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Most Disappointing Games of the Year 2013

(CriticalIndieGamer) 2013 has been a great year for both the Indie and AAA scene. Scores of great games, from studios big and small, have delighted us all these past 12 months, but it hasn’t all been great. Sometimes a game isn’t up to scratch; it doesn’t quite live up to the hype that preceded it. And sometimes they just downright suck. Here’s a few of Ryan’s most disappointing games of 2013. (Beyond: Two Souls, Cube World, Gone Home, Guacamelee, PC, PS3)

Axonometri  +   648d ago
We are all entitled our own opinion. I read your opinions and I must say, in my opinion, your opinions suck.
TGR  +   648d ago
Good for you! :)
Axonometri  +   648d ago
More appropriately, other than the cube game, I think the other games were great indie titles this year. Gone Home may have been a boring book to you but there are a lot of things they managed to pull of that I don't think you gave credit to.

Anyway... Have a Nice Day.
3-4-5  +   647d ago
I wouldn't call those games disappointments. I never really expected anything of them.

That is just me personally though.
yugovega  +   647d ago
biggest disappointment = walking dead: survival instinct
could have been so great. how do you mess up something with such a simple concept? this game does it.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   647d ago
GTA Online
NukaCola  +   647d ago
Guacamelee was fantastic on Vita. Also Gone Home is critically acclaimed. What is this?
TGR  +   647d ago
It's my opinions. To me they didn't live up to the hype. Also, I was judging Guacamelee based on the terrible PC port (again, my opinion). You don't have to agree, in fact I'm glad you don't. What are your most disappointing games?
NukaCola  +   647d ago
I get it. Sad it wad a bad port because it is a really good game.

Personally I didn't have any major disappointments. Only one possibly that I was disappointed with the linearness of Bioshock Infinite. Really wanted it to be open world.
I thought of all the games I played, 2013 turned out to be a great year. But if one pops into my head, I'll PM you.
metalgod88  +   647d ago
Cube World..sure. I was disappointed due to the lack of updates, but this list is overall pretty terrible. These were all great games for what they were.

Did this person not play Aliens: Colonial Marines or Ride To Hell? Those were genuinely disappointing, terrible games.
Rzep  +   647d ago
A disapointing game does not have to mean a bad game. Everyone knew that Ride to hell would be terrible. It's not hard to pick bad games that no one played for a list and get some views. Dissapointing games lists are more interesting.

Gone Home is an interactive story, it is a love ir or hate it game. For me while I appreciated the story, the detail, it was still boring. It was not enough of a game for me.

Gucamelee is great, can't agree with his opinion.

Cube World...oh Cube World how you pain me. It was one of my most anticipated games and what happened? Nothing that's what. They started selling the game, but unfortunately they kept on working on it as if it were a hobby. I doubt that Cube World will ever see a release.
TGR  +   647d ago
I didn't play those games. Neither was I looking forward to them. These are games I, personally, wanted to play, and was disappointed when I did.
metalgod88  +   647d ago
Hmm, I see TGR. I suppose I was looking at this article the wrong way.

I felt Gone Home was a fantastic game because it always had me wondering what happened. I was always fearing the worst for the world and this girls family. Sure there wasn't a lot of action we're all accustom to these days, but I thought it did everything perfectly. Storytelling, atmosphere, audio was all excellent, but yes, not actually a lot for the player to do.

I never got the chance to play Guacamelee, but I've seen people play it and it looks like fun. I can't really comment.

Two Souls, I felt was a good game, but I too was disappointed by the fact that if you played the game again, nothing changed story wise like it would in Heavy Rain.
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Kevlar009  +   647d ago
Cube World is a bit interesting.

For one it was never labeled a full game release, but rather an Alpha where you could "invest" now and end up paying less than others in the Beta and Final release.

2nd, for being an initial build it was quite substantial. You had infite size worlds and diverse Characters and enemies, a mission system and a solid base infrastructure. If you ask people who played it I'm sure it exceeded their expectations for an Alpha build. Everyone compared it to Minecraft, yet everyone played MC in it's Beta, not Alpha

3rd, the creators have given updates since the release (not patches but updates). If you look at their main site Picroma.com) they've given a few messages on their upcoming plans.

What you have is a game developed by two people shown in the Alpha phase. Before you say "Well Notch made Minecraft all by himself" realize it took 19 months for it to transition from Alpha to Beta where Cube has been around for less than 6 months. Technically Notch wasn't the only one working on the game throughout it's timeline, so I think people are putting too much burden on two people

If you expected a full game you were lying to yourself and it's your own fault. People assume Minecraft made itself in 3 months when in reality it didn't. You knew full well what your $15-20 was paying for. It was an early investment into a promising game. When you put it in perspective it wasn't really that bad. When all is said and done I'm sure it will be a great game. For now it's a waiting game
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TGR  +   647d ago
That's the thing, I never said the game was bad, merely that it was very disappointing for me. It definitely was fun, and I enjoyed it a lot, but as the months passed and Wollay said very little, I felt very disappointed. Will I play it again? Yes, definitely. When new content and features arrive, I will be playing it again with my friends. I just hope the game sees more updates in 2014.
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metalgod88  +   647d ago
The problem here is while we get to read that there's going to be this huge content release..someday, we're all sitting here forgetting about the title. We all paid $20 to get into the alpha and play what was there, but this is the first time, for myself, where I haven't gotten any new content since that time which has been about half a year. That's a VERY long time. Too long in my opinion. Leaving people, the people who helped fund you in the dark is never a good idea and that's exactly what they did.

I don't know about you, but I don't like being kept in the dark.
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