Jo Sang Hi Promotes World of Tanks at G-STAR 2013 Video Game Expo

Korean model Jo Sang Hi showed up at the G-STAR 2013 video game expo in a sexy military outfit for the promotion of World of Tanks. Here is a gallery.

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qzp854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

shes an LA 6

3-4-5854d ago

yea but in LA they start at a 6 and buy their way to a 10.

She seems natural.

qzp853d ago

Korea is one of the biggest plastic surgery countries on the planet.

3-4-5853d ago

I know I realize it's the "other LA"...even more so really...maybe they hide it better.

Mexxan854d ago

As per Eun Bin post, second tissue please...

il-JumperMT854d ago

World of Tanks = Pay to Win crap