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Xbox One - One Month Later

NowGamer: "Put simply, the console feels half-finished: the whims and desires of its community clearly left languishing at the back of the production team's list of priorities." (Battlefield 4, Killer Instinct, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Kinect, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

Mikey32230  +   213d ago
So does the PS4 in some respects.

But im happy with it :)
dericb11  +   213d ago
Guess I'm tripping cause the headline cleary reads "The Xbox One "feels half finished". As always someone goes off topic and attacks the PS4 for no reason at all.
twdll  +   213d ago
Attacking is a strong word... I would say "opinion" and I would agree with that opinion. In my book the PS3 is king. Booyah.
Septic  +   213d ago
Yeah I gotta agree there. The experience feels a bit hollow...very similar to when I got the previous consoles day one for both consoles, but more so for the Xbox One.

I can't stand the long installation times on the X1 and the update installation; its like they switched places with Sony and the PS3.

Both consoles feel a bit rushed but the X1 more so. Whereas Sony have finally caught up with things like cross-game chat etc, MS, in trying to do too much seem to be too clever for their own good. The UI is promising but stuff like lack of voice messaging and the whole way you view friends etc....its very messy.

If there is one area that you can remain confident with MS, is its software and UI so future updates will only improve the system (I hope). But it isn't starting off as strongly as the blades system did when the 360 released.
DigitalRaptor  +   213d ago
Nice impressions.

It seems you say the things that most Xbox fans on here don't want to admit.
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MasterCornholio  +   213d ago
I agree with you. But I know that after several updates the OS will get better and most of the initial problems will be solved by then.

I'm happy that most issues are related to Software instead of hardware.

BTW your a gaming fanboy.

Blaze929  +   213d ago
"The UI is promising but stuff like lack of voice messaging."

"It seems you say the things that most Xbox fans on here don't want to admit."

@DigitalRaptor @Septic

maybe because it isn't true o_O? What does he mean lack of voice messaging? That's been there since day 1 and if you truly own an Xbox One I...don't see...how you got it confused.

I'm not denying the Xbox One feels unfinished - simple ass features that were present on the Xbox 360 aren't on the Xbox One and in that regard, hell yeah it's unfinished. For example, voice chat through speakers/headsets/both.

It's definitely more apparent on the Xbox One vs the PS4 though because the PS4's UI is just so basic.
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VENOMACR1227  +   213d ago

Lack of voice messaging. On 360 you could send a voice message to someone instead of typing a message. Right now on X1 you can only send a text message, not a voice message. I think you are the one confused.

I'm still having issues with party chat, can't communicate to anyone while in party chat. But that may be internet related because some people aren't having an issue with that. I just wish I could play my game library without needing to put the disc in every time.
creatchee  +   213d ago

Yeah, ummm, hate to break this to you but we don't have voice messaging on X1 yet. It's a shame too because that was one if my favorite 360 features. It will come soon, I'm sure, but nobody is lying about that because it simply does not exist atm.
Rynocirator  +   213d ago
The difference is that the ps4's features are easy to get to, and they work. I have had a ps4 since launch, I know my whole way around it, I have used my brother's xbox one a lot since he got one and it is not intuitive at all. I still have no idea how to delete something or check how much memory I have left, not to mention that the games take hours to install. PS4 is way better off, even if there aren't many games on it yet.
iiorestesii  +   209d ago
The whims and the desires of the community........ Launch Lineup.....cmon man, you call that an article? At least you used the word ethos well. Good for you. If no one bought consoles at launch, consoles wouldn't exist, or at least console launches. Heh. It does require faith in a company to invest in a console at launch, but calling these people disciples is pretty much just the opposite of calling you a bigot. Try and contain your emotions. X1 and PS4 both feel equally incomplete IMO. This PS REMIX news is beginning to get me hype though.
BelkingOfSony  +   213d ago
it was obviously rushed
lifeisgamesok  +   213d ago
It's the best console launch I've ever experienced and I've had a nes, snes, Atari, Genesis, dreamcast, playstation 1, xbox, and a xbox 360
MELMAN26  +   213d ago
Exactly! This is what I keep trying to tell these kids. Most of them probably started gaming around the time the first xbox or 360 was around. They don't realize how good of a launch selection of games this is.
lifeisgamesok  +   213d ago
I agree. The quality of the launch games is astonishing.

I can only imagine how the 2nd wave of games will look
iistuii  +   213d ago
I agree. I've gone PS4 this time, yet I'm lucky I've been able to also game on an Xbox One & the games they have out are great. Ryse is never as bad as reviews, Dead Rising 3 is great fun, especially coop & Forza also is pretty good. I'm just playing Fifa now on my PS4 as I've finished Killzone...
Simco876  +   213d ago
You must have some age then.

I remember all those console launches too, but I was just a kid when the NES launched. I wasn't worried about launch titles or how many games each console had. I was wondering if I would even get the system and how late the local rental shop was open.
MELMAN26  +   213d ago
Well back then was a different time.

Most systems launched with about two or three games and the choices were simple.

If you wanted Mario, you get a Nintendo.
If you want Sonic or blood in your MK you get a Sega.

I used to save up my allowances, gift money, and work to make sure I owned all of the consoles. Sadly I never had enough to buy a Jaguar or 3DO.
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Callediceman  +   213d ago
@MELMAN26 i was in the same boat but my local "Universal Video" rental store had Jaguars you could rent. They came in a giant black breifcase lol. all i remember is that thing had to be returned on time or the late fee was ridiculous.
T2  +   213d ago
well naturally... as you never had a ps2, or even a ps3 for that matter. you don't have anything to compare to. ps2 was the console to "possibly" end all consoles.
and for someone with a username like lifesisgame that is a weak library of consoles.
Infamous298  +   213d ago
no ps2? you sure missed alot of games.
iiorestesii  +   209d ago
The console missing from your list is the true victor. N64. Mario 64.
Death  +   213d ago
I'm a bit relieved the Xbox One "feels half finished". It would be a shame if the system didn't get better with time.
Hicken  +   213d ago
Seriously? That's pretty sad. You would rather buy an unfinished product for full price and wait who knows how long for it to be worth what you paid than to buy a product that was completed when you bought it, thus assuring its value, but was still capable of improving?

Well, it's you, talking about an Xbox, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Edit: Simply amazing. I hadn't expected you to be able to spin that, but yet you did.

A complete product doesn't have to be one that can't grow any more, nor is a half-finished product one that will necessarily improve over time.

The weird thing about you fanboys that replied to me is that I SPECIFICALLY state "still capable of improving" when referring to a complete product. Somehow, all THREE of you missed that.

I didn't get my PS3 at launch, but I'm sure it was more a complete product than a half finished one at the time. Yet it was STILL able to get better as the years went by.

There's a massive difference between something that feels unfinished, and something that feels like it can get even better than it already is. It may seem like just semantics, but the two concepts give off distinctly different impressions to the end user.
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MELMAN26  +   213d ago
If the ps4 is "DONE" I will probably be a little upset, just like the people who dealt with the same ps3 cross media bar, and no cross game chat for forever.

Right now both consoles are fine, even with the ps4 being as basic and bare bones as it is.

I think both were a little rushed, which is why they are both missing features from the previous systems.
Death  +   213d ago
I paid $599 for the PS3 at launch. I am extremely relieved that the PS3 did not peak the day I got it. Aren't you?

As Melman26 said, if the PS4 is finished today would you still be happy? Neither console is "finished" since both will be updated with new features and improvements during their life cycles.
nukeitall  +   213d ago

Hicken would be happy if the PS4 stood still. All it needs is the Sony or Playstation brand on it!
snookiegamer  +   213d ago
Ever since consoles have had full online media functionality, it has given an excuse to developers/manufacturers to release semi-finished UI and half arsed features. It's an ongoing refinement of patch after patch after patch. At least this time, it'll all happen in the background.

MS are not the only one's guilty of this as I feel I like many others have wasted 100's of man hours updating, patching my PS3 since 2007 launch.
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ushman  +   213d ago
Agreed. I was just talking about this with a buddy of mine. It drives me nuts they will release a game and as soon as you put it in it needs an update....I bought forza 5 and there was a 6 gig update which took forever. Now granted you can play the game after the install progresses to a certain point which is good, but it is definitely not like it was back in the day...lol
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Gabenbrah  +   213d ago
Both consoles have their consoles and both feel unfinished as they were both obviously rushed to launch, never the less, I'm still enjoying both and know that thee are the kinds of things that you expect at launch. We all know the Xbox One will be a completely different machine a year from now, just look at the original Xbox 360 software to today, it's completely changed for the better.
chrissx  +   213d ago
Is any 1 suprised? Xbone was rushed to compete with Ps4. Even the games show that e.g ryse and ki
DarthJay  +   213d ago
Both consoles are in the same boat. I have both and they both feel like they are missing a lot.
mhunterjr  +   213d ago
I can understand why someone would feel this way.

It's strange that MS would spend over a decade perfecting the online experience, then release the xb1 with the party system in this state.

Also, surround sound is only in beta, and
media playback has overall taken a step back on both consoles.

There are so many minor niggles. No way to manage your storage, no way to organize pins etc. surely this will all be remedied with time, but they already had it right before...
It's pretty strange really.
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creatchee  +   213d ago

The party system, simply put, is an abomination. It was perfect on 360 (minus occasional disconnects). I can see what they were trying to do with the whole "take your party to different games" notion, but it simply is too inconsistent right now. I have a hard time getting our party into a COD lobby, which really shouldn't take any effort at all. I have hope it will improve, but I have to say that it was a huge step backward before any forward progress.
mhunterjr  +   213d ago
Yeah, I too understand what they were trying to do, but the execution was poor.

Really, they should have used Halo2 as the model, and just made that work across the whole system.
meday354  +   213d ago
Nice article i enjoyed reading it.
urwifeminder  +   213d ago
Gone back to steam for sale time getting DR3 on Thursday though will fun to get back on the console.
Terror2k9  +   213d ago
now and days it feels like videogames and consoles are starting out as betas and get better over time with patches and updates.Not cool for early adaptors but it is the way it has been since last gen. xbox 360 blades changed over time to what we have now.Xbox one will transform into a beautiful swan in the future but the question is how long do we have to wait for this to happen?
ushman  +   213d ago
Im not sure if this would be an issue but has anyone tried setting up a child account? You have to create an email account for your child. Not sure on how I feel about that. The xbox one has a neat feature where it recognizes your face and signs you in. I was trying to get this for everyone in the household. Has anyone else tried this. How does the ps4 and wiiu handle accounts for kids? Thanks!
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MELMAN26  +   213d ago
I wouldn't worry about the email much, as they really don't need to use it. Don't give the kid access or the password to the email address. Yes it is cool though, my girlfriend and a friend of mine have a profile on my account.

The best thing about it is that it is free.
WoWjunkie  +   212d ago
As a person who bought both I'm not very pleased with the x1 at the moment. I'm not being biast or a fanboy to sony but at the moment I m debating returning my x1 for a couple reasons that are very irritating with the console.

So far the only game I played was ryse on the x1. The install time was very long, booting the x1 takes a bit as well, while playing ryse if u happen to die the game has a VERY long load time till u can play again.

I paid a lot more for the x1 also which now looking back I'm kind of stupid. Console 550, play n charge kit 25.00, ryse 64.00, live 60.00

X1 724.00 with 1 game

PS4 430.00, ps+ year 30.00, black flag 64.00, cod ghost 64.00, killzone 64.00, knack 64.00. Plus I got free games with ps+.

716.00 I feel I got alot more out of the ps4 especially for games.

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