New Batman: Arkham Origins image teases special announcement

LGN "Just a while ago Warner Bros has posted a new image on their official facebook page, which seems to be some sort of an "invitation" and most probably the real announcement will be revealed later today. Take a look at the image below"

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PaleMoonDeath1781d ago

PS4, XB1 version probably.

KratosSaveUs1781d ago

If its a Next Gen version then its a special announcement but if its just costumes dlc then it sucks.

ZILLA1781d ago

Very cool!!its new single player DLC.loving the online but the matchmaking and match crashing sucks.please fix or patch the online.other then that its ONLINE MADNESS!!

DFogz1781d ago

Probably just going to be an announcement for what the planned story DLC is going to be.

SaintAlpha1011781d ago

A Mr Freeze themed DLC where you have to stop him from killing Ferris Boyle at Bruce Wayne's Manor.
Calling it now. (Or maybe I watched the TAS episode 'Heart of Ice' too much.)