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We call a lot of games hidden gems that are not so hidden. Deadly Premonition, Indigo Prophecy, Flower...the list goes on and on. While these titles did not see mainstream promotion, they are not even in the same category of "hidden" when compared to the games you knew existed, but chose to ignore.

These are titles that flew way under the radar. You have seen them a thousand times, but passed them by due to their premise. Admit it, you, like myself and everyone out there are judgmental when it comes to what goes into our system, but for just a few minutes - open up your mind and discover a product you need to go back for.

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plsburydoughboy1812d ago

I approve this post for the sheer audacity of putting forward an opinion on a retro game few people will agree with :) Hey, I got convinced ET for the 2600 was genuinely ambitious, maybe you have a point too!