I would also like to point out that I have been playing GT6 since early December. I don't have much desire to play another racing game anyway.

It may appear that driveclubs absence didn't hurt ps4 sales (it sounds like its pretty much sold out everywhere), but it may have helped xbone sales. People may have been swayed by a visually impressive "sim" racer on xbone without a comparable game on the ps4. This may have caused people to jump on an xbone instead of waiting to find a ps4

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italiangamer1419d ago

Everyday Driveclub gets better and better, delaying it has done nothing more than good to this game. Can't wait to see more videos and playing it sometime in the future.

Majin-vegeta1419d ago

Delayed game>rushed game *looks at BF4*

WeAreLegion1419d ago

I think they'll be showcasing it with their VR headset next week.

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