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The Future of Resident Evil

A collection of news regarding the Resident Evil Franchise and a prediction of what Resident Evil's future title (presumably 7) will be like. (PC, PS3, PS4, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Revelations, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

yugovega  +   578d ago
they should attempt making another re:outbreak. when originally released not enough people had jumped into online gaming. now, they could make soming really special if they tried its formula again.
Matt666  +   578d ago
Out break was rubbish, it was really stupid
Mugen90  +   577d ago
It was before its time.
daboosa  +   578d ago
Back to basics, one location lots of puzzles! It will be a winner.
Unreal01  +   578d ago
Definitely. But keep the over the shoulder view. To be honest I would love it if they remade Resident Evil 2 with their latest engine. It was a personal favourite.
Matt666  +   578d ago
if they g back to the old school style the only thing they should upgrade is the graphics
e-p-ayeaH  +   578d ago
no remakes im tired of playing re-ashed stuff.
NukaCola  +   578d ago
Wish they'd bring back the bitmap style of painted scenes with static camera effects like games had on PS One. That added such a creative feel to the world.
ritsuka666  +   578d ago
a prediction of what Resident Evil's future title (presumably 7) will be like.'''

They plan to keep shitting all over us people.
Dmd  +   578d ago
The future of Resident Evil lies within it's past: they need to understand that it was not huge set-piece explosions, gunfire and wrestling moves that made Resident Evil's name. It was something far more intimate. A struggle to survive from the main character, to find other survivors; it was the air of mystery, of not knowing what was going on or the story behind it, how did it started, who is responsible for it. The creepiness, the constant tension, the intrigue - that's Resident Evil. Or what it used to be.
CrossingEden  +   578d ago
A huge contributor to the difficulty of the old games wasn't the enemies themselves, it was the god awful tank controls in cramped environments. And considering that most modern games have good controls so what are we left with? A B movie horror story with archetypical characters fighting zombies in big bad scary hallways? Maybe they should just make a spiritual successor instead. Btw, regarding the set-piece explosions, pretty much every game in the series ended with an explosion. I'm a fan of the modern day resident evil but there is seriously a loud minority that wants that archaic gameplay. The second they go back and release it like it was ten years ago people would start complaining or lose interest. Also the way the game is now is basically a natural evolution of the series, it was believable back then that the characters were afraid because they didn't know what they were up against but now it would be completely unbelievable if they panicked considering that some of them even make a living off of killing B.O.Ws., they're trained for it and have been fighting the same types of enemies for years so why would they have trouble surviving. My suspension of disbelief still goes nuts whenever they are only armed with pistols at the start of missions., (although it can be said that they go through the entire games using nothing but pistols unless a cutscene shows them using something else).
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Lou Ferrigno  +   578d ago
you sir took the words right out of my mouth and said it 10x better lol.. VERY good and thorough explination of how times have changed and it's not that easy to just go back ... :)
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Dmd  +   577d ago
I'd rather have a spiritual sucessor then another RE6.

"Btw, regarding the set-piece explosions, pretty much every game in the series ended with an explosion."

Keyword: ended. Yes, they all had this - one - huge explosion as the final story element as opposed of being this uninspired linear corridor of explosions and firefights that was RE6.

The one thing I have to explain every time that RE's glory days discussion comes up is that "going back to it's roots" is NOT the same as bring back the tank controls. It is to bring back the moody, atmospheric experience of old games. It is to allow it to be creepy and scary as it was supposed to be instead of going the Michael Bay way.

So, let me just fix your sentence here: The second they go back and release it like it was ten years ago... they will have something like the first Dead Space was or how The Evil Within is shaping up to be.

On the topic of story progression, so what you're saying is that a experienced hunter is expected to attack a lion with roundhouse kicks, right? It's only natural since he is not afraid of it... pff ¬¬
This is NOT natural evolution of the series, this is the transformation of it's human cast into the very inhuman monsters that they face. No matter how trained you are: if there's a monster with testicles coming out of their ears and tentacles of their belly-buttons looking at you, you SHOOT the hell out of it. You don't take it down with flying kicks and german-suplexes!

