January Games with Gold: Sleeping Dogs, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Xbox Wire :

Beginning Wednesday, you can ring in the New Year with two more titles for the Xbox 360 Games with Gold program, available for free for a limited time:

- Sleeping Dogs($19.99 ERP): Available from Jan. 1 – 15
- Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light($14.99 ERP): Available from Jan. 16 – 31.

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Irishguy951443d ago

Well, certainly an improvement. Nothing to PS+ still but whatever

Infamous2981443d ago

let the "atleast you can keep the games after subscription ends" arguments begin.

Angerfist1443d ago

"atleast you can keep the games after subscription ends"

TheSaint1442d ago

Don't forget the 'Xbox owners only rent the multiplayer portion of every single game they buy' one as well.

LAWSON721443d ago

Xbox Live is pretty much required and has never been known or bought for the primary reason to get free games (very much unlike PS+ on last gen), so IMO not bad and it is a big difference. I dont really care though I dont even have my Xbox anymore and am pretty much exclusive to PC and PS3.

AngelicIceDiamond1443d ago

Its simple really PSN+ is way better still. But realistically, all MS has do is matched the quality of games of PSN+ then they're both even.

Sleeping Dogs for free is a step in the right direction but MS needs more quality titles like those to stay relevant with GWG.

Kayant1443d ago

Not bad this month but I have already played Sleeping dogs and have recently got it on PC for £3 with all DLC in a sale some months ago :(. That's £25 in value with one fairly recent game. Is this a sign of things to come?

Has anyone played Lara Croft:GOL? Is it any good won't mind checking it out.

Riderz13371443d ago

It's not bad. Not as good as the 2013 Tomb Raider game but still a decent game.

Wikkid6661443d ago

Loved Lara Croft: GOL

I got it when it came out and was worth every penny.

fardan851443d ago

good game, better to play it co-op

D-riders1443d ago

didnt sony give these games away like a year ago

rxl2091443d ago

well over a year ago, odd they keep telling me ps plus games are rentals, i didnt know you could rent games for multiple years

MidnytRain1443d ago

You can if you keep giving them money for multiple years.

Frankfurt1443d ago

Both great games, and unlike PSN's rental service, you can actually KEEP THEM even if you stop paying for Live.

NYC_Gamer1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I think GWG on X1 will be similar to PS+ with games being rentals long as paying for the service

2pacalypsenow1443d ago

who has an xbox without live??

Rental or keep them you get to play the game with both service PS+ is just better

Damageinc841443d ago

I think the idea behind the "rental" service as you call it is..keep the quality content coming and people will not want to cancel plus.

xHeavYx1443d ago

Stop with the "rental" excuse. It's not like you would play a game like Tomb Raider for more than a month after you finish it. Besides, I'd rather "rent" games like Bioshock Infinite and DMC that are not old, instead of getting very old games

rxl2091443d ago

if you stop paying for gold, you cant even play the games you bought on disc, i mean, unless you want to play battlefields 4 hour campaign over and over

Majin-vegeta1443d ago

Guess what??So is your internet,electricity,car(until you pay it off),phone, etc,,Guess what happens when you stop paying for them??Bye bye.

OT:Not bad but not great of an update.Plus this is still a shamble compared to PS+.

trouble_bubble1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I beat Sleeping Dogs through PS+ last spring and then deleted it to free up space. I'd do the same thing with GameswithGold. Why keep something you don't need? I delete old installs and old DLC all the time.

Most purchases are glorified rentals. Gamestop's shelves aren't lined with used games because gamers are sentimental.

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webeblazing1443d ago

Wait so how long are MS doing this. This well give an incentive for buying Xbox gold. I still would like like the option to actually be able to own and play the mp part of my game that I brought. Their is no reason we should be paying for mp, now your basically paying 60 for half the game if u Dont buy into these online plans. MS ruined online gaming on consoles n Sony followed seeing all the money they made off gullible people.

xHeavYx1443d ago

I believe they were to stop after the One launched, but then decided to continue with this

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