[Gaming Evolution] PlayStation 4 Console Review

The PS4 system enables game developers to realize their creative vision on a platform specifically tuned to their needs, making it easier to build huge, interactive worlds in smooth 1080p HD resolution. Its supercharged PC architecture – including an enhanced Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and 8GB of GDDR5 unified system memory – is designed to ease game creation and deliver a dramatic increase in the richness of content available on the platform. The end result for players is an abundant software library, as more than 180 games are currently in development.

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BALLBAGS1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

funniest thing is I look at my launch 60g ps3 and my ps4 and I'm like wtf.

I know Sony will come good and the ps4 is a really good console but I look at the four USB sockets on my ps3,its backward compatible, it's got card readers.. ps4 hasn't got any of these and I can live without that it's not a deal breaker BUT..

not being able to read hard drives, stream my movies or mp3s is just unforgivable and should have been in the first update from Sony. to still not have that is ridiculous that's why my ps3 is staying put.

frostypants1572d ago

Your 60GB launch PS3 with built-in PS2 hardware cost $599. The PS4 costs $399. The later, cheaper PS3s had fewer interface options. Would you prefer the PS4 had backwards compatibility and more hardware options, and they increased the price by $200?

mprunty1572d ago

Reading external hard drives and dlna support will come soon via a software update. I understand where you are coming from with the backwards capabilities; which are also said to come via a future software update and the launch of the Gaikai streaming service.

More than anything, Sony wanted to get the console to market problem-free (as best as possible), so several features we had on PS3 were cut for the launch. Just as with the PS3, time and a couple of software updates later, we will be wondering what all the fus was about in the beginning.

BALLBAGS1572d ago

dnla mp3 playback is not that hard of a program especially for the multi talented staff at sony

it should have been here already, I have a next Gen console yet my previous Gen console does more? something isn't right there..

I know I'm moaning but it's that annoying, Sony say it's coming but when? we heard x - chat was coming at one point that never came on ps3.

i love my ps4 but this really irks me

anyway happy new year mate

kazuma9991572d ago

Thats y i also kept my ps3. Plus ps plus gives a shit load of games for it and same with the vita XD Im keeping all for every single games.

GordonKnight1572d ago

Off subject


I have a friend that used Ballbag as his name on WOW. One night he was he was talking smack drunk and someone complained. They banned has name because of that, so he then changed it to Bagball.

Your picture makes the name that much better.

mprunty1572d ago

Sony made a decision to have a perfect system out the gate than to temp fate. Yes they could of included support in the beginning but that would of took time away from other things that they are working on.

Not to mention that since they are runnig custom software, not windows, Android or anything like that, we dont actually know how long it would take to impliment and make sure it works perfectly with other features.

Plus seeing as they are a business, it makes perfect sense to push their services in the beginning before providing mp3 and dlna support.

frostypants1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I never understood the BC thing. Yes, it was nice having it on my launch PS3, but I never expected it. The vast majority of consoles since the dawn of time have no BC, or really crappy pseudo-BC. If I have old games then I have the old console. Having BC is nice if it can be implemented cheaply but otherwise I prefer not to be forced to pay for something that I already have.

wolverinemarky1572d ago

BC is not a big deal to me either I have a 80gig PS3 which is partially BC but i rarely if ever played a PS2 game in it same goes for my PS4. I have 2 PS3 if i wanted to play a game on PS3 i will turn it on and play. later down the line when Gaikai launches then i will download those PS3 games i want to play on my PS4. but till then like i said a non factor

JohnnyTower1572d ago

I would love a Vita/PS4 bundle to come to Canada. That's what I'm waiting for.

wolverinemarky1572d ago

when it comes you will love remote play i use it quite a bit when someone else wants to watch tv. I just grab my vita and go play all my PS4 games

Jury1572d ago

Yeah 8 now. 10 when uncharted and the order land in your face!

NegativeCreepWA1572d ago

I love the PS4 so far, Sony fixed most of the things I didn't like about the PS3.

That being said, I've found a unexcusable flaw when comes to Blu Ray movies, there's no reason Dolby or DTS shouldn't work with movies. It's really starting to piss me off. Works fine with games and Streaming, but it won't work with BR movies. How can something like this be overlooked?

GiantEnemyCrab1572d ago

I had a similar problem but once the movie started I hit the options button and was able to set the audio to DTS. I'm using optical out so it may be different with HDMI only. Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

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