This is Resident Evil now days:


It's goofy and ridiculous, but if you take that as a normal evolution of the story, than yeah... whatever you say, dude. I'd be fine with a devolution.
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ShaunCameron  +   577d ago
Not only that but also the technology of the day didn't really allow for character mobility and flexibility, an issue that was finally resolved in 2004-05 with RE4, the RE game Capcom always wanted to make since RE2.

@ Lou Ferrigno

And on top of that, the main characters are no longer rookies. They're seasoned veterans hence more in their arsenal to work with.
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ShaunCameron  +   578d ago
Unfortunately its past is RE4 and much of the current fanbase certainly are not clamoring for pre-RE4 gameplay.
Snorlax  +   578d ago
I couldn't agree more, you nailed it. That's exactly the type of elements they need to bring about if they're going to make another.
CorndogBurglar  +   578d ago
THey need to do something like the Gamecube remake of the original RE. That game was perfect. Just a graphically updated version of the original game with some redone enemies.

I loved that game.

They need to just follow that equation. We don't need all these crazy combat rolls, cover, always running, nearly unlimited ammo game mechanics.

Survival horror is all about trying to survive while being completely outgunned and outnumbered the entire time. Its about not having enough resources to kill every enemy you come across. Its about making the decision of what enemies need to be killed based on how deadly they are vs how much ammo you have. Its about making that decision of WHEN you should use your last green herb to heal yourself. Do you use it to fill yourself to full health, or run the risk of letting yourself remain injured in hopes of saving it in case you find another herb to combine it with?

These are all things that defined not only Survival Horror as a genre, but Resident Evil itself. RE hasn't been like this in a very long time, its a sad thing.
XXXL  +   578d ago
My prediction: It's gonna suck.
bloodybutcher  +   578d ago
i want whole racoon city, possibility to explore every building and apartment in search for supplies and zombies not being stuck in one place(well,maybe those legless ones:P) but moving around, so we can't anticipate which location they are at.
gantarat  +   578d ago
Resident Evil Rising ?
bloodybutcher  +   578d ago
hard to say, since i never played Dead Rising:P
mydyingparadiselost  +   578d ago
I gaze into my crystal ball and see.... dumpsters, amazon paying you to buy the game, Mikami crying at the sight of the "horror", pitchforks and torches, macro transactions and a landfill.
purp13m0nk3y  +   578d ago
I liked how RE4 on the game cube tried something different. It was an awesome game. One of my favorites on the system.

A reboot would be freaking sweet if they could pull it off. Just start from scratch with some new ideas and characters. The franchise is stale as f'k at the moment. Just the same old crap over and over. Stupid convoluted story. I mean the basic controls haven't changed since RE4 on the game cube.

They've gotta try something new, they've got nothing to loose. Another game like RE6 would be the final nail in the coffin for the franchise.
bigboss1990  +   578d ago
Till the day the original producer and director comes back, this game will be nothing but milked to death and that's the only scary thing about resident evil now I'm afraid, I was playing the last of us last night, and thought this game is brilliant! Now that's a survival game, low on ammo great story great characters, now that game humiliates resident evil.... That's how its done. My advice don't bother with em anymore, just play the brilliant originals and forget resident evil 7 lol what a joke, I be really surprised if that's any good, I want to play the evil withn , that's horror !
ShaunCameron  +   575d ago
That's funny because it was the original producer and director that decided that RE should go a new direction with RE4.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   578d ago
Accept that the horror genre is a niche and make a game around that. Don't try to appeal to everyone because you will please no one and people wonder why Atlus rakes in the moolah.
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e-p-ayeaH  +   578d ago
Resident Evil with new characters,new setting, new story, new creatures, survival horror, heavy emphasis on item management puzzles and exploration.

oh and a great scary/epic soundtrack.
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