Corsair Demonstrates Benefits of 4GB Memory for Gaming PCs

Corsair, a worldwide leader in enthusiast computer and flash memory products, a worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, announced today lab findings that show significant increases in performance and efficiency when increasing system memory capacity from 2GB to 4GB. Testing procedures and results can be found in the application note AN804: Gaming Performance Analysis – 4GB vs. 2GB, which is now available online here:

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JDW3876d ago

All about Vista.....everyone knows Vista chews up RAM.

XP still runs everything great with 2GB RAM.

hay3876d ago

It's strongly dependant on ram usage of applications. Launch less memory consuming OS and software and the difference will not be as great as in this example where system tries to stuff all that data in 2gb.
And definetly yes. 4gigs of ram is optimal amount for Vista. Everything strongly depends on operations user want to perform on his system.

lordv8der3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

This is all very well but the fact of the matter is that 32-bit systems will only read up to 3.25gig of ram. and hardly anyone uses 64-bit due to the awful compatibility rates. I currently have 4 gig of DDR2 fitted in my vista Ultimate computer and it runs relatively quickly. I still prefer XP as a microsoft OS but vista is slowly becoming more useable, despite it being a RAM hog.

MorganX3876d ago

I agree and disagree. 32bit systems will only read 3.25 gig. But Vist x64 does not have awful compatibility rates. I've been using x64 at home, and we've gone x64 in the datacenter for some time now.

On the backend, compatibility is not an issue. You're mostly talking SQL and Servers which are infinitely more stable and eat all the memory you can throw at them at 64-bits.

On the desktop, Vista 64 is much, much more compatible than XP 64 was. There's nothing I don't have a driver for, even Blackjack IIs and the Mobile Device Center are working now and that's the only think I had an issue with.

Well, there was some Bluetooth issues, but SP1 took care of that. I have also found it's best to do a clean install of SP1.

360 man3876d ago

my vista home premium 32 bit reads 3.58 GBs