'Watch Dogs' on PS4 will define next-gen gaming in its mature phase, says Sony

Watch Dogs has been touted as a game that will define what next-generation gaming is, and Sony echoed that sentiment further when they talked about how this game will end up representing what's to come on the PS4.

PlayStation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara recently talked about two games that are expected to define next-generation gaming and how Sony made sure to partner up with both of them.

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Muffins12231606d ago

yes....perhapsssssssss*dose fancy face*

BALLBAGS1605d ago

so it will define Xbox One aswell?

I don't get companies bigging up multiplat games like it's exclusive

Bathyj1605d ago

I prefer them talking about a title they're genuinely excited about rather than going on about mediocre titles just because they're exclusive.

inveni01605d ago


Read the article, and you'll see that the author took liberties with what the Sony rep said. (And also did a poor job of quoting in text.) Don't get bent out with Sony for something the press twisted into a story.

Chrischi19881605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

But then, PS4 will offer the nicest graphics of Watchdogs, but the best gameplay will be on Wii U.

Thought Wii U is no next gen console, but get THE GAME, that Sony calls the true NEXT GEN GAME.

frostypants1605d ago

@Chrischi1988, so? BF4 came out on the PS3 and 360. Does that mean it's the same experience as on the PS4 and One? Yeah, I know, bad example...they're all just looking at different error screens. But you know what I mean.

ambientFLIER1605d ago

Chrischi1988 -

Nicest graphics for Watch Dogs on the PS4? Isn't this game coming out on PC as well??? Lol.

zag1605d ago

Yes comes out on pc but this game is in its 2nd or 3rd delay for not being ready, so im just waiting to pick it up day 1 and see what happens thereafter.

I get tge impression this game will be a great idea but badly executed type game.

Have to wait till feb to see anything.

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trywizardo1605d ago
so watch dogs on X1 will define next gen not on PS4

GamerXD1605d ago

Try harder troll. Anyway I love X1's Sub-HD resolution for AC4, BF4 and COD

GarrusVakarian1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I remember that article and its deceptive headline. What it was actually saying if you take the time to read it carefully is that compared to last gen, Watchdogs on the X1 will be superior, the title makes it seem like it was saying compared to PS4 too....when i wasn't. Anything the X1 can do in-game, the PS4 can match with ease. I wonder if Ubi will aim for parity or use the PS4 power advantage like most other multiplats have.

Funny that you got an article from 177 days ago to try and prove a point, and you're still wrong.

hazardman1605d ago

@GamerXD and I love how you think 720p is sub HD.
But I know what you mean.

bornsinner1605d ago

wonder how the ps4 will handle their standard p2p system.. the entire world ends when the host leaves to play knack LOL

ragincrinz1605d ago

I read this, it sounds like xbox one would be better as the console wont have to run everything so the graphics and game play can be upped of that on ps4

pyramidshead1605d ago

I'm surprised you didn't link the article to the bullshots of 'pictures of Watch Dogson Xbox One' which were actually promotional screens lol.

Remember this is multiplatform so I imagine XB1 will be at a lower resolution or missing effects.

UnHoly_One1605d ago

Yes that article is positive about the XB1 so of course everyone here thinks it is bogus.

You people.... Wow.

He clearly says the city can be more dynamic on the XB1. Dream all you want about him meaning something else, but you are incorrect.

ambientFLIER1605d ago

He also thinks that 900P is sub-hd as well...

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MestreRothN4G1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Not even maybe.

I'll probably get it on PS4, but no doubt it is more like "will define cross-gen titles".

True next gen games can't fit in 256 or 512 MB machines, and they won't only be the same previous gen game with a few gimmicks and better textures.

webeblazing1605d ago

what is this so called true next gen? only thing that i see that is different are the gfx

starfox0791605d ago


You play these multiplat games then throw them away simple,now games like


ect will destroy Watchdogs in sales and hardcore Online play...except maybe thats the best single player adventure of all time so not really MP focused but to say Watchdogs is the pinnacle on ps4 wow..

Yes Sony will pay Ubisoft to make ps4 version look superior but that doesn't prove ps4 has best graphics ???

WiiU has edram on everything gpgpu/cpu/cache/ect.
ps4 has tons of system RAM but very moderate chip RAM.
Xbox1 has better chip RAM then ps4 not WiiU but a worse gpu than both ps4 and WiiU.

MestreRothN4G1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Starfox, first of all, try to keep calm next time. We know sometimes a fanboy's mind works strangely, but with some effort, maybe rational thinking can have a brief chance.

That being said, if we consider the prediction of 6 millions sales for Watch Dogs and the recent estimator of 4.3 WiiU sold worldwide (sources are IGN and MyNintendo), well, it's a little hard that those exclusives will 'crush' the blockbuster's sales anytime soon.

Just look at the most recent Super Mario sales NUMBERS to see how the biggest Nintendo franchise is going (there's a today's article about the groundbreaking one million units). Imagine the lesser ones.

You really need to step back into reality if you wish to argue about the gaming market here...

One tip: if you want to be a Nintendo fanboy, you can't talk about great games quantity or commercial success. You should be yelling about FUUUUUN and Metacritic critic score.

harrisk9541605d ago

@BALLBAGS... read the article... Sony is going to be the console most aligned with Destiny and Watchdogs, similar to the XB360's relationship with CoD and the XB1's relationship with Titanfall, as only the first game in the series will be exclusive to MS.

"Two titles which will define what next generation gaming will look in its mature phase will be Watch Dogs and Destiny.

"These are two games we have aligned with closely and will have substantial exclusive PlayStation 4 content," Gara said.

"Sony revealed how much exclusivity they will have with these two titles back at E3 this summer. They no doubt will have other exclusive content coming from additional games, but Destiny and Watch Dogs are two impressive titles to align with."

TheXgamerLive1605d ago

Hahaha what Sony meant to say was The PS4 and Xbox One or Current gen versions of Watch Digs will define etc....enough of the mine mine mine its a multiplat game. It will define nothing but should be a good play though.

showtimefolks1604d ago

if this along with drive club launched i would have gotten a ps4, but now i guess i will buy it with infamous 2nd son

I hope the delay helps both watch dogs and drive club become much better games

Aleithian1604d ago

Haha! Bubble for the beautiful response.

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RIP_Cell1606d ago

lol so I guess Killzone SF doesn't, says Sony

Sammy7771605d ago

how foolish? This means that the game might be running at a higher resolution on ps4

KrisButtar1606d ago

This game is why I went next gen and pre-ordered a console. All the other games were just a bonus and never gave me the OMG feel.

liquidhalos1605d ago

For me its The Division. I cant wait to play that, i just hope im able to get some solid gamers together for that one

Maxor1604d ago

What is it about this title that define nextgen??

XiSasukeUchiha1605d ago

Watch dogs is definitely going to be amazing that sure

wishingW3L1605d ago

Watch Dogs looks like nothing special really.

NatureOfLogic1605d ago

I have to agree. I don't really get the hype for this game.

caseh1605d ago

Another horse for Ubisoft to flog.

Build the hype, get 10/10 reviews across the board, release about 6 sequels before the next gen of consoles comes about.

Ashby_JC1605d ago

I agreed. I have seen footage. But I'm interested to know more about it before I add it to my buy list.

I am interested...But at the moment there are other games that have showed me more.

frostypants1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

It has potential. The problem with too many open world games is they focus too much on breadth and not enough on depth. Look at GTA V: people hype it so hard, but once you get passed the immense size of it, it is about as deep as a puddle. There's almost no interactivity. It's like driving around a cardboard city, with a few cheap mini-games tossed in to hide the fact. Games like Watch Dogs look more interesting to me, but we'll see.

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