Naughty Dog: Uncharted for PS4 and The Last Of Us DLC Only Projects in Development, Nothing for Vita

Many always wonder if popular developers like Naughty Dog have something secret up their sleeve, but Community Strategist Eric Monacelli denied that possibility, also denying that any game may be in development for the PS Vita.

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DarkLordMalik1215d ago

This was too good of a dream to be true :(

ZodTheRipper1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Well this means that most of Naughty Dog is working on UC4 which raises my expectations for that game yet again :D
And I'm sure they'll be able to fulfill them.

mikeslemonade1214d ago

Those guys at Naughty Dog are so good that they can beat my imaginations.

Can't wait to see this near photo-realistic masterpiece they have up their sleeves.

showtimefolks1214d ago


original team is hard at work on Uncharted(has it been called uncharted 4? because at PS event it was just shown as uncharted. Sony hasn't used many 4's in software title at launch, like killzone shadow fall instead of killzone 4)

2nd team is working on DLC and most likely a new project for ps4(i am still hopeful that TLOU will come out on ps4 with all its DLC as GOTY edition)

Totoro171214d ago

Crap i accidentally disagreed! But I gave you a bubble ;).

The Uncharted series it the reason I got a PS4. Time after time, Naughty Dog has given us some of the most amazing games that have ever been made and to this day, make games that I will pre-order and buy on day one. I can't say the same for any other game studio. I have that much trust and faith in their games.

mikeslemonade1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Instead of a remastered TLoU for the PS4, they need to send some Naughty Dog employees to help the guys making the Last Guardian. 2 year development cycle vs 7 year development cycle.. what gives??

gatormatt801214d ago


TLoU took 4 years to produce. It was done by the UC2 team. But your point still remains true.

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piroh1215d ago

you could still play Uncharted 4 on Vita thanks to remote play

bakagaijin781214d ago

This was my first thought too.

Played some AC4 through remote play the other day and was pretty impressed. It's a great feature that I think I'll be using a lot... especially when the hockey game is on and my husband wants the TV.

webeblazing1215d ago

yeah that sucks. was going to buy another vita since i lost it, but now not sure. thinking about getting a 3ds or nvidia shield. i used my vita for everything, especially since when i brought a amp for it. just wish they brought andriod apps to it. they say its good enough to stream netflix but for some dumb reason they never brought a ebook reader to it(reading online was so ez clear text). vita is the best handle on the market but sony made a lot of bad choices. games are slowly coming out, so thats good.

they need more apps and their big devs focusing on ps4 make it less desirable for seeing how i brought it day one. now that i think about it... im miss my vita it got the most love.

pwnsause_returns1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

ebook reader would definitely benefit the system. I really dont know why they dropped support for comics in the first place, especially on the eve of the the Vita's launch back 2 years ago

NeoTribe1215d ago

Lol nvidia shield. I wouldnt be caught playing with that dorky thing.

ZodTheRipper1215d ago

I guess after finishing TLOU DLC they'll start porting an "Ultimate Edition" to PS4. I'd definately be interested in seeing that.

colonel1791215d ago

It would be better if they start working on something else. With the release of Gaikai service, everyone will be able to play PS3 on the PS4, so why waste time an resources?

Naughty Dog know how to do great games, so let the continue with that tradition.

ZodTheRipper1215d ago

Gaikai'ing a PS3 game is something entirely different than witnessing TLOU in glorious 1080p/60fps. I don't think porting the game would take too much time or resources would rather generate even more $$$ because lots of people are asking for it.

ambientFLIER1214d ago

TLOU doesn't need 60fps. It plays just fine and smooth as long as it's locked at 30fps. Those resources are better used to make the game look even better, like real-time weather and lighting (not just the flashlight).

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1215d ago

There's something else for sure.

They have two teams and I assume only one is working on the next Uncharted, I don't see another whole team working on a dlc.

Whether they're porting TLOU to the PS4 or are in the early stage of something else is the question.

webeblazing1215d ago

why would you want them to waste their time port tlou instead of making a new game for you.

Godz Kastro1215d ago

Well there goes my excitement for picking up a PS4 :/

Nineball21121215d ago

It might be just me, but could you clarify?

Because it seems that you lost your excitement for the PS4 because a developer isn't working on a PS Vita game, but instead is working on a PS4 game...

How does that work? o_O

NukaCola1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

The fear of playing a AAA GOTY title must be a rare medical anomaly in your genes.

snookiegamer1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Vita can stream PS4/PS3 remotely and with Gaikai incoming, I'm a little concerned there is going to be less emphasis on AAA titles for Vita.

Yes, Indie titles will still appear in abundance on Vita, but I can see less AAA games being made specifically for the device.

This is one of those rare occasions when I want to be wrong ;(

bothebo1215d ago

Totally agree with you. Why aren't they making a game for the Vita? Surely they have the resources to make a DLC and a handheld game. Another instance of SCEA's incompetence with handhelds.

rambi801215d ago

yeah. The writing is on the wall. its gonna be a companion device for the ps4 now. We'll still get jrpgs and indie ports, but that's about it.

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