Kingdom Hearts III's Keyblade Will Unlock Infinite Possibilities

Push Square, via Siliconera: "Fans of Square Enix’s bizarrely popular Disney and role-playing game mash-up Kingdom Hearts will know that the Keyblade has evolved a lot since the series’ inception. What started life as a mere weapon in the original release has also doubled as a vehicle in more recent entries – and series creator Tetsuya Nomura teases that there’s plenty more madness to come in Kingdom Hearts III."

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ZodTheRipper1003d ago

This looks like a truly ambitious project just like I always wanted KH3 to be just take your time with it and make it really special instead of rushing things out. Can't wait to put this into my PS4 =)

goldwyncq1003d ago

If they don't release FFXV anytime soon, this may wind up on the PS5 instead.

HelpfulGamer1003d ago

Greatness is in the Works!

Goku7811003d ago

Didn't get into this till KH2 on PS2 but looking forward to 3 onPS4. That last fight was kool on part 2.

NukaCola1002d ago

Did you play 1? Still the best of them all.

Fishermenofwar1003d ago

beating Sephiroth was impossible in KH 2

syne491003d ago

Seph was nothing in comparison to FM2+ Unknown Soldier. In fact Seph was a lot easier in 2 than the 1st by far. This is of course all ino.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1003d ago

No he was impossible in KH1. He wasn't as strong in kh2.

AceBlazer131002d ago

Seph was a piece of cake in kh2 compared to kh1. Either that or it was the age differnces i played the 2.

colonel1791002d ago

I beat him at level 100 so I just spammed him and was defeated in less that 3 minutes.

Snookies121002d ago

Try fighting the 'unknown' Organization member, Birth By Sleep's secret boss... That was definitely the hardest KH boss I've fought. I even beat all of Final Mix 2's secret bosses on Critical difficulty.

(I used to fight Sephiroth over and over on Kingdom Hearts 1 to level my guys to 100 lol. He's super hard at first, but when you know how to beat him, it's not all that bad.)

princejb1341002d ago

Sephiroth was easy in 2 compared to 1
But ones you remember all his moves and time everything perfect in part 1 he's very beatable. Oh yea don't forget those elixirs

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JohnnyTower1003d ago

"Bizarrely popular" is a perfect term for this series.

JohnnyTower1002d ago

It's a bizzare game in general. Disney and final fantasy characters in a rpg? And yet it works really well. I'm just surprised its as popular as it is. I enjoyed the first one back in the day.

desertpunk861003d ago

game is finally coming to the xbox one.

Unreal011002d ago TrollingShowReplies(1)
Magicite1002d ago

and sales will be almost lower than porting expenses.

noctis_lumia1002d ago TrollingShow
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