USA Pre-Order Chart: Week Ending 21st December 2013

Angie Santiago reports: "It seems as though the delay didn’t hinder gamers interest in Watch Dogs by too much – it’s the most pre-ordered game in the country right now. The PS4 version of the game stands at number one 2 weeks ago (December 15-December 21), which is the most recent statistics on the site. The game at the time stood at 213,747 pre-orders, might be slightly more or less at the time of this writing."

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modesign1442d ago

watchdogs for ps4 = over 200k.
titanfall for xbone + pc = less than 100k.

enough said.

Omar911442d ago

Titan fall was announced not to long ago while watch dogs has had multiple showings at events a suppose launch release and now push back until further assuming those who pre ordered because it was suppose to be out at launch still have theres pre ordered. My guess is titan fall will increase in pre orders closer to release date.

AngelicIceDiamond1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

@Mode "titanfall for xbone + pc = less than 100k."

160,830+51,496= 212,326 pre-orders umm yeah more than 100k. Turns out barely anyone's pre-ordering it for PC though the internet said they would. As for 360 well, that's the last alternative if you absolutely must have Titanfall.

Preorders in all for Titanfall: 255,614 pre-oders not bad expect that number to grow. Not just for this game but Destiny, The Division, Watchdogs, Infamous: Second Sun. The numbers for all the AAA's will only get better from here.

Watchdogs is multiplat title that got delayed. Its a well deserved number for the PS4 version I highly agree with you there.

DanielGearSolid1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Wait until you guys see the Global hardware sales charts for the week of the 21st, its gonna be shocking

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mcloving1442d ago

OMG GLOBAL HARWARE CHARTS SOMEONE IS DOOMED Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

harrisk9541442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I take VG Chartz figures with a good amount of skepticism as the site uses a lot of assumptions that may or may not be supported. However, I find the pre-order numbers very interesting. The top 2 pre-order games are Watchdogs for PS4 and Destiny for PS4. Titanfall for XB1 is sitting at 4th with 160,830 pre-orders. Titanfall is being touted as the "savior" of the XB1. All of the analysts and fanboys alike say "wait for Titanfall" ... "it is the ace up Microsoft's sleeve"... But, inFAMOUS: Second Son for the PS4 is sitting pretty at the top of the charts as well, at number 6, with 145,645 pre-orders, only about 15,000 units behind Titanfall. So, while Titanfall is expected to move a lot of XB1 units, I believe that inFamous:SS will move a lot of PS4 units, as well. The fact that the XB1 is lagging behind the PS4 in both hardware and software sales has to be troubling to MS on many levels. If Titanfall is not the hit that everyone expects it to be (in terms of moving XB1 units), MS is going to be scrambling in 2014 and it most likely will never catch up to Sony's PS4.

Bigpappy1442d ago

You should also take pre-orders with a grain of salt also. They are not reliable predictors of sales.

harrisk9541441d ago


I would agree with you that pre-orders are not necessarily accurate predictors of sales, but they are predictors of interest in a particular IP. It means that a particular game is on a persons' radar, even if it is only due to hype and the pre-order never leads to an actual sale. But, a certain percentage (I don't know the number) of pre-orders do lead to actual sales to the end user. Game companies also use pre-orders to give them indicators of how many copies of a particular they need to ship to retailers.

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