2013’s Most Epic Video Game Moments

Depending on a developer's vision, modern video games can deliver quiet moments of emotional truth, or they can deliver moments of explosive action of an incredible scope and sophistication. Video games are better at delivering massive, memorably epic moments than ever before

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bobsmith1574d ago

driving in space gran turismo 6 :D

JackISbacK1573d ago

no playing next gen games,driving in GT6 was same as in GT5.

Destrania1574d ago

The last level of God of War:Ascension should easily be in there.

micx1574d ago

I'd also throw in the ending of prologue in The Last of Us, as well as the fall ending in that game.

bobsmith1574d ago

lol 3 playstation moments in a row

fonger081574d ago

My moments:
Playing/Seeing Wind Waker in HD
Microsoft's "Foot in Mouth" Xbox One reveal
Sony's "The Response" conference at E3
Stepping into the city in BioShock Infinite
The cinematics of Last of Us
Turning the PS4 for on the first time
Outlast scaring the beejezuz out me
Retiring the Wii and 360 to my video wall collection.

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