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Titanfall: Sniping Confirmed, Quick Scoping & No Scoping Are Ineffective

"Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall may feature huge, hulking Titans that can crush infantry like flies - along with infantry that can scale walls and hijack said Titans - but there are still some conventional FPS mechanics in the game such as sniping." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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CustardTrout  +   575d ago
This game is going to be beautiful
ZodTheRipper  +   575d ago
I don't think that graphics will be Titanfall's biggest strength ...just like noone calls CoD "beautiful". Gameplay is where it's at.
TekoIie  +   575d ago
Beauty can come from within :3
sephiroth420  +   575d ago
lol noone calls CoD beautiful because it looks like shit.
Gekko36  +   575d ago
@All I prefer the phrase "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right to the feckin bone"

That said the games gonna be great.
nukeitall  +   575d ago
The gameplay will be beatiful!

Heck, I still think the original StarCraft is beatiful. More beatiful than many games released today!

Graphics is important, game art style is way more important, but most important of all for a game is game play!

You nail that, and you got a customer.

CoD might not look the best (albeit I think it looks rather darn good), it is the experience and game play that keeps me playing and buying every year.

I just beat CoD: Ghost yesterday. Many of the moments was f'in epic!

Debating if I should get BF4 for the campaign, but last I tried it, I was burned so badly I sold the game within days.
pandehz  +   575d ago
Re-read the statement.

There's no mention of graphics.
MrChow666  +   575d ago
for me beauty in a game is not about resolution, framerate and that stuff only, its more about good art style, good design..etc
quenomamen  +   575d ago
Too bad its gameplay is about as fresh as a Foghat concert.
CryofSilence  +   575d ago
I'm still undecided whether I will pick this one up. I love mechs and jet packs and such, but it seems like a reskinned Call of Duty. We'll see. Removing no-scope/quick scope is a move in the right direction.
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ramiuk1  +   575d ago
i have just got ghosts for ps4 and im shocked to say i think it looks great and its really smooth gameplay ,better than bf4 anyway for now
1nsomniac  +   575d ago
Agreed. It's a next gen game running on a decade old engine that is struggling to produce 720p. It's certainly not going to be beautiful!

It sure does look fun though!
Dannycr  +   575d ago
Well, I call CoD beautiful. When COD2 came out, the D Day stage was incredible at that time and Modern Warfare 1 also looked incredible when it came out.

Graphics are as important as gameplay. We are at a stage in which both things can be achieved at equal greatness.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   575d ago
***"“Sniping is in the game, but due to how the game plays it’s a pretty different animal than you’ll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter. Quick scoping and no scoping are ineffective.”"***

That is how it should be for ALL shooters period to begin with.
JokesOnYou  +   575d ago
Well call me crazy I own Ryse and think the graphics are truly superb, however I don't think COD Ghosts looks bad at all, it looks fine to me. I think graphics are important but the way some folks say COD looks like garbage just isn't accurate to me....it's like saying well if every game doesn't look like the most impressive graphics games like Ryse, BF4, KZ SF then it must look like crap. That's simply not true.
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CustardTrout  +   575d ago
I don't just mean graphically!
I_am_Batman  +   575d ago
I sure hope so because the graphics are average at best.
Irishguy95  +   575d ago
Good look sniping in this game. Keeping an enemy in your sights for more than half a second will be a challenge.
AceBlazer13  +   575d ago
Let's be honest some cods try to make quick scoping useless but the userbase figures out a way eventually.
jayswolo  +   575d ago
None of the CoDs have tbh. If they did, they'd remove the damn near 100% accuracy when you scope in. IW encourages it. Treyarch did the same with BO2.
Ps4Console  +   575d ago
Yeah to be really honest I bought a Ps4 but this game rocks & it looks certain I'am getting an Xnox one to play this awesome game .
Beastforlifenoob  +   575d ago
This games is going to be as beutiful as an anus covered in turds.

WTF Is the hype it's basically what black ops 2 should've been
Back-to-Back  +   574d ago
"Titanfall: Sniping Confirmed, Quick Scoping & No Scoping Are Ineffective"

I question this because countless time we have heard both COD developers say they were not making quickscoping viable. Considering that alot of the people who worked at IW now work at Respawn i'll believe it when I see it.
DeadlyFire  +   571d ago
Indeed. Its not like we won't see a new wave of quick scopers and no scopers appear after they learn the game. I have heard this alot over the years playing FPS games and in every game it still exists.
ZodTheRipper  +   575d ago
That's good news in my book, stay away from these CoD mechanics.
llMurcielagoll  +   575d ago
Agreed, quick scoping and no scoping are stupid and ruin the game experience
BX81  +   575d ago
And the gaming community rejoices!
xxxsiegezzz  +   575d ago
Not if if they require skill to do. Look at cs.
Ps4Console  +   575d ago
Yeah quick scoping is wrong & why would anyone want to play like that anyway no fun is it . Cod is not good game anymore it's been destroyed by hackers & cheats .
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Kayant  +   575d ago
Not surprising it don't seem like the kind of things that would work well in a FPS like titanfall. However, it depends how the sniper works before you completely rule out quick scoping because as long as you zoom in quickly with a sniper quickscoping will exist obviously things like hitbox detection and damage, etc will effect how well that works.

Will be interesting to see how sniper rifles work...
TekoIie  +   575d ago
Now I'm definitely buying this game! :D
TekoIie  +   575d ago
Wow. People not like that I'm buying the game because there's no quickscoping/no-scoping?

Guess there are a lot of COD fans here :/
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Relientk77  +   575d ago
Good that's how every shooter should be
xxxsiegezzz  +   575d ago
You aren't taking my awp away!
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Detoxx  +   575d ago
After creating quick/no scoping.. DESTROY IT!
NarooN  +   575d ago
Lol Infinity Ward didn't create quick/no-scoping. It's been in Counter-Strike ever since '99.
Detoxx  +   575d ago
Yes my bad :D

I should say: "After making quick/no scoping popular.. DESTROY IT!
FragMnTagM  +   575d ago
If I am remembering correctly, quickscoping was a glitch and it became popular, so they left it in.
Gabenbrah  +   575d ago
Thank god! I'm so sick of 1 shot snipers used as shotguns in twitch shooters, it's total BS.
qzp  +   575d ago
It's called poor balance. Their answer is to take it out completely? well i'm not impressed.
Gabenbrah  +   575d ago
Sorry what is a Sniper's role and how should Sniper's be used? They should be at the back Sniping, not run and gunning and using the Sniper as a shotgun. It's a broken gameplay mechanic that's been abused.
Utalkin2me  +   575d ago
Thats just what we need is everybody camping on the outer edges of the map sniping, man that sounds so fun.
qzp  +   575d ago
my point is you shouldnt be able t insta gib some one like a shotgun its a balance issue. best example is counter strike you cant go around no scoping but if you HAVE to and your good enough to pull it off its there.
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Irishguy95  +   575d ago
Think he means a rifle should not be superior to a close range weapon in close range combat. In CS you can do it. It's just in COD quick scoping can be superior to every other type of game play. Thus you have a long range, short range weapon that is superior in those areas to anything else.

Yeah NeloAnjelo, the best thing it to stick to PC shooters.
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Utalkin2me  +   575d ago
You can QS on the PC version of COD. I have ran into some of the best QS on PC.
iceman1346  +   575d ago
for the love of GOD EA don't fu** this up
NeloAnjelo  +   575d ago
Quick scoping and auto aim... The things I hate about "modern" shooters...

Straffing, hip fire... skill. Those I love
DanielGearSolid  +   575d ago
Theres nothing more fun then an intense strafing shootout, maybe both players use their whole clip, then forced to switch to handguns, then the skill really comes out. And most importantly, nobody dies in .5 seconds, unless its well placed headshot ofcourse:D
qzp  +   575d ago
Because they cant/don't want to balance it. There is a reason why it became so popular because in games like counter-strike or cod4 not everyone could do it and it was great heat of the moment risk reward kind of thing for skilled players. Later versions of cod had basically instant scope in, any 12 year old with a youtube channel could do it. Now games that try to take it out completely usually make sniping completely useless/camper classes.
creatchee  +   575d ago

Snipers, by definition, are campers. Video games turned them into 720 degree no-scopers.
mhunterjr  +   575d ago
Sniper rifles are supposed to be ineffective at close range. That's not to say it should be impossible to pull off, but it should be extremely rare. Even the most skilled should have a low rate of successfully executing.

Snipers, by definition, are campers, and are supposed to play a support roll. They shouldn't have any incentive to run around like standard infantry
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Einhert  +   575d ago
This game still has a huge problem

infectedaztec  +   575d ago
Its just cod with mechs they said..... I'm happy they were wrong. They'll be jealous when they can't play
Ron_Danger  +   575d ago
Anyone can play it... It's on PC and 360 also...

It's like you're waving a porter house steak in front of a homeless guy to make him jealous as he's walking into a free buffet.

I could care less about Titanfall. Before anyone can chime in and say something dumb like "but then why comment in a Titanfall article" I'm only pointing out the pathetic trend of XB1 fanboys acting like it's an XB1 exclusive.

Edited for stupid iPhone autocorrects
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mhunterjr  +   575d ago
I don't know the numbers, but I don't imagine there being a lot of people who consider themselves console gamers, who would suddenly get into PC gaming just for this game.

For a while, having Final Fantasy only on PS on PC hasn't stopped the franchise from being a PS console seller. Why is it such a stretch to think Titan fall couldn't have a similar effect for Xbox? There is definitely something to be said about it only being available on Xbox consoles.
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Ron_Danger  +   575d ago
Ha! The disagrees prove me right! You cowards hit disagree because you have no argument.
Ron_Danger  +   575d ago

The point isn't whether or not it'll be a system seller for the XB1, it's that xB1 fanboys are throwing Titanfall into their lists of XB1 exclusives. If the game only launched on the XB1, then yes, it would move consoles. Unfortunately it is also being released in a console with around 80 million sold (XBox 360) and on PC (too many to put an accurate quantity on). It won't move as many XB1's as the die hard hope it will because there are already cheaper and more convenient options available to enjoy the game.
_QQ_  +   575d ago
I'm no xbox fan, but lets be honest, alot of PS4 fanboys are always the ones trying to downplay pc the most, or that attack pc. Probably because they don't have one.... so i doubt "anyone can play" because not everyone has a gaming pc xbox360 or xone.
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mhunterjr  +   575d ago
That's the thing, it WILL move a lot of consoles, because many console gamers ONLY game on consoles.

People that prefer playing on consoles aren't going to become PC gamers for one game. And many who have already tasted next gen aren't going to go back to their 8 year old console for one game. Many who are waiting for a big game before they get into next gen will see titanfall as the reason. No doubt the xbox 360 version will probably sell the most by virtue of it having a larger install base, but it's a completely different game, developed by a different developer, and really won't be a substitute. Not not having it available on the wii u or any Sony console will undoubtedly help sell Xbox ones. Especially if it comes bundled with the console.
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webeblazing  +   575d ago
Yeah I would have to agree with lopez plus a lot of PS fanboys do the same thing you just said. Every indie and every f2p games is on PC and they're old too. And like Lopez stated its too many trends in PS fanboy community that it pass pathetic at this point.
SLUG  +   575d ago
i'm getting titanfall for it ai i heard that they are very hard to beat in the game
Ashunderfire86  +   575d ago
For all those who want to know who invented Quick Scoping, it wasn't Call of Duty or Counter Strike. This guy who lived in the 1920s created Quick Scoping. Damn is he good at it!

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pandehz  +   575d ago
e-p-ayeaH  +   575d ago
I might get this for the 360 after all i dont need a xbox one to play it.
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MidnytRain  +   575d ago
"it’s a pretty different animal than you’ll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter"

That's really funny for them to say.
Pwnmachine  +   575d ago
Personally I'm Tired of the same old Recon and Sniper classes in every single game. I personally do enjoy shooting one every once in a while but that's not the issue I'm talking about here. The issue is the type of gameplay it promotes between players.

BF3, BF4, Counter-Strike and games alike are good examples. You'll have about 5-10 Recons (or AWP-ers) on one team and rarely will 1 or 2 venture out doing their actual job, however CS is slightly different, but the balance is destroyed in CS:GO by sniping. Every single server I join in any of these games mentioned are riddled with snipers camping from SPAWN, or near the edge of the map in height or distance, never doing the objective, never achieving a decent score and literally causing either the enemy side, or the friendly side to lose. I'm not speaking in ONLY "my personal experience", this is just the nature of the sniping class.. it promotes camping, bad teamsmanship, and usually - as a majority, does nothing to help either side of the team.

I get why sniping is in every competitive game to date, it's one of the most popular classes, so it's become mainstreamed like Space Marines in Warhammer and I imagine it's because people unfortunately like to sit and camp as a majority, but it causes more problems than it solves. I challenge a developer in today's standards to get rid of the sniping class, or figure out an innovative way to keep people from sitting and doing absolutely nothing for their team. battlefield Vietnam allowed class number limitations as an example.

I don't speak in the sense of being "Butt Hurt/Angry" or whatever the internet TOOLS/Hipsters want to call everyone and anything today (usually snipers), I simply speak in truth and from 20 years of "modern" gaming experience. I'm always top 3 on the score boards, so I have no issues with doing well and I'm always fully aware of my surroundings, that includes Team Mates/Enemies. There's nothing I don't really see and I"m not tooting my own horn, just being honest. This is just how it is in games these days and I'd like to see a change. My eyes certainly didn't light up when I read "Snipers are confirmed", it was more like "Just like every game, it goes without saying." However, I am excited for the game, Thanks.
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quenomamen  +   575d ago
You morons keep forgetting who's making Call of Titan ?
The original inventors of quickscoping/copy paste gameplay. But this time they're really gonna get it right, no really this time its gonna be different, scouts honor. Lol, lol shut up you hacks couldn't make a good game if your life depended in it.
Ps4Console  +   575d ago
Do some of you actually play games most are on here every day lol great though happy New Year everyone connected with N4Gamers including all Mods great .
Majin-vegeta  +   575d ago
What you mean you don;t have your laptop next to you when gaming?I usually comment in between matches.
corvusmd  +   575d ago
Can't wait for this game!!! Easily shaping up to be the best next gen game period!!!
LAWSON72  +   575d ago
I am not hyped for this but once it is out I will definitely want to hear peoples thoughts because other than BF I am out of multiplayer games. I have not had an amazing time online since Halo 3 and Reach. Though I will only get it if PC has controller support because I dont have setup for KB/m
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static360  +   575d ago
YES!!! i hated that shit in cod sooo much
BelkingOfSony  +   573d ago
that removes 99% of cod players. now remove aim assist and it would become a man's fps

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