GameDaily's: Ten Ways Nintendo Can Improve the Wii

We love the Wii, but it's not perfect. Here are suggestions on how Nintendo can make it better.

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ChickeyCantor3878d ago

"" 1. Blu-ray/DVD Support"------"Ninte ndo should consider some kind of media support to keep up"

Keep what up? Its freaking Gaming machine

DomUltra3878d ago

Considering you can't even watch DVD's on it, and it's games aren't that great, it's gonna have to evolve or at least adapt sooner or later.

KeiZka3877d ago

Eh. Don't go telling me you don't have any dvd-players around, in the form of PC or a standalone player. So why should Wii have to have dvd-playback? For no apparent reasons?

nintendostar3878d ago

Right now I'd really like the third party companies to step it up a little. Ocourse by a little I mean a lot!

Reality3878d ago

gamedaily = worst website in existence (With N4G)

SaiyanFury3878d ago

If the N4G site is so bad, then why come to the site and post a comment.

seraph7413878d ago

N4G has become nothing but a flame wars site. Also, the way Nintendo could make the Wii better is to actually make it a next-gen system, not just a overpriced repackaged Gamecube with a fancy accessory. I almost never turn on my Wii, and I doubt any serious gamer does either. They might sell a lot, but most people are buying them just to play Wii Sports. Wii = Fail.

(i'm being a little overly harsh, but it's funny, and sadly true, in my opinion)

TruthbeTold3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

You probably don't even own a Wii. Get out of here with that B.S. hate. This is the gamer zone. Not the hater/overzealous fanboy zone.

jtucker783877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

They forgot the one biggest thing the Wii needs.
More juice! Power!

Boom Blox looks excellent and has some really great physics, but even with simplistic graphics the Wii can't keep a smooth framerate while trying to perform lots of physics calculations at once.

This would have been the perfect game for a Wii mote, but Nintendos cheap hardware just isn't up to the task on larger levels.

For the market that the Wii aims at it doesn't need to be a beast like the 360 or PS3, but Nintendo could have given us a bit more value for money.

I do feel ripped of with the Wii. Considering it cost 66% of the value of my PS3.

Perverted3877d ago

If the Wii was to become next-gen it'd be better than 360/ps3 since their current-gen....

The only things I care about are: Better 3rd part games, better new IPs(some on the way), a better online set-up(but only if it remains free) & an expansion pack(so more 360 games can be downscaled).

People complain about space but all I use it for is game saves....