The Top Games of the 7th Generation of Video Games

A huge feature in which each member of the Gamer Horizon crew list off their top games of the generation, followed by a final list made up of the best games from each of their lists.

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JohnnyTower1443d ago

It really has been a great year of games.

kythlyn1443d ago

Too many in my opinion. There's never enough time to play them all.

JohnnyTower1443d ago

I hear ya. I am a completionist by nature so I do try to budget my time between them. Once the new Mass Effect drops its all over for me though. Ill be living on the good ship Normandy.

N2NOther1443d ago

Tell me about it! Way too many games. That's what January and February are for.

desertpunk861443d ago

one that took me by surprise and is one of my game of the 7th generation FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING.