Sony 'firmly believes' in PS3 Home launch this fall

GamePro writes: Despite ongoing delays, PlayStation president Kaz Hirai is confident his PS3 answer to Xbox Live Achievements will launch this fall.

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Surfman3873d ago

Let's hope they're right and stop fooling around.

komp3873d ago

I *do* hope its more than just achievements!!! I mean one achievement the XBOX has is if it stays working. But HOME should come when its done and itll bring more fun.

Oh well back to GTA...

Solid_Snake6663873d ago

y get ur hopes up ...they have lied to us before i expect it again im good for now with thi GTA

yesah3873d ago

they never said it would be out in april

[email protected]3873d ago

Well, at soon my xmb arrive on summer ^__^
ALONG with my custom soundtrack, of course!

DomUltra3873d ago

You guys best not be yankin' my dіck about Home... AGAIN.

I didn't buy a PS3 for home, it's a cool feature, kinda irrelevant, but then again so are gamerscores/achievements and the kids go nuts over that shіt.

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