The Worst and Most Disappointing Games of 2013

BT writes: "2013 was a brilliant year. We enjoyed tons of great games, met a bunch of interesting new people, and just generally received a bounty of diverse creativity. Unfortunately, there were more than a few missteps as well."

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Venox20081388d ago

Killer is Dead and Remember Me are not disappointing games (at least for me) :)

SlapHappyJesus1387d ago

Killer is Dead is a fantastic game and Remember Me, despite its flaws, is still a rather good game in my books.

CrossingEden1387d ago

Killer is dead imo is just what happens when someone is trying to make something seem quirky just for the hell of it. Substance>Style

Ultr1387d ago

Yeah remember me was cool!

SlapHappyJesus1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I remember really enjoying the game the first time around, but I can promise you that, now, I know it was purely because of the story.
When I attempted a second playthrough I only got so far because the game was purely about the gameplay now and, on that level, it far from delivered.

It really is a sub-standard shooter that rests on its good writing. I am pretty sure it is the openness of the original that keeps it an engaging game to this day by comparison.

This was meant as a reply to showtimefolks regarding Bioshock:Infinite.

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showtimefolks1387d ago

for me it was bioshock Infinite, there was so much hype and delays but the end product didn't deliver imo

1st bioshock is still the best bioshock, in infinite there were so many missed opportunities. Boss battles were not well throughout, gameplay became dull quite fast, it was a beautiful yet very empty world. In the gameplay demo at E3 it was shown hat Elizabeth would be able to open tear to other worlds but that was never used in the main game and could have been a huge game changer

ghost boss battle
and last boss battle both sucked, last one a lot more since you are fighting the damn ships

STICKzophrenic1387d ago

I haven't even finished Infinite because it was so disappointing. Colombia sucks compared to rapture.

JasonKCK1387d ago

I agree with Bioshock Infinite. Too casual for my taste and overrated. I played Bioshock about 10 times and Bioshock 2 3 times. I played Bioshock Infinite once and deleted it off my HDD. Even though I got it cheap from Steam, I still feel like it was a waste of money.

Zeniix1387d ago

Funny, for me it's the game of the year, I guess mostly of the story since I prefer story over gameplay most of the times, not saying I didn't like'd the gameplay cause I saw nothing wrong with it.

showtimefolks1386d ago

it didn't have a great story either besides the huge ending twist. Original bioshcok and even bioshock 2 had much better stories

but i guess to each their own

Zeniix1386d ago

Well A LOT of people thought differently about the story then you.

showtimefolks1386d ago

that's why i said to each their own, my opinion isn't fact. Great thing about games is you may like something i don't but that's fine

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ErryK1387d ago

Remeber Me was a stellar game.

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