Elder Scrolls Online interview: Bethesda talks risks, rewards and compromises

The success or failure of The Elder Scrolls Online will have far-reaching implications. This isn't just one of the few new MMOs to charge a monthly fee - a business model that's popularly considered to be at death's door.

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KrisButtar1629d ago

"Elder Scrolls is very much a game about going wherever you want to, and if you're randomly running into artificial [obstacles] where you have to pay, it just doesn't feel right. The other thing is to do with maintaining a team, that can offer super service and put out content at a very high clip."

I'm still trying to find myself a way to get behind this monthly sub and running into artificial wall where you have to pay is unacceptable. The part where they say "can put out content at a very high clip" does that mean we would get new stuff the size of Dawnguard/Dragonborn or larger every week or bi-weekly?

They sure talk about PvP a lot, which is something I wouldn't and don't plan on doing. The map of Tamriel is not all accessible which they have said it was but by looking at their interactive maps they don't even have all of Skyrim unlocked, only one of the 9 holds Eastmarch. So no one will be visiting the Skyforge, the oldest structure in Skyrim. Blackmarsh and Elsweyr are 2 whole provinces that do not look accessible either.

I can see this game grabbing MMO players and see a lot of TES players skipping it and waiting for TES6. I'm on the fence, that sub really made me stop and think instead of just jumping into it.

LAWSON721628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

If there pay monthly plan works good for them, I just dont think any game can justify $15 a month along with the $60 for the game, especially when you are like me and play new games all the time and dont stay exclusive to one game.

CorndogBurglar1628d ago

Im with you, but unfortunately MMO's are very popular and have been for a long time.

City of Heroes, DCU Online, World of Warcraft, The Old Republic....the list goes on and on of online games that require a monthly payment on top of the original price of the game.

As crazy as it sounds, people pay it.

joab7771628d ago

I wish it was either like $20 and a monthly fee or $60 w/ 3 free months. I don't mind paying $15 if they r bringing this to consoles. But...content better come consistently. DCUO does a great job of updating and putting out 2-3 dlc a yr. Its f2p but much better for $15. Many ppl hav an issue with the sub but if u play mmo's...u r playing all the time. Most ppl spend much more every month on various games. Many mmo players only play that game the majority of time. Over a is much cheaper than shelling out for every new game that releases.

SaiyanFury1628d ago

Yep, I was seriously looking forward to ESO for a long time, and was anticipating a monthly fee not unlike World of Warcraft, which is stupidly popular (albeit I don't know how much so now). It has or had, I'm not so in the know about such things, a 5 dollar per month fee. Whence I heard that ESO's fee was 3 times that, my reaction was, "F**k that". I support Bethesda in many ways, but with my monthly bills to pay, that's unaffordable and just plain ludicrous. Sorry Bethesda, you won't be getting my money this time.

ElementX1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I'm not opposed to paying a monthly fee for an MMO if it's a quality experience. I've tried a few F2P games and most just aren't that good (reviews also reflect this). I think the issue is that people are cheap. $15/month is really nothing for a quality gaming experience. Stay home once instead of going to the cinema and you'll have your fee right there. Or cook your own meal a couple of times and bingo, you have the $15. I think F2P leads to an excessive amount of MMO games and the fanbases are spread thin because of it. Instead of having a few big name pay titles you have 100s of smaller games trying to survive on a few thousand players. Personally I'd rather pay the fee instead of buying in-game currency or whatever system is being used.

If a game has millions of players like WoW then it should be F2P because existing profits can keep it afloat. WoW also charges for expansions which is a horrible decision in my opinion. Eve has 300,000 active subscriptions and they have free expansions. Companies need to make money some how and if people just buy a few items with real currency and just play the game free they'll run out of funds.

ElementX1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

I retract the running out of funds line. If everybody paid $60 for a game it would make enough to keep it afloat for years. :P Point is they want to make money, like every company.

I guess there are more fees that I never thought of, employees, marketing, leasing space for servers, etc.

redwin1628d ago

Lol, I think this is DOA in a console, I think that $60 for a game with a year pass and then $60 for a year subscription would be the most that the majority of people would coupe. We console players play more than one game. We also play shooters, sports games, cars , 2d , adventures. I think we are a different market. Lol. Bf does it. Madden does it. Cod does it, and they get plenty of cash.