Question of the Day: Which Company Has The Worst Computer Tech Support?

Gizmodo reports:

''If you have ever dealt with tech support for a computer issue, chances are you have a story or two that recounts a very frustrating experience. With much of the tech support industry working overseas and the seemingly infinite amount of things that could go wrong, it really should come as no surprise when things don't run smoothly. That having been said, which of the following computer companies has the worst tech support? Feel free to recount your experiences in the comments-and check out who Consumer Reports ranked as #1 this year.''

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Shadow Flare3872d ago

Microsoft just have the worst computer tech

bumnut3872d ago

toshiba are terrible too

SL1M DADDY3872d ago

Dell is top of the list and second... Yeah, that would be MS. Sony is down at the bottom around 3% while Dell is at 19% and MS's 13%. Pretty sad considering that as far as game consoles go, MS should have the best CS with the number od issues they have to deal with. Not looking good for them and their reputation for the next gen